Thursday, April 18, 2019

Volleyball blanket :)

Hi everyone :)

About a month ago, Brookie was in the fabric section with me while I was looking for something in particular for a project. Brookie found some Volleyball fleece and asked if I would buy some and make her a blanket with it.  Ummmmm... duh! Of course the answer was yes! :)

Here is the blanket I made for her :)

I used a really soft chenille fabric for the back :)

PS ... she LOVES it :)

Thanks so much for stopping by! I appreciate it! :)


  1. Look at that beautiful face glowing while wrapped up in love made by her mom. You are such a good mom, Julie!

  2. Of course she LOVES it! It just looks so soft and cozy!

  3. Oooh! That looks so comfy. Though not exactly needed during an Arizona April, I'm guessing!

  4. she loves t~ I can tell and so do I!!!

  5. Ooh, how cool! It looks so soft just from the pictures! :)


  6. Wonderful blanket....looks so warm and cozy.

  7. Oh that is awesome and looks so comfy!! I could have used it in Sedona this week... it was cold and rainy!! I froze!!


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