Friday, July 15, 2016

My BIGGEST project to date! -- featuring Dove of the East and Tim Holtz :)

Hi everyone :) 

In early May, we helped a friend pack a moving truck for a move across the country -- and he had a VERY old trunk that he couldn't take with him and he offered it to me ... ummmmmmmmmm YES!!! :) 

Oh was this girl in BAD shape! Yikes! Here she is when I got it from my friend --

He had this in a storage unit -- and if you know anything about Phoenix, Arizona ... it is a DESERT which translate into HOT HOT HOT!!! 

So sitting a storage unit for the past FIVE (yes, 5!!!!) years ... it had seen better days! YIKES!! What have I gotten myself into here?!?!?!?

The wood was cracked, the canvas completely trashed ...  metal pieces missing .... 

So I thought I needed to do some homework before I tackled this ... so I hit up some vintage trunk restoration sites and learned that most of them wanted me to SAVE it if I could ... I realized I didn't want to put A LOT of $$$$$ into this project (Heck, the trunk was free... soooooo ...LOL!) .. so I decided NOT to restore it to it's original glory and went with a decoupage method :)

The canvas was the HARDEST part to take off -- the sites stated it would be easy (to a degree), but since the canvas on this was so trashed, it took me two weekends to get that off ... 

Once I got the canvas off -- I realized that the bottom of the trunk was completely ROTTED out -- so I took it off ... (I bought a new piece of wood from the hardware store and stained it for the bottom)

Here it is after I got the canvas off and the wood sanded down and the bottom taken off ....  

Here is the new bottom piece I got from the hardware store after I stained it ....

Next, I stained the remaining wood slats on the trunk :) 

And here is the finished project -- 

I used papers from "Dove of the East" and a travel pack of diecuts from Tim Holtz :)

Some closeups :)

And here is our new coffee table in our family room :)

And here is the trunk before and after :)

Thanks so much for stopping by! I appreciate it! :)


  1. this is seriously AMAZING! It turned out so beautiful!!

  2. This is so STUNNING Julie!! I love it. Amazing piece of furniture for in your home.
    With love from The Netherlands and a special hug to Brookie

  3. This is awesome, I love, love and again love it!!!

  4. Wow this sure looked like a huge project... Poor old chest in the first photo but wow oh wow a new refreshed and very useable chest now that looks so good.. Well done you have done a fabulous job on it.. Enjoy your new treasure!

  5. This is fantastic! Well worth the time and effort involved.

  6. Hooly Dooly! That is one MAJOR and extensive, exciting and fabulous looking upcycle. Doing Home Décor now, Julie, LOL!!! FANTASTIC!!!

  7. Um WOW!!!!!!! What a treasure!!!!

  8. Oh my God Julie ....what an amazing transformation....this is super awesome...hats off to you
    Dr Sonia

  9. OMGOSH, how amazing!!! I was terrified for you, looking at those before pictures! I don't think I would have had the guts to tackle a project like this. But you are a rock star, my friend! All that hard work really paid off, because this has got to be the coolest coffee table EVER!!

  10. I know the work you put into that chest~it looks amazing and beautiful in your home:)

  11. Seriously hen you first posted the before I was like - what will she do with this? whatever it is will be so amazing. This turned out so fun and just perfect for the table. LOVE

  12. OH MY there anything you can not do???? This is so amazing, what an incredible gift you have.

  13. I'm sorry... I have to borrow Mitra's word for this one.. This is one EPIC project!! Holy Smokers!!! I absolutely LOVE this!! I had a trunk like this of my grandfather's and I let my brother have it when we had no room for it in one of our homes on the condition that if he's ever going to get rid of it that it's mine again.. I would LOVE to do something like this with it.. holy holy... THIS is awesome!

  14. OH MY! Julie! You are such a Master!
    What an accomplishment!!
    The end result is sensational!
    You can be super proud of yourself!

  15. This is AWESOME!! I have some Dove of the East paper from back in the day. LOL :) Wow! This is just cool. :) And it has storage. :)

  16. Wow, that is a lot of work. But it certainly paid off - bigtime!

  17. that is amazing!!! LOVE your altered box!!!!

  18. What a transformation! WOW-wee! Absolutely stunning, girl! I would've been overwhelmed with the amount of work, but holy smokes, it was so worth it! You can do ANYTHING!

  19. WOW! You ROCKED that trunk re-do Julie!! HOT HOT HOTNESS! Your hard work paid off big time - you must be so pleased with it! - if I can make a suggestion? I think a custom cut piece of glass on top would be a perfect way to protect it and really finish it off. I'd hate to see a glass leave a mark or ring on top - just my 2 cents!

  20. Oh I know this must have been so time-consuming. But you've made it sooooo much better. Now you have a fabulous, original and practical piece of art! :)

  21. JULIE!!!!!! This is GORGEOUS!!!!!

  22. Awesome! I love that everyone knows to give you their old, beat-up, random stuff. You always transform it into something fabulous!


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