Saturday, December 31, 2011

A year in Review ... goodbye 2011 :):):)

Hi everyone :):):):)

Before I start today... I want to thank EVERYONE for their kind words and support on my December Daily post from yesterday :):):) I truly truly truly believed I was alone in thinking that it was a stressful process and I thank you all for the virtual hugs as I know now I am not alone in that thought process :):):):)

Today is the last day of 2011... and I wanted to share some of my highlights and faves from this year :):):):) Let me tell you... this is NOT an easy thing to I made over 400 layouts this year, over 200 cards and I think probably close to 50 altered projects!! So I am gonna narrow it down one a month! LOL! :):):)

In January 2011 we decided to move, started looking for a new (downsized) place and packing! I also thought with our decision to move, that my OLW (One Little Word) for 2011 would be FAITH :) I have held on tight to that word all year and my FAVE layout from January 2011 actually uses my word FAITH in the quote I chose for the title :):):)
 (The quote is, "Faith is taking the first step - even when you don't see the whole staircase" ~~ Martin Luther King Jr.)

In February 2011, we had our first test of that FAITH that I chose as my word. I was working at a craft show with my friend Krista, and I had pains in my side - went to the Emergency Room and found out my Gall Bladder was bad... and needed to be removed. My FAVE layout of this month doesn't have anything to do with my upcoming surgery, just documenting my month ;) 
 My FAVE layout for February 2011 was actually quite simple.. since it was Graphic 45 papers, I really only added like 4 things to it... but seriously, this layout got some of the best comments out in internet land when I posted it :):):):):)

In March 2011, we actually had some major events happen! Brookie and I BOTH had our surgeries on the same day, Me for my Gall Bladder, Brookie for her laser surgery for her Port Wine Stains. That was March 9th, 2011. So, Brian literally dropped me off at my hospital, and then took Brookie's to hers right down the street :):):) Also, Brian and I celebrated (Not really...I was still in bad shape from my!) our 3rd wedding anniversary on March 14th :):):)
Here is my FAVE layout for March 2011 :)

In April 2011, we MOVED! It was a downsize, but it actually has been the best thing for our family! Even though I say we downsized, our new home (square footage wise) is actually BIGGER than our old home... it just has one less bedroom (from 4 bedrooms to 3)...but it is a lot BETTER on our wallet than our old home...which is a bonus too! :):):) So...I used to have a craft room... now I have a craft closet... which is all good in my book! :):):):):):)
Here is my FAVE layout for April 2011...does document our moving and again uses my OLW FAITH :)

In May 2011, we un-packed and settled into our new home... Adam graduated Junior High School and Brookie graduated from pre-school (which she will have to do again this year... she's a Fall baby... so she doesn't start Kindergarten till 2012...weird, I know!) :):):) My FAVE layout for May 2011, actually I think might be one of my all time faves ever :):):)

In June 2011, I got 6 inches of my hair cut off :) And Brookie came down with a severe case of Impetigo ... not a good month for her :(
My FAVE layout for June 2011 shares my haircut :)

In July 2011, we celebrated the 4th of July at home together and Brookie had surgery #15 :) 
For July 2011, I don't have a FAVE layout to share --- rather this seemed to be the month that I really rocked out the altered I am going to cheat a little and share 4 of my FAVE altered projects from this year... that I made all in July 2011 :):):):):):):)
This is a chair that belonged to my Father when he was 3 or 4 years old and I altered it into this :)

And I altered three sets of Shadowbow/Books :) One with a Wizard of Oz theme, one with a Harry Potter theme and one with a Christmas theme :):):):)

In August 2011, Adam started High School... and I am still in denial ;) And my BFF came to visit :):):)
My FAVE layout from August 2011 was one I did of the family going out to a movie... it doesn't happen very often because of the costs of movies/snacks etc... so it's a BIG deal when we do :):):):):)

In September 2011, Our country honored the 10th anniversary of 09.11...a very somber day, I listened to the broadcast from Ground Zero in NYC and cried as each name was read... the family and I also went to "The Healing Fields" in Tempe, Arizona where every victim of 09.11 has a flag in their honor... very moving and as I looked at HOW MANY flags that were there... it truly hits you on how huge this really was.....
So instead of a layout for this month... instead I am going to share two FAVE photos from that day that we went to the healing fields......

