Friday, April 17, 2015

What's been going on???

Hi all :) 

This past weekend we went to Las Vegas to meet up with Lein and Dirk who were in the US vacationing (they live in Holland!!) and GETTING MARRIED!!! :)  I have "known" Lein for about a decade -- so it was amazing to meet in real life!!! :)

I wanted to share some photos of our trip!! :)

Lein and I :)

New York, New York casino at night :) 

The kids at breakfast ... cause calories don't count on vacation :) 

We went to the Bellagio -- here is Brookie making a wish in the water :) 

At the Bellagio with Paris behind us :) 

My ultimate HAPPY PLACE!! The Bellagio gardens!!!! I go here EVERY TIME I visit Vegas -- just so gorgeous!! An employee freshening the flowers for the day! (The perks of showing up early there!) :) 

Then we took a tram over to "Crystals" -- a shopping plaza with VERY HIGH END stores -- my Brookie says ... "Wow! They have a pretty bathroom here!!" ... yep .. not affected by the high end stores at all ...just liked their bathrooms! LOL!! :) 

Outside of the Bellagio!! :)

Next we headed to the Wildlife Habitat behind the Flamingo hotel :) 

Rare photos of me and Brian together!! :)


Which included meeting some PARROTS ... and one of them got up close and personal with Adam!! :)

 Yes ... he looks like he is going to throw the parrot ... lol ... but that is what the handler told Adam to do! HA!! It is one of the parrot's "tricks"!!!!! :)

 Next we went over to the Venetian and checked out the shops ... including the Harley Davidson shop :)

And we went to the M&M store -- where we met "Green"!!! :) 


And we went to the Coca-Cola store and met the Coca-Cola Polar bear! :)

We also went to Guy Fieri's restaurant (YUM!!!!) and we asked our waiter to split the check between us and Lein and Dirk .. and LOL ... he did!!!!! HA!! Best waiter EVER!!! :) (I love a good sense of humor ... can you tell??? HA!!!!) :) 

And ONE of the BEST things that happened while in VEGAS?!?!??!!?!?!?!?!?!!?!!?! 

I WON THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YES!!!! That is my machine -- I was playing the "BONUS" game and on the last "free" spin ... this happened!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was like "OMG!!!!!!! I just won $4,000.00!!!" ((((If you look in the bottom corner of the photo ... my total was actually over $4000.00 ... just the BONUS I won was $3763.95!!)))) .... Brian was up in the room with the kids ... so I texted him... like I NEED YOU RIGHT NOW kind of text!!!!!!! LOL!! 

Needless to say, I got a crowd of well wishers around me, making me nervous.... the casino gave this much money to me IN CASH (!!!!!!!!) ... so it immediately went into the BANK!! HA!! I am NOT walking around Vegas with that kind of cash on me!! LOL!! 

So that was our weekend!!! Can't wait to scrap these!!! :) 

And a few days before we left for this weekend trip, we found out that a piece of Brookie's Art was going to be displayed at the Peoria Arts Festival!!!!!!!! Of course it was happening the SAME WEEKEND we were going to be in Vegas -- so I gave the in-laws my little point-and-shoot camera and they went for us to get pics!! :)

Here is the photos they took for us!! YAY!! Thanks Nana and Papa!!!!! :)

Brookie's Superhero Girl!!! :)

Thanks so much for stopping by! I appreciate it! :)


  1. What an amazing time! Loove that photo of you & hubby... The tulips... The WIN!!!! Brooke's art work... All fabbo:):)

  2. What a fun filled weekend! Love the photos and congrats on the big win! Oh and to Brookie as well, love her superhero girl!

  3. What an awesome post, fun to meet up with blog friends, fun in Vegas, fun to win money, and fun to see Brookie's art too, all fun!

  4. Wow.... congrats, what a prize... and what a great trip! Loads of Dutch hapiness ;)... First the meeting, plitting the bill AND all those tulips! Can't wait to see all the things you're creating with these pics!

  5. Wow wow wow! just love all these photos, the colors are stunning, love the flower gardens, and i gasped at the m & m containers!!! so many wonderful memories here, and I am sure the win was greatly appreciated too!! I look forward to seeing these memories on a scrap layout or two soon!!

  6. Thanks for those wonderful photos!

  7. Oh my goodness Julie what a spectacular weekend! How wonderful you got to meet your friend and also won a jackpot. I want to go with you to Vegas, I never
    What beautiful pictures and wonderful to see several of you and Brian.
    Tell Brookie congrats on having her art displayed, so fun.
    Blessings sweetie

  8. oh Julie!!! WOW what a fantastic weekend away.... you all look so happy... great pics and congrats on you windfall!!! Brookie is quite the little artist!!

  9. wow wow wow !!! what a fabulous bunch of photos .. looks like a marvellous time ... thanks for sharing with us x

  10. great post~ and just WOW , congrats on the win!!!!

  11. Awww, how awesome! Another fabulous looking vacation getaway, my friend! Sounds like all of you had such an amazing time! I LOVE all the photos, and love that you got to meet your friend irl! And how cool is winning all those dolla dolla bills!!!

  12. how fun!!!! glad you got to meet up with your friend. I LOVE Vegas and congrats on the win!!! that rocks!!! and love the tulip pics, congrats on Brookie having her art displayed!!!

  13. Oh my!! Looks like such a fun trip!! And so neat to meet a friend in person!!! LOVE all your pictures and they really make me hope that I get to Vegas someday!! AND congrats on winning!!! That is AWESOME!!!!!

  14. I've never gone to those gardens, they sure look neat. Huge congrats again on your amazing win!

  15. AWESOME excited for you and your winnings!

  16. Great photos! Looks like a FANTASTIC time! Love all the Bellagio garden pics. And Brooke's art is totally awesome.

  17. Looks like you all had a wonderful time! I saw some of the photos on Instagram. How fun to meet a friend you never met in person! And huge congrats on winning!!!

  18. Wow so many fantastic photos! You are so good at capturing the moments my friend! Awesome that you were able to meet a long time friend!

  19. Looks like you had a blast and yeah for winning craft supply money right??? Love Brooke's super hero art

  20. Awesome sauce! Your photos are amazing!

  21. Go go Brookie! How awesome to have her art displayed! :)
    And how marvelous it must be to meet a bloggy friend in real life! You know I can't wait to meet you too, right?

  22. Julie my husband went to Vegas last year and brought back such boring photos. Your photos are so vibrant and lively and you do have such a wonderful way of writing. I will be accompanying him to Vegas next year and am thankful to you for this post filled with such fun pictures as it makes me look forward to visiting all the places you have shared!
    Dr Sonia
    Cards Crafts Kids Projects

  23. CONGRATS Julie! That must have been so much fun indeed!
    Thank You for sharing these beautiful pictures with us!
    It was as if we were there with you~

  24. Congrats on your win Julie!! Woohoo!!! That is so awesome!! I would be straight to the bank too LOL !!!! And wonderful photos of what looks like so many amazing things to take in. Well worth the visit!!

  25. WOW!! great pics Julie now I feel like I was on vacation with you and the family, lets do it again.oh yeah let's win again to.Have a blessed day
    DIANA L.

  26. What a great weekend! So many amazing photos... I don't even know where to begin. I always love those floral pics you share from your Vegas trips to Bellagio Gardens, and I can't believe you won all that money... CONGRATULATIONS! Eeek! I can hear your shrieks from here ;). Hugs!


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