Saturday, December 17, 2011

Hi everyone! It's me... Brookie! :)

It's me Brookie...and I am SO EXCITED... you wanna know why??? SANTA is COMING next week!! EEK!! I love Santa and I have been really good this year, so I can't wait to see what he brings me and Abum :)

 So, Mama has been doing this thing called December Daily (whatev that is...hehehe!) and so Mama's been taking photos everyday of stuff we have been doing! It's been a real fun month so far and I wanted to share some stuff we have been doing! :)

On Monday the 5th, Daddy had to get his eyes checked and total SCORE! his eye doctor was at the we got me some new winter clothes and I got to go on the Merry-go-Round! It was a great day! :)

And I got to pick out this years family ornament :)

Then on Tuesday the 6th, we had to go see my surgeon for the blisters I got from my last surgery :) My doctor is Doctor Handsome and he says that I am probably going to have scars from my surgery, so I have to go see him again in February to see what he wants to do with my scars 

And Mama's friend Krista is in roller derby and they decorated a tree in the hospital I go to, so me, Mama and Daddy found the tree! It was AWESOME! :)

And this is the ornament that Mama's friend Krista made! I love it! 

On Wednesday the 7th, Mama got sick and had to go the doctor :( She is starting to get a little better now though! YAY! :)

On Thursday the 8th, I got to hang out with Papa while Mama and Nana Sue got to go meet one of Mama's favorite book writers Patricia Cornwell! Mama and Nana Sue had a really good time! But I got a secret... I had a BETTER time with my Papa :)
Here is Mama and Nana Sue at that place she got their book signed 

And Mama tells me this is the girl who wrote it... that's pretty cool I guess :)

Ohhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhh and then on Friday the 9th, Mama and I went to the zoo with my BFF Aerin and her Mum! It was so FUN! :)

Me and my BFF Aerin! 

 Aerin, her Mum and Me :)

Aerin and Me :)

Saturday the 10th, we went and decorated the twins graves at the cemetery for Christmas! I always love helping doing this :)

On Sunday the 11th, we went to a classic car show that was being done at Abum's school! :)

And Daddy bought me a blue slushie! YUM! :)

On Monday the 12th, yeah we didn't do anything - we just vegged out at home :)

On Tuesday the 13th, Mama made these magnets of ME :)

And Mr. Dandy wanted to watch TV...hehehehehehe :)

On Wednesday the 14th, me and Mama got happy mail! :)

I got happy mail from Mama's friend Connie and I got some get well cards from Mama's friend Kat and her friends! I was so EXCITED! My cards are so awesome! :)


And Mama got some pretty ornaments from Anne

And a pretty box and charms from Linda 

On Thursday the 15th, we found out that a little 2 year old girl and her Mom lost everything in a fire... so Mama's friend was collecting toys for the little girl to help her have some things again - so Mama and Me and Daddy and Abum went through my old toys and collected some things to give to her! :)

And *phew* we are ALMOST caught up here... see I told you we were busy this month so far :)

On Friday the 16th, I had a Christmas party at Pre-school and then we went and helped Mama's friend Tracy decorate her son's grave at the cemetery for Christmas :)

There's my Mama in the red helping decorate Christopher's grave site :)

 And ME :)

So gotta run now cuz it's like soooooooooo past my bedtime... but you all won't tell Mama I was up this late on the computer, right? Ohhhhh and don't tell Santa either... I DO NOT wanna end up on that naughty list!
Ok... BYE! :)


  1. I enjoyed reading your post Brooke~You are quite the girl and so Blessed. Have a wonderful Christmas and write to us again soon!!! {{{hugs}}}}cm

  2. Brooke you did an amazing job on writing this post!!
    I'm sure Mom , Dad, Adam are so proud of you!!
    Wow! All of you have been very busy!!
    Love reading about your December happenings!!
    Love all the beautiful pictures of you and love those hats!!
    Have a wonderful weekend!!

  3. Great post, Brooke did very well typing it all :) :)
    You sure have a BUSY December!
    Have a wonderful weekend! :)

  4. Thanks for sharing the December daily with us Brookie, and shhh...... we not going to tell mama that you are up this late! : )

  5. Ohhhh Brookie!!! What a fun December you've had. Love seeing what you and your family are up to!!!! Thanks for sharing and have even more fun the weeks to come!!!

  6. Wow Brookie, what a busy December you are having but it sounds like you are having lots of fun!! We won't tell Mama you were up this late and I bet Santa knows you are a good little girl! :)

  7. Brookie, you are the busiest 4yo on the planet! You are as cute as ever. I am so happy that you have enjoyed so many fun and meaningful activities AND that your mom is documenting it in her daily. Thank you for sharing, Sweetheart :)

    xo June

  8. wow...Brookie, you have had a wonderful December so far. you are keeping mom on the go and just think, there are still a few more days until Christmas... thanks for sharing the pictures .. =)

  9. Loved reading your post Brookie!!! You sure have been busy!!! Don't worry, I won't tell your mom or Santa that you were up late!!! Merry Christmas!!

  10. Sounds like you have had an awesome month so far. I always love reading your posts, Brookie!! I hope Santa brings you lots of great gifts! :-)

  11. Love seeing all the December photos! Hope Santa is good to you this year! :)

  12. Brookie, tell mama you need your very own blog cuz when I read your posts it never fails to put a smile on my face!! nI was feeling pretty grumpy up til this point today!! Tell her you really, really need one!!! Cuz it makes Tina smile :):):):)

    YOu have had such a busy month! I am totally gonna ask Santa for that Blue Bro shirt you had on too!

    I am so jealous your mama met Patricia Cornwall AND got a book signed!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKK!!!! I love her books!!!!!

    Hope you have an awesome Christmas and good luck with your next Dr appt.....hang in there sweety pie!!!

  13. love love love your post brookie:) slushie:)

  14. Great post Miss Brookie... You are one busy little helper. Santa could use a friend like you. You will always be on his nice list, you do so many nice things for people! :)
    I hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas.
    (()) Gail

  15. Hey Brookie, I loved reading your blog. You already had so much fun this December!!

    Love from The Netherlands!

  16. It was so wonderful to reading your post thank you for share your story It's was a pleasure and love your beautiful pictures from you Brookie

    And I wish you all a happy and fun christmas!!!
    hugs from netherlands

  17. Hi Brookie! So glad to hear your December has been pretty awesome! Thanks for all the pics! Love keeping up with you all! (And tell your mama I said thanks for the Christmas card. I just love the family pic!)

  18. Thanks for letting us know what you are up to Brookie! You'll have to blog again after Santa comes! :-) Hugs,

  19. Brookie you are so cute and I love reading your posts! I bet you were so excited to have a party at preschool! Your mommy is so sweet to share you with us:) Hope you have a great Christmas and Santa is extra good to you and your brother!

  20. Yea for Santa!!! (= Love all the great pictures!! Looks like you are enjoying the holidays!! (= Merry Christmas!!! (=

  21. You have such a beautiful and sweet little girl!

  22. I think you had a great and busy week, Brookie!!

  23. Wow, Bookie, you've been super duper busy this month with lots of fun stuff! My fav photo is definitely with the blue teeth. That must