Saturday, June 23, 2012

Giveaway and some pics to share!

Hi everyone!!!

I am excited today to share my friend Heidi's new class offered from Scrapbook News and Reviews!!! And I am giving away a 'seat' to her class!!!!!

You may remember Heidi as one of the co-founders of Sketchy Thursdays and I am also proud to call her my friend :)

The giveaway prize is one seat in Heidi's "Mists - Not Just Point & Shoot" class which 
runs from July 6 - July 20.  A $29.99 value. 
Here is the details on her upcoming class!!!!

"Mists. What’s not to love? But once you’ve sprayed a few pieces of cardstock, 
what do you with the other 90% of the bottle? 
As a certified mist junkie, I know a thing or two about mists. I also have a 
large number of them and after awhile, the number of them outgrew the number of 
techniques I knew how to use with them. So I set out on a quest to find ways to 
use them and get some serious bang for my buck. 
While I found a lot of great information, most of what I found were basic 
techniques that I had already figured out on my own. Occasionally, I came across 
something that piqued my interest and got me thinking in a new direction, but 
for the most part, I learned more techniques simply by playing and letting my 
imagination go wild. 
I love the discovery process of trying everything I can think of and reveling 
over my successes and laughing at the things that went wrong. Even more, I love 
finding ways to rescue the things that went wrong and some of my best 
discoveries have come about this way. 
When I decided to teach a class on mists, I knew I didn’t want to just cover the 
basics. While learning them is important, so is learning how to step outside the 
basics – and our own comfort zones – and learning how to take your skills to the 
next level.  
I’ll still cover the basics, such as care and storage and spray patterns and 
color mixing, but we’ll also think outside the bottle and about ways to apply 
mists that you can’t accomplish with a measly spritz. Think bold splashes and 
oozy drips and you’ll have an idea of what I’m talking about. 
My ultimate goal for the class is to have you push the limits on everything you 
can do with mists, including using them on surfaces you may not have thought of, 
using common tools such as paint brushes and brayers and spatulas in different 
ways, pairing them with basic scrapbook supplies such as stencils and masks and 
chipboard and rub-ons in interesting ways, as well as using them to up the wow 
factor on paints and gels and pastes and glues. 
After taking Mists: Beyond Point and Shoot, they’ll no longer be mere sparkly 
splutters of color buried beneath your “real” embellishments. And you won’t want 
to make another layout or card or mixed media project without reaching for them. 
In the end, you’ll learn how to take your misting craftiness from ordinary to 
center stage, steal the show, in-your-face, colorific extraordinary. 
Ready to step outside the bounds of basic misting? Click the Buy Now button, 
gather your supplies and get ready to learn a plethora of techniques and how to 
throw down the misty goodness on oodles of layouts, cards and mixed media 
projects. See you there!" 
And here is some more information for you!!!! 
If you are my winner and have already purchased the class Heidi will 
refund your money.  Also, there is a class size limit so 
if you have interest in taking the class you should purchase it soon.  
And here is a little about Heidi!!!!
 "Since she was a little girl Heidi Myers gravitated toward creative endeavors 
and approached tasks from her own crafty perspective.  So it was small wonder 
that her introduction to scrapbooking about eight years ago was like meeting an 
old friend for the first time.  Heidi's affection for paper crafting, and 
subsequently mixed media, has grown steadily ever since.  Over the years she's 
learned to give herself permission to create for her, not a standard set by 
popular outlets or the status quo.  This has given Heidi the courage to explore, 
discover and approach products and techniques with an unclouded and thoroughly 
curious eye.  Heidi thrills to the prospect of learning something completely new 
and out of her comfort zone and devising different ways to use and do things.  
Heidi shares her curiosity and findings through articles and tutorials for 
Scrapbook News and Review Magazine and as full-length classes on The Art Studio 
at Scrapbook News and Review.  
Heidi is currently an Education Coordinator and Assistant Editor for Scrapbook 
News and Review Magazine and an Instructor for The Art Studio at Scrapbook News 
and Review.  She was a co-founder of Sketchy Thursdays, formerly on several 
Design Teams including Precocious Paper, Pink Ninjas, Torendi and Design 
Dollies, and has been published in Paper Crafts Magazine.  You can check out 
more of her work in the pages of Scrapbook News and Review Magazine and on her 
blog artiql8 by heidi." 

So what do you have to do to enter my giveaway for Heidi's class???? Just leave me a comment telling me you wanna be in her class!!! That's it!! I will draw a winner on July 5th!!!!!!

Also I wanted to share some photos of what the family has been up to lately!!!

Last weekend we went to the cemetery to lay summer flowers down at the twins graves (for those that don't know -- Brian and his first wife had babies that were still born and we go there every season to add new flowers)

Brookie helping dig out the weeds ...

