My scrapping motto!

So, I used to over-analyze and over-stress on how EVERY one of my pages looked when I was done... I used to move my embellies here and there, and move my papers here and there... and then one day I realized ... Why? Why am I worried about what everyone else is gonna think of my pages? All that matters in the end is that I LOVE my pages...and it doesn't matter what everyone else thinks about them.. I am not always going to create a masterpiece, I am not always going to create a lo that everyone loves...and that is okay....because in 30 or 40 years from now...I can PROMISE you that my kids ARE NOT going to look at my pages and say, " Mom, these are great...but you know, it would have LOOKED so much better if you would have put that embellie over there instead of there!".......NO...they are going to be happy that I have left them a legacy of my pages about THEM! They are not going to care what they look like, they are going to care that I made lo's just for them. period.