Monday, December 26, 2011

Score! :):):):)

Hi everyone :):):):)

I hope everyone had a WONDERFUL Christmas!! We did... it was wonderful... Christmas presents in the morning, followed by breakfast made by my Dad and then dinner at my parents followed by a Birthday cake for Jesus and Mark (a person close to our heart)  :):):):) I will be sharing photos at the end of this post! :):):):):):)

I wanted to share a layout I made with the YUMMY December Artful Delight kit!! Love love love this kit :):):):)

This was Brookie on Halloween :):):) When I went to download all my pics from that night... I swear this pose looks like she is saying "SCORE!" lol :):):)

I also wanted to share a little gift I made for my Goddaughter Amanda... I again used the December Artful Delight kit on this!! I took some vintage spools I had and decorated them to make a little hanging for her for Christmas :):):):):):):)

And now for the Christmas photos!! Boy did Santa spoil those kids! LOL!! :):):):):):)

Here is the tree and presents before everything got torn to bits... LOL! :):):):)

If you want to see any of these... you can click on them to make them larger :)

Here is Brookie's gifts :):):):):)

Adam's gifts :):):)

The Grandparents, my Brother and Brian with some of their gifts :):):):):)

And I have to share this one! Jennifer makes the MOST AMAZING signs (we now own THREE!!) and I had an idea one day and asked Jennifer if she could make a custom one for Brian (He is a HUGE bowler!)... and she DID!! She totally came through for me for Brian's gift!! She is AWESOME!! She has a variety of beautiful signs in her ETSY shop ... you should all check her out!! The quality of her work is AMAZING!! :):):):):):):):):):) Thanks Jennifer for helping make Brian's Christmas so special!  :):):):):):):):):)

 Brookie giving Adam a HUGE hug after opening her little dolly from him :):):):):):):)

And for those that saw my post on Christmas Eve --- our fur baby Mr. Dandy hurt his paw on Christmas Eve at the in-laws... and all night he was crying (and not just went he went to walk... he was just crying randomly) :(:(:( Well this morning, he wasn't feeling too much better...yelping a lot :( he wouldn't even eat his cookie doggy treat that was in his stocking ....  (he only licked it...) :(

After we finally got him to eat a little -- he improved a little  --- we are still watching him though... we are going to take him to the vet's today to check him out ... Thank you all for the well wishes for him :):):):):)

Thanks so much for stopping by! I appreciate it! :):):)


  1. looks like y'all had a great time!! positively adore the hanging for Amanda! gotta let me know where to find some of those spools. and sending all kinds of good vibes for Dandy

  2. Julie, sorry about mr. Dandy, hope he gets well soon!

    Love the projects you've made, beautiful as always and Brookie's halloween outfit is cute!

    Looks like Christmas was great for you all, I'm glad about it!

    have a great week ;-)

  3. Great pictures! Love how you made the collage out of their gifts and stuff like that. What a good idea!

  4. I love your projects and all your fabulous photos and collages. This post made me smile!

  5. Wonderful pictures and projects! I hope Mr. Dandy is ok.

  6. Love the collage of the children's Christmas, Julie. Poor baby ... hope he & his wee paw are doing better.

    TTFN ~

  7. SCORE!!!!!! :):) Tht layout is beautiful! Each of the AD kits is more stunning than the other.....and the spool thingy.....CUTE!!! I have been scouring thrift shops for vintage spools but no luck yet....sighhhh

  8. looks like you had a WONDERFUL day! GREAt creations!

  9. Love your spool banner. too cute.
    what wonderful photos. looks like Santa was good to everyone..=)
    Hope the furbaby is improving and nothing serious.

  10. Hi Julie!! Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas with your family!! So glad Brian liked his gift!!
    LOVE that great layout and banner you made!!!
    Hope your doggie is feeling better soon!!! (=

  11. Oh WOW, your family is so beautiful and it looks like you had the BEST Christmas!! I LOVE that bowling sign!!!! How adorable!!! xo Cindy

  12. your layout! That twine action is divine!
    And I lovelovelove what you did with those spools! :)

    Hope Mr Dandy is all better now. No dog gives up on treats unless he's unwell..:(

  13. Thank you for another rich post Julie!
    Love that page and hope your doggie is feeling better by now ;-)

  14. Mr dandy still not feeling well, hope he feels better soon.
    Great lo and love those pictures!

  15. Thanks for sharing your beautiful work and lots of holiday fun too!!!

  16. Gosh this looks like our house! I see you made some layouts for gifts! Don't ya love it??!! Fun pictures. Fun layout.. with a great title. Made me giggle. Trick or Treating is getting competitive in our house. LOL. Merry belated Christmas to you!!!