Daddy and Brookie reading a poem on a monument there....

And since we were all together -- I decided to take my monthly photos of me with my babies in honor of Aleida Franklin (for those new to me -- please see my right side bar for her story)

And we got a photo with Daddy with the kids too!!

And the other night our friends came over for dinner and Brookie wanted to play cards with the boys!!

And for those that follow me on Facebook... you might remember that the other night I posted a pic of Brookie having a complete crying meltdown because she was "losing" to the boys... lol... this last pic is RIGHT before that meltdown happened!!! lol!!

Thanks so much for stopping by! I appreciate it! :)


  1. Wow! The misting class sounds awesome! Especially since I have tons of mist and never use them! Great pics too!

  2. Oh Brookie! Such a cutie pattotie! Loved seeing all the family photos Julie! And Heidi's class looks like it's gonna be amazing! I'm so excited for her! Don't enter me in the giveaway cuz my girl Heidi may just give me the hook up! LoL!

  3. That misting class sounds like sooooo much fun! I'm a total mist addict! Would loooove to be in it! Pick me! Pick me!! lol Those are some fabulous photos of you guys! It's awesome that you're getting in the pictures too! I know it can be hard to get some of us "moms" in with our kids, but it is very important!! Thanks for the chance to win! I'm crossing my fingers!!!

  4. those pics are priceless!! brookie looks so sweet on the photos!!

  5. The misting class sounds really, really great - would 'stretch' the creativity:) That poem on the grave stone is one I have on a sympathy card that I actually bought in ENGLAND!!!! And kids sorta gotta learn about how to handle losing...otherwise they turn into pouty adults. Not pretty:):):)!!!!!

  6. Sweet pictures Julie! :) Sounds like a great class and I do love my mist, but please leave me out of the giveaway, July is super busy.

  7. Fab giveaway. I'd love to learn more about misting. Great family photos too!

  8. Love those family photos and I think it's great that you guys keep this tradition!

    what a great opportunity with Heidi's class, good luck for those who are participating! I guess I shouldn't be included since I don't play with real mists LOL, so others can have more chances!

    And of course you can share the quote!

    have a nice weekend

  9. First of all, such sweet family photos!! How precious that you remember the babies together.

    I'd love to have you put my name in the hat for the mist class. I have a whole box of them, but don't use them all that much. Thanks for offering!! ~ Blessings

  10. Love your family pictures.

    It would be cool to win a spot in the misting class! I can't get enough of misting!

  11. The misting class sounds awesome! Thanks for the chance to win! Love the family photos!

  12. Cute, cute photos! And a PS to Brookie... I hate losing too! LOL

  13. Thank you for sharing your photos :) and please put my name in the hat for the class as I am a little shy with my mists!

  14. happy saturday julie!! love these pics of you and the family. the game playing ones are some of my fave too because we play games a lot here too. so much love to you!

  15. wonderful family photos and doing thing together!! I think that is sooo important!!!

    That misting class sounds like TONS of fun, I've sooo been into misting!! thanks for the chance:)

  16. What fun photos honey!! Love family pictures thank you for letting us into your life just a bit! Have a nice weekend!


  17. coolio misting class...I so need to use the mists that I have :( I need help:)

    FAB pics sista.

  18. Hi Julie!:) I'd love to learn different ways of using my mists (especially since my collection keeps growing!) :)
    Thanks for a chance to win!

  19. So excited to be sharing this class with everyone!!! I had a great time putting it together and I have lots of "out of the box" ideas for using up your mists.

    Thank you, Julie for sharing this with your amazing audience!!!!

    What great pics of your family!!!!


    ♥Heidi Myers

  20. Julie, you ( and your family) are so sweet. The flowers at the grave, just so wonderful!!

  21. Sounds like a fun class, yes, I want to win, LOL!!!!
    Thanks for the opportunity and thanks for sharing the wonderful pictues!

  22. I love that you go and visit the twins what a loving thing to do, you just have the biggest heart Julie! :)

    I would love to learn more things to do with mists! You can never learn enough! :)

  23. wow gorgeous pics Julie .... so beautiful the way you honour the memory of you special darling friend .... some people are so afraid of death but it is part of life and their angels/souls are all around us.... thanks for sharing these heartwarming pics .. love ya x

  24. Loving the photos, and yes please, I'd love to take the class!!!

  25. This class sounds awesome and I would love to win!!!

  26. Finally got a chance to come by to say ...Hi!!!... love this it's far!!!! Would love to win... have fabulous weekend...{{hugs}} Michelle

  27. Misting scares me! But I'm sure this class would help:)

    I didn't know about the little ones--so sorry! That's wonderful that your family goes there together to bring new flowers. Beautiful pics of the family!

