Friday, December 30, 2011

*sigh* I have decided.....

....that a December Daily and Me just aren't meant to be friends :(  

Now... don't take me wrong... I did it... really, I completed my December Daily :) ... but it actually was more stressful for me to try and remember to take a photo, what happened on what day, printing photos, finding journal tags that fit on my page and gave me enough room to write down what happened that day... then the actual month of December was... so I YES! I did it... but stressing about completing a mini album rather than enjoying everyday... is probably not something I want to do again :) 

So with that said... here is my completed December Daily :) .... (Oh and PS... I am actually quite boring, as you will see on some of my days! lol!) :)

(Sorry for the shadows on some of the pages... I was trying to beat the sun setting when I took these! lol!)

The cover :)

12.01 Brookie in front of her Christmas tree and I packed for our Las Vegas trip :)

12.02  We arrived in Las Vegas and had dinner with our friends Mitch and Maggie :)

12.03 My 40th Birthday... Gondola ride at the Venetian, Pumpkin pancakes at IHop, The Bellagio's conservatory, Michael Jackson Cirque Du Soleil show and I won $500.00 at a penny slot machine! :):):)

12.04 Last day in Las Vegas - got to meet Kirsty and we FINALLY found the "Welcome To Las Vegas" sign :)

12.05 Back home - Daddy had an eye doctor appointment, Brookie got some new clothes at the mall and we all got new bed pillows... and Brookie got to play in the play area at the mall :)

12.06 Ugh... as I was taking a photo of this page... I realized I forgot a journal tag :( ... so this day was Brookie's follow up appointment at her surgeon's office ... and we got to see the tree that our friend Krista helped decorate for the Childrens Hospital :)

12.07 I made a card for some friends that got married ...and I had to go to Urgent Care for my annual Bronchitis that I get in the winter time :(

12.08 Me and my Mother-In-Law got to go to Patricia Cornwell's book signing! LOVE HER! :)

12.09 Brookie and I went to the zoo with Aerin and Hannah :)

12.10 We went to the cemetery to decorate the twin's graves for Christmas :)

12.11 We went to a classic car show at Adam's school :) And Brookie had a blue slushie :)

12.12 Boring! :) I blog hopped and we caught up on "Castle" with my fur baby by my side :)

12.13 Dandy wanted to watch TV this time ;) And I made quick and easy magnets for Nikki Sivils blog with tutorial :)

12.14 Brookie and I got happy mail :)

12.15 Brookie and I found out that a little 2 year old girl lost everything in a fire... so we went through her closet and collected older toys for her to donate to her :)

12.16 During the day Brookie had her Christmas party at daycare... and at night we went and helped my friend Tracy decorate her son's tree at the cemetery for Christmas :)

12.17 I got 8 inches of my hair cut off and went RED too! And we also went to cousin Nathan's 6th birthday party :)

12.18 Brookie and I made a cake, Brookie lost her first tooth and we went and visited Bern's house... probably for the last time :(

12.19 Brookie got $5.00 from the tooth fairy :)

12.20 I took my monthly photo with my kids in honor of Aledia and we went as a family to see "The Muppets" :)

12.21 Brookie made us a hand print Christmas tree for Christmas :)

12.22 BORING alert :) I printed and worked on my December Daily :)

 12.23 No photos please ... lol... We cleaned the house preparing for Christmas :)

12.24 -- Haven't printed the photos for this yet :) We went to my in-laws for our traditional Perogi dinner :)

12.25 Merry Christmas and I suck... haven't printed photos for this one yet either... lol :) But it was Christmas day... so you all know what happened on that day! LOL! :)

So there you go ... probably my one and only December Daily... but at least I can say I DID IT :):):):):):)

Thanks so much for stopping by! I appreciate it! :):):)


  1. Julie, I can image that this would take a little stress in December, December is always such a bussy month!! It is funny to see that you did your hair so much shorter, I did that to recently!!
    Amazing how your daily December book looks, Cool that you did that!!!

    Love from The Netherlands,

  2. Your December Daily is adorable!!! I can relate to how you feel about it tho! I haven't finished mine yet, and I'm not that excited about it. I will probably skip it next year too.

  3. That looks like a busy time - not boring at all and no wonder you found it stressful. I don't think this type of daily journal is meant for working Moms. the only time I got close to finishing one was when I was working part time and even then I missed a couple of days toward the end.
    Looks good though. Worth the stress?

  4. Julie, you are too funny! It is quite an undertaking I'm sure as December can be busy and stressful enough! It's still really beautiful though!