In October 2011, Brookie turned six ... we shared in the 10th anniversary (and final year) of "Bowling 4 the Cure" and of course we did Halloween :):):)
Again.. instead of a layout for this month... I am going to share a FAVE altered project...which just happens to be the BIGGEST (size wise) project I have ever ever ever made :):):)
It's a wall hanging and I hand rolled all of the flowers on here out of paper :):):):)

In November 2011, Brookie had surgery #16 --- and my Aunt Mary came for a visit at Thanksgiving :):):)
My FAVE layout this month has to do with my fur baby Mr. Dandy (Who is doing MUCH better now... thank you all for your well wishes for him!) :):):):)

And now we are to this month, December 2011 :) This month I turned 40 and Brian and I went to Las Vegas for the Michael Jackson Cirque Du Soleil show..... I will say, that had to be the BEST trip I have ever taken...ever :):):):):):) Ohhhh and I got 8 inches of my hair cut off and went RED too :)
My FAVE layout this month has been --- One you all haven't seen yet ;) I haven't posted it yet... so I will share it now :):):)

A photo of me on my 40th birthday pre-hair cut :):):):):)

So that's it for the year... all my faves wrapped into one :):):):):):):) I hope you all have a VERY safe and Happy New Year! :):):):):):):):)

Thank you all that have supported me this year! You all are wonderful and amazing friends! :):):):):):):):):):):):)

Thanks so much for stopping by! I appreciate it! :):):)


  1. LOVE everything...I couldn't believe reading your stats how much you created this year...good grief wonder you don't sleep much:)

    Happy New Year to you and your fantabulous family:) Here's to a GREAT 2012 my soul sista.

  2. I love this post and you sharing a year in review with your favorite layouts.

    I wish you and your family God's richest blessings for 2012. Thank you for your friendship, kindness and support.


  3. Just love this post and your inspiration! Thanks for that!

  4. How could one EVER pick a favorite ... they are all awesome that you create, sweetie.

    Happy New Year blessings ~
    TTFN ~

  5. What a great recap!! Love all of your fantastic projects! Happy New Year!!! :)

  6. 400!!! My jaw just hit the floor!! You are an incredible artist and I love all your beautiful works!!

  7. this is so fun--seems like I remember A LOT of these things! FUN creations Julie!

  8. I loved this post Julie! I know I have to get one done myself but quite a time-consuming post I should think :)You have such an array of beautiful work but for me I just absolutely love your latest one - even before your hairdo you look stunning - can't wait to see an "after" layout now too!!

  9. Happy New Year and TFS your year in review!

  10. Fantastic Julie! Happy New Year to you and your family!

  11. What a GREAT recap of the year! And such AMAZING projects, as always! And I'm sure you have the BEST craft closet EVER! One doesn't need a whole room anyway!

    Happy 2012 to the Tucker-Wolek family! Hope it's a year full of many, many blessings!!!

    Big hugs for you, my friend!

  12. how on earth do you narrow down??

    Just gorgeous Julie! You are legend!

    Happy Twenty12

  13. Everything is so beautiful and from the heart! I adore everything that you do, Julie! and I completely understand you in regards to the December Daily too, lol! I just haven't had the time to print anything, I mentally am keeping track and hopefully I can do it in February sometime ;) hee hee!!!
    I hope you and your family have a wonderful and blessed New Year!
    Many hugs,margie xo

  14. Wonderful post of your work through 2011. I really enjoyed reading.
    Happy New Year to you and to your lovely family!

  15. Awesome review! Wishing you the best in 2012!

  16. Wow! You had a big year! And made lots and lots of crafty stuff. Gorgeous re-cap! Have a great New Year's Eve tonight!! :)

  17. Holy cow!! When do you sleep? Thats awesome. I love that altered chair. Glad Mr. Dandy is doing better. I'm having my own issues with one of my elderly huskies. :( Its really sad.

