Sunday, March 31, 2013

Hello Friend :)

Hi everyone :)

Happy Easter :)

The Easter Bunny visited our house last night ... and I am sure the kids will be happy when they wake up :)

And also I wanted to thank everyone for their support on my last post :)

I wanted to share some layouts I made yesterday for some challenges :)

Laurie had a sketch posted on her blog for her birthday ... I missed the deadline since I was busy working on canvasses for my bombed show.. lol :) But I loved the sketch and wanted to use it anyways :) 


This is Brookie in 2010, 2011 and 2013 with the Easter Bunny :) For some reason we didn't go in 2012... but oh well :) 

I used a lot of older American Crafts on this page :) Still working on that get rid of my scrappy stash this year :) 


And here is Laurie's sketch :)

And my next layout is for the latest challenge at Scrap Your Story -- which was to use Cork on your page :)

I used some cork paper and the rest is all some older MME papers :)  Again ... still using up my stash :) And older pics too :)

I also wanted to share my monthly photo with me and the kids in honor of Aleida :)

I was too lazy the other night to change OUT of my PJ's .... so I had the kids climb up into my bed and take a pic with me... PJ's and all :)

And one with just me and Brookie :)


And then I remembered that I never shared February's photo with the kids ... so here is that one too :)

Brookie's school had a fund raiser at "Black Bear Diner" one night in February and I loved these bears out front ... so that's where we took our pic :)

And not to leave Brian out :)  -- I took one with him and the kids too :)

Thanks so much for stopping by! I appreciate it! :)

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Then & Now :)

Hi everyone :)

Thanks for all the well wishes on my show yesterday ... sadly, it was a total bust :(

We were supposed to go there Thursday night between 6 PM and 10 PM to "reserve" our vendor spot -- so Brian drove me down there (it's about 30 minutes from our home) -- and there's another event going on there and they say we can't set up until 7 PM ... I said my email said 6 PM ... the woman there says that Sugar Art and Fashion Show people sent out an email 2 days BEFORE the show to say it had been moved to 7 PM ... I NEVER got that email (and I even check my SPAM folder daily and didn't get anything there either) -- so Brian and I leave because we can't set up my table -- and I can't go back Thursday night at a later time, because Brian had bowling later that night and he couldn't take me again ....

So.... fast forward to Friday morning ... we can be there at 10 AM -- so Brian and I head out AGAIN to the event and get there a few minutes before 10 AM -- the Sugar and Art Fashion people say I can set up my table in this one spot in front of a make-shift bar, because they say that no one will be using the bar for this event ....

Get all my stuff set up ... and then the owner of the place comes over and says I can't be there -- because they will be using the bar at 6 PM ... so I have to pack everything up and they move me to another spot ... then that isn't any good ... sooooo they move me again ... *sigh* ... you can all see how this is going right????

So the event starts at Noon -- Noon comes and goes .... 1 PM comes and goes ... 2 PM comes and goes ... and during the 3 1/2 hours that we were there ... there were 5 people (besides vendors) that were there ... sad sad sad ...

Anyhoo ... the people that were running the show said it gets busier at 7 PM ... sorry but I can't sit around a show for 7 hours in HOPES that customers will be coming ... *sigh* ... I know some people will think I should have dealt with it and stayed ... but to be honest, I didn't feel like I fit in ... so it was an easier decision to leave ...

So we left -- lesson learned and all that :)

But the good news is ... I will now be filling my ETSY shop with all the canvasses I made for the show :)

Thanks again for all the well wishes :)

I wanted to share a layout I made for the latest Elle's sketch challenge :) 

This week Brookie's Spring school photos came home... and ohhhhhhhhhh boy ... I blinked and she has GROWN!!! She is 6!!! She isn't supposed to look this old yet :( *sniff sniff* 

For those that have been following me since Brookie's surgeries started for her Port Wine Stains ... look how far she has come!!! :)

Here is Elle's sketch :)

Thanks so much for stopping by! I appreciate it! :)

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Follow the Yellow Brick Road...

Hi everyone!!!

Well, tomorrow is the day of the Sugar Art and Fashion show!! I will be there all day! :) Wish me luck!! :)

I wanted to share some more canvasses I made for the event! :)

I made this using Graphic 45's Magic of Oz papers and the "Yellow Brick Road" stamp from the collection :)

Lots and lots and lots of Prima goodies on here :)

I also wanted to share a layout I made for the latest challenge at Use it Tuesday which is all about Spring!!! :)

I used Echo Park's Victoria Gardens, Summer Days and Sweet Day and Bo Bunny's stamps! :)

Now ... I know these photos look like Summer time -- HOWEVER, let me explain a little something about Arizona for people that have never been here --

Our "Spring" lasts for all about FIVE MINUTES! lol :)

For reals... not even kidding about this -- while a lot of people in the USA are still experiencing SNOW right now ... Arizona has been in the 90 degrees range for over a week now ... seriously .. the 90's ALL READY and it's not even April YET!! :)  This is the desert my friends :)
For those that live in Arizona and those that have visited here (Deana, Toni, Krista, Carri, Debbie, Joni??!!?? Back me up here girls!! LOL!) -- they will know I ain't lying about this!!

Sooooo back to my layout ... these photos were taken in the beginning of May 2010 -- so still "officially" Spring ... even though this day was probably close to the mid to high 90's!! LOL :)

We took Brookie to the zoo this day, and she was thrilled when she saw the 'water spraying' area! :)

So we let her run wild in there for a bit since it was SO HOT that day! :)


Thanks so much for stopping by! I appreciate it! :)

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

We are all alike on the inside....

Hi everyone!

I am up on the Paper Made Bakery blog today!!

Here is a sneaky ....

For those that know what Brookie has -- you will know how perfect this quote is for her :)

Thanks so much for stopping by! I appreciate it! :)

Monday, March 25, 2013

Discovering herself in a photo :)

Hi everyone! 

I wanted to share a layout I made with the French Country collection from Graphic 45 that I got from :)

Brookie was only 27 days old on her first Halloween ... so we had a picture of her in her little Tootsie Roll costume in this pumpkin frame ... well fast forward to the Fall of 2007 and here is Brookie 'discovering' the "baby" her in this photo frame!! It was adorable!! :)


Thanks so much for stopping by! I appreciate it! :)