    And it looks like Brookie had fun playing cards!

  28. Love your beautiful family pictures!! What an amazing thing to do to visit the twins each year together as a family! Such a special tribute for dh and your family!!
    Sounds like a fun and amazing misting class!!

  29. These photos are priceless! :D I would be very interested in doing that class as I am far from a "misting master"! :D

  30. You are a very special person, Julie! My heart aches for the twins that Brian & his first wife lost, but I am so glad that you remember those children every season. AND how you carry out a legacy for Aleida also. You are an inspiration to me.

  31. Fabulous Photos Julie...[Brookie not smiling!]... Sounds like a fun class, yes, I want to win too...he he he And I love misting!!! Hugs...xoxo

  32. Hey Girlfriend,

    You're as busy as ever. I'm so glad you got to help our friend out this past weekend, she's been through so much. As usual, LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEE your pictures, especially of my little BrookieWolek. I miss you, and hope we'll do something soon.

    Love ya'

  33. Hi there dear Julie!!!! It's been a while since I've felt like blogging. thought I'd stop by and say hello and see what you are up to. I would never turn down a spot in a class, lol, but more than anything I enjoy looking at the photos and layouts you post. Great pictures and I hope to get my mojo back. =)
    Happy Sunday.

  34. That sounds like a fun class. I would love the chance to win. That is so kind of you..

    Such great photos..


  35. what a kind soul you are~so happy to call you a scrappy friend!!!

  36. Fun class and fun photos, Julie! Always love to see your sweet family photos!

  37. Sounds like an awesome class! :)
    Lovely family photos!

  38. Fun class for sure and thank you for sharing these pictures with us readers

    Have a great week Julie!

  39. What sweet and special pictures, Julie.

  40. Hi Julie Sweetie...
    What an awesome opportunity. This sounds like a wonderful class. Throw my name into the hat please. I am always thrilled to learn something new of course.

    Love Brookies haircut, she looks so grown up now. It really fits her little face. I can see that melt down coming with all those boys and playing cards. Gosh darn it. I guess we are going to have to play a game of cards with just us girls. Maybe Slap Jack would be good for Brookie. Please give her my love.

    Can't wait to see you again. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  41. Thanks so much for the giveaway! I would love to be a part of the class:) Fingers crossed :):)

  42. The class sounds great. You're right, I think most of us just use the mists by pointing and spaying! Love the family pics! :)

  43. The misting class sounds great. I don't use my mists nearly to their full potential.

  44. This sounds like an awesome class Julie...thanks for the chance to win! :) I love that you're making a point to take shots of yourself with your kids. It's something we all need to do for sure...

  45. Brookie's losing meltdown sounds just like my son. LOL! So sorry, though, really. It's not so fun.

  46. I'm so hoping I will this class!!!! I have bottles and bottle of mists and never feel comfortable in using them! Well at least before Brookie had her meltdown it looks as though she was having a good time!!!

  47. I would love to be in her class. I SOOOO need some new ideas for misting.
    great pics, sweetie!

  48. Ummm... I gotta take that misting class!! I soooo love Heidi's work at SNR....I can only imagine how incredible that class will be!!

  49. First of all I have to say how moving this post are a generous soul and it is such a wonderful thing you do with your family in remembrance of the lost babies!.

    on a lighter note i would LOOOOOOOVE to win a seat in Heid's class....crossing my fingers!!

  50. Glad to know I am not the only one with a kid that has complete melt downs if he doesn't win. I mean they are some doozies, and I can't wait for this stage to be over, but it seems to be running forever.

    I loved your sweet pictures!

  51. It must be a fantastic class! It looks SO interesting! I love mists right now!!! I think I can't live without them LOL!!!
    Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  52. Hey gorgeous girl, would love to have a chance of winning a seat in the class. You are such a generous person.
    Luv Ya
    Leanne :-)

    PS thank you so much for all your lovely comments on my blog. :-)

  53. Aaaaw shame! I find that games nights always end in tears!! They are meant to bond families but I can't stand them! Watch a movie instead together - always far more laughs!!

  54. I love the photos you shared of your family, Julie! And I remebmer having a big melt down and throwing an entire Monopoly game board when I lost to my sister when we were kids!!!!! You are the NICEST person to offer this give-away, too. Thank you - I would LOVE to be a part of this amazing class!!!

  55. Poor Brookie, it's hard to learn about losing sometimes when you're the youngest in the family. Lovely family photos as well.

    The class sounds amazing, will have to enrol I think, need a push start with my paper scrapping at the moment, lacking any mojo with regards to glue... sigh.


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