  5. Love the cover & the pretty pages. You are Super Woman. Doing a daily would stress me out too. :)

  6. Wow I think it´s awesome what you did! I can´t even finish a "normal" I have deep, deep respect for this!!
    In a few years this must be so much fun and also such a treasure to look through this again :)
    Ohw and I just cannot imagine you having lazy days....

  7. I applaud you for starting and completing a December Daily! Every year I I set out to start one but as the time nears and with everything else going on in December, I start to panic - How do I get it all done? So I never do get around to it! Thank you for sharing yours

  8. Julie --
    I love it. I'm not going to try to convince you to do it again next year, that is your call, BUT...the best piece of advice that I have lived by through this is from Ali's blog. Don't stress about exactly which day everything happened on and cut yourself some slack (only, I'm sure she said it much better). Anyway, At least you finished! I'm stuck on day 6!! YIKES! I will finish, I will finish, I will finish!

  9. I never even started mine it was that stressful. We need to do a July Daily when things aren't so nutty. :) I do like yours though!

  10. this looks great Julie! I haven't even printed out all of my pictures, but I keep going because my kids love it! So I keep trying....

  11. I haven't done a December daily yet and like you, think I'd get pretty stressed about it lol. Beautiful work Julie

  12. I understand how you feel. Congrats on finishing will be glad you did when you look back.

  13. it looks fab...congrats on completing it!!!!!!! happy friday!!!

  14. love the mini! PS. here's a tip if you ever do something like this again - post it notes :) jot down little reminders for that day and stick it to the page. take your pics when you take them and wait to print them when you're ready to scrap. My Jan 05 daily didn't get completed until March & I was totally ok with it. made it daily but still let it be fun for me :)

  15. I'm sorry the album was so stressful (precisely why I don't ever make one!). But, it certainly turned out well! You have tons of great photos in there and the stories to go with it! Even if you never do it again, this is quite an accomplishment :)

  16. Wow OH Wow this is amazing and I am so glad you did it. I thought you had a new hairdo. It is really pretty. I love the color on you.
    This is an amazing project. I should do something for my last year in my 50's. Things will be more that likely be going down hill this year. I wonder if I would see me getting older in one year. Yikes I hope not maybe I better forget the whole idea. LOL
    Really your book is wonderful!!!!!
    Happy New Year Julie. My you and your family have much health and happiness in the new year.

  17. I can't think of a worse month to try and do something like this - your book is fabulous and i am in awe that you've done it! the stress would put me over the edge! it's a cool concept though. maybe a different, random month...

  18. Oh, what a treasure this will ALWAYS be! LOVE it to pieces, but I totally understand about stressing over completing it! You're so much braver than myself to even attempt it once. It's just fabulous!

  19. YOu???Boring????? Doubt it!!!! Don't feel bad, I have yet to complete one of these you I find them stressful. I am more of a fly by my pants sorta crafter and can't really prep that far in advance and do it as I go....cuz....HELLO!!! I have a life that gets in the way!!! I think a better way to do one of these is to cross the word DAILY off of it and take little mini notes of things you really want to remember. chance are good already that you do photos of anything you want to remember anyway. It's supposed to be fun right???

  20. I think it turned out great!! But I know what you mean about it being time consuming and stressful.. That's why I elected to do it on my blog with zero bells and whistles. Funny thing though is that before it was actually labeled December daily I was already doing it but just high lighting what stood out!!! Now it's easy for me to take a pictures everyday BUT it's not always easy to take beautif pictures.. All my dec daily was with my cell phone do that freed me from the stress and since I normally take a million pics a day it was easy to just a few and tell a short story!!!

  21. It's wonderful but I find doing even normal scrapbooking is hard at this time of the year - too many competing interests. I attempted a december daily a few years ago but it is not for me..

    Have a happy new year looking forward to all your adventures next year, xxx

  22. Great job Julie! I LOVE your new hairdo - LOVE!!! I want to get mine cut now too!! Seriously! I am not friends with December Dailies either - crazy idea if you ask me - for people that don't scrapbook yes but to try to add it into the mix - NO!!

  23. It looks great Julie, but I agree that it's not worth the stress. I haven't even gave it a go because it seemed to much work. Maybe one day, but maybe not! LOL! Well done hey! :D

  24. Love your album!! It's really hard to keep up with a daily album- but you've done a great job I think!! :)

  25. Remember...scrapbooking should be fun!!! I love your book!!

  26. I think it turned out really nice. I agree though, I did it last year, and it did add a bit of stress. I ended up using extra photos that I had taken from some days and using them for days I had little or none. Who would remember...I think in the future, like for this year, I'll just do a month in review. But like you said, at least you've done it once & can say you did. Happy New Year!