  18. ooohhh Julie these are so gorgeous .... I adore seeing all your beautiful talent in one post .... they are all soooooooooooooo beautiful .. loving them all .... they are all unique in their own way ..... your pics are super duper and yes that Feb one is extra special .... quite exquisite ... lots of love Heather xoxox

  19. What a fantastic recap of your year. Blessings and happiness to you and your family in 2012!

  20. Julie, you always amaze me with all of your awesome creations!!! Seriously, who can make that many cards, layouts, projects... LOL (= Thanks for being such a supporter on my blog!!! Wishing you and your family a healthy and Happy New Year!!! (= cheers!!!

  21. May and July are my absolute favorites. You WOWED me with those. But every one is precious and wonderful! You are so talented, Julie!

  22. Happy New Year, Julie!! What a fun post! I loved seeing your year in review so artistically done! Love the altered books and February is my favorite - although it wasn't a good month for you! Ouch! Happy the year ended on a good note. Best wishes for a happy and healthy 2012!
    Hugs, Cindy

  23. Every time I see your dad's chair I swoon a little.. it's so gorgeous, as is all your lovely creations!! Here is to a happy, healthy, safe, and get your craft on 2012!!! Big hugs to you and your family, Julie!!

  24. What a wonderful year Julie, yes, filled with challenges but we are really so lucky aren't we? You are always so thoughtful and positive. That alone makes the world a better place.

  25. Have a great and happy 2012. What a big year you've had, great memories.

  26. Gorgeous layouts- love seeing all these together! Happy New Year!! :)

  27. You rock! Thanks for sharing all of these pages in one place! Svereral were new to me but some were some favorites of mine so nice to visit them again!

  28. What a great post, thanks for sharing!
    happy new year my friend!!!!!

  29. Waht a beautiful post Julie! Great to see all of your fave project and layouts! And of course the stories ot go with them!
    Missed you too and I did miss creating last year, but I guess I needed it ;)
    Wishing you a fabulous new year, filled with faith, love and all you ever wish for! Love you!

  30. Wow! 400 layouts! That's just amazing! Your work is really beautiful--so fun to see all your favorite projects lined up like that. Happy New Year to you!

  31. Wonderful layouts and projects!!! You are just awesome to complete so much in one year!
    Happy 2012 to you and your family!

  32. I remember all of these!! many of them coming together in front of my eyes!!!

  33. You are so amazing and I love seeing you and your family here. I hope 2012 is a terrific year for all of you! Hugs Anne

  34. Everything is just gorgeous! I LOVE LOVE LVE THat chair!!!!! Magnificent! Have a Fantabulous 2012!!!!

  35. Wow!! 400 that is amazing!!!
    I love each of these projects you shared and the details you shared about each project!!
    I'm sorry for all of Brookies surgery and your surgeries!!
    I will be praying for fewer surgeries for the both if you!!
    Love that LO about you the last one you posted!!
    Gorgeous LO!!
    You look so pretty!!
    Thank you for your sweet words on my blog so thankful Rifi introduced us!!

  36. What a year what beautiful projects......I am so lucky to call you a friend and was able to share your family's happy and sad moments...
    thanks Julie and i wish you all the best for 2012 may it be as cretive as 2011

  37. You were insanely busy! Loved it all!

  38. What a fabulous post, Julie! It is SO much fun to read your stories of your journey this past year and to see some of your favorite projects. I smiled to see so many of my favorites in there, too. This post really hit home to me how much really happens in one year. Thanks for sharing and wishing you and your family the best in 2012!

  39. You're amazing and what an awesome post. Looking at all your scrappy projects has inspired me to get back into it, I've been pretty slack the last 3 months with illness so it's now time :)

    All your work is gorgeous but my favourites are "A Rare Occurrence" and the layout of your fur baby :)

  40. Julie! YOu are an amazing and wonderful person!!!!! Your post is just extraordinary! Thank you so much for sharing!!!!!!

  41. That was a fun post... I got to remininsce with you!!! Very nice... Love ya girl..!!


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