  17. love seeing all og your Christmas pictures!! the one of Brooke and Adam is adorable!!! so sweet!

  18. Cute layout! Great Christmas photos as well. Glad Santa was good to you all! :) Hope Mr. Dandy gets well soon!

  19. wow fantastic pictures I can see it was so lot's of fun and I love your beautiful design so much great details !!

    Happy new year my friend!!

    hugs carla

  20. Sounds and looks like a wonderful Christmas!!!! Sorry about the fur baby hope he gets better soon!!! That's A great present you made with the spools..might to steal that idea.

  21. So glad y'all had a great Christmas! That picture of Brookie is too cute, she's totally saying, SCORE! lol

  22. I went to that woman's Etsy store last night--her signs are totally adorable!!!

  23. Cute Christmas photos, but poor Mr Dandy. :-(. And that gift you made for Amanda is darling!

  24. What a FAB Layout you've made!!! I love all those pictures but especially the one on which brookie gives Adam a hig! How sweet is that!! Mr. Dandy is so COOL with his cookie. FUN FUN FUN.

    Love from The Netherlands,

  25. Oh your poor puppy. I hope he is better. That picture with the cookie is precious.
    I love all the pictures. They are GREAT! What did you use to put them in those cool frames?
    Boy you have a good looking family. So many wonderful smiles too.

  26. Hope Mr Dandy is feeling better soon and there's nothing serious wrong with his paw!

    Love the layout and your gift photos are just totally awesome :))

  27. awww your poor little Mr. Dandy. How is his paw feeling now? I sure hope the little guy is feeling much better! Your Christmas photos are gorgeous. Love that beautiful layout!! She does look like she's saying SCORE! :)

  28. Beautiful photos and love the layout you used! I think that sweet girl of yours is saying "SCORE"! Love the family photos! We had a terrific Christmas too. I loved stopping by! Hugs Anne

  29. Those are great photo collages. Looks like you had a wonderful day. Love how you used the spools on the Amanda banner.

    You asked if Smeeks is in the Melrose's at Camelback and Central. :)

  30. Julie, thank you for sharing your wonderful Christmas memories with us. It truly was a day filled with happy! Scratch Mr. Dandy behind the ears for me I hope he feels better soon. Hugs!

  31. Ooh I've so bad cos its been ages since Ive been here....AND wow!! what a wonderful visual display!! Love love love your AManda gift - how absolutely cool is that! And your LO's!!

    I'm hanging to hear how mr Dandy is doing? How did he go at the vet?

    Merry (belated) Christmas Julie (hugs)


  32. Love all of the fun photos. And wow on that adorable hanging creation. Love that. Sending hugs to Mr. Dandy.

  33. Fun stuff!! LOVE all the xmas pics! and OMG..that amanda hanging is TO DIE FOR (empty spools of thread?)!!! Love that twine on the Score layout too!!

  34. Very prety LO, Julie!!
    Love it!!
    Love all your Christmas pictures!!
    Looks like all of you had a blessed and fun Christmas!!
    Hope Dandy is feeling better!!

  35. Well this post is full of wonderful things to look at.. I just love the Layout and your right it looks like Brookie is saying Score.. I do hope your doggie is OK..

    Hugs, Linda

  36. Looks like such a great day with family and fun presents!! I hope Dandy is better!!???

  37. Oh, it looks as if you had a wonderful Christmas! the photos are so great.
    Your layout is superb! I love the colors.

  38. What adorable photos. Big smiles and much happiness! Love the Halloween layout. The photo is too darn cute!!! I also love your spool banner. What an awesomely cute idea! I'm glad to hear you had a wonderful Christmas. Have a very Happy New Year!

  39. What a post! Let's see if I can remember everything I wanted to say. LOL!

    LOVE the color combo on your gorgeous layout! That's one for the record books, girl!

    Your spool pennant is pure genius! LOVE it to pieces!

    Looks like you all had a very blessed Christmas! TFS all those fabulous pics!

    And what a sad puppy! I hope he's feeling better today. I just hate it when our dog is feeling under the weather, especially because it's so hard to know what's wrong :(.


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