  27. well done my sweet bloggy friend. But remember your blog is a stress free zone, Smooches and hugs ad happy new Year wishes :-)

  28. God bless you for doing this, the ADD in me does NOT allow me to do it and I so so wish I could BUT one of my New Year resolution this year is to take a picture a day and do an album with 1 picture of each month so that I can remember what my year was like! BTW.....your album turned out great!! Just in case I don't get to stop by again....I want to wish you a Happy New Year filled with love, joy, happiness and prosperity!!! Continue doing what you do in this crafty world 'cause no one does it like you :)

  29. You did remarkably well Julie...this little mini is like a journal of your life in December...just perfect.


  30. You did awesome!! And you can say that you are probably 1 in 500 crafters that actually did this and stuck with it!!! You are not boring. You are living a normal life! Love what you did and Happy New Year to you!! Blessed to have met you in Blogland!! :-)

  31. Love your December daily!!
    I think its amazing that you did one and you finished it!!
    I have always wanted to create one and never had.
    Thanks for sharing about how much time it takes to do this!! I have always wondered!!
    I might try it one year??
    Happy New Year!!

  32. ROTFLOL!!!

    Patricia Roebuck and I have had many conversations (rant sessions) about December Dailies! I don't think we're friends with the concept either!!! I have a hard enough time doing anything daily, except getting a Starbucks of course!!!

    You will love looking thru it in the future and you'll be really happy you finished it, I promise!!!

    : .) : .) : .)

    Happy New Year, Julie!!!

  33. Julie, your December Daily is just perfect, I love every single page of it!

    I have to agree with you though: this isn't supposed to be something stressful to do :)

    Hope you have a wonderful new year my friend!!

  34. Woot woot, Julie! I have a friend that did the daily a couple of years ago...she said the same thing about the stress of it, but she does enjoy looking back at it now that she completed it :)

    I enjoyed looking through your pages. You had lots of fun packed in one month!

  35. So not boring at all! Its wonderful and it will one day in the future become much loved and treasured. It does take effort to do DDailys, and I love mine to bits, they are looked over by everyone who visits (done three) over the holidays with much reminiscing...
    Maybe that has to happen hey? then you may see its wonderful worth? I think you've done an awesome job and its beautifully scrapped! Ooooh and LOVE your hair...and I see I've missed a big birthday too!

    Happy 40th bloss!!


  36. You are so silly! You made an incredible book- much better than me! I couldn't even begin to put together an actual book so I made mine digital through Shutterfly. Beautiful pages!!!

  37. I totally agree that it can be stressful. LOL But what the heck are you talking about, woman? You have an amazing & completed mini book?!! And I'm guessing it holds way more photos & memories than if you had just been scrapping your regular pages for the month. Am I right??!! Love that photo of you blowing the bubble gum. So cute!

  38. Julie...I am sooooo with you on the stress that a December Daily adds to our daily routine! I tried...once...and decided within a week that I could not follow through. NOT because I didn't want to , or even that I couldn't commit, but because it became a tedious thing that I dreaded...and I did NOT want to end up hating it in the end, so I made the decision to stop, and use what I had accomplished in an album for my Mom....WAY after Christmas.
    NEVER tried it again.
    Yours turned out fabulous, though!!!! Honestly! LOVE LOVE LOVE that you followed thru even though it became stressful. Your Daily life is about as eventful as mine!!! LOL

  39. First of all, I LOVE your December Daily. I agree with you on many counts. This was my first year too and it was WAY more time consuming that I imagined. Not just doing it (which is a lot), but photographing it, uploading it, editing it and blogging about it. I'd like to do it again, but as a December journal, not a daily. But enough about me: this post is about you. I love you, Julie. Thank you for sharing your life wth me here. I love to pop by and read about your family and your paper crafting. It's so fun to see you celebrate your big birthday, get a new 'do and protect and uplift and be proud of sweet Brookie and then make stuff about all of that! xxoo

  40. All I can say is WOW, WOW, WOW!!! Now you can say you did it!!! (=

  41. Wow you really did it. That is a big accomplishment because dang. I love that you watch Castle too? Isn't it the best? I have the theme song as my ring tone. haha :)

  42. Your December daily is something you will treasure always. I completed a daily album one time in September when my youngest was still little, and I remember how stressful that was then.. couldn't really imagine trying one in December again unless I got myself super organized first.. and then I still think it would give me fits. :) :) :) LOVE yours though!!

  43. WOW you are a star!!!
    what can I say your consistency is admirable and enviable...LOl LOL
    fabulous daily!

  44. Fun to see pics in the album... I understand what you mean about the stress ... which is why I don't even bother trying it!! i saw an idea of taking a picture on the 12th day of each month this year (12 months) & then doing a 12 months kinda thing at the end...that's more up my alley!!


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