Friday, September 11, 2015

9/11 - Never Forget ....

Today marks the anniversary of America's darkest day ..... 

Every year in Tempe, Arizona, "The Healing Fields" goes up in Tempe Park -- one flag for every victim from that day is erected in the park, with a place card telling us their name, where they were that day and their age.  A beautiful memorial for everyone we lost that day .... 

Never forget .......


  1. Hello Julie...

    as you might know, I´m from germany and I guess we all (over the world!) remember...and never forget!
    Let´s stay together. Side by side. Don´t let them tear us down.

    Take care,

  2. ...yes we never will forget. Thinking of all my US friends today.

  3. Oh I will never forget, I can remember sitting at the TV not believing what I was seeing... Then I had to go to work and we listened to the radio in stunned silence still finding it hard to comprehend.. The world changed that day....

  4. Such a moving tribute to the lives lost on that horrible tragic day. May we never forget!

  5. Beautiful Tribute Julie and yes, it is a day that will never be forgotten!
    Sherrie K

  6. I never knew about this wonderful tribute. Thank you for sharing Julie. We live @ 20 mins from NYC. I was home that morning, recovering from surgery and will never forget that day. We have many friends who work and live in NYC, and on that day, we personally lost one of my son's classmates Dad, and our friend Sal Zisa. He was in the North Tower, and was a wonderful father, friend, husband, and member of his church adn our community. We have friends who are NYPD Officers and we were fortunate that they did come home that day. Many of the cars parked on the streets in my neighborhood are commuters who take the train in from NJ to NYC. I remember praying that they all would come home. A neighboring town lost 16 people. My husband works for Coca Cola and was delivering near the GWB when they shut it down that day. He and a bunch of co-workers were part of a Coke Truck caravan that carried water to the NJ side of the Hudson, to distribute to emergency workers and evacuees who reached NJ via boat after the attacks. I remember the silence in the air in the days that followed as we tried to go about our routine, and watching my youngest play soccer on a field so silent without planes flying over head, and then the fear we felt when they started to fly once again. It is nice to know that there are tributes like this. God Bless America and thanks again for sharing <3

  7. No, we will never forget. Thank you for this wonderful and touching post.

  8. Such a beautiful tribute, Julie! TFS!

  9. Great photo! That memory is etched in the mind of us all forever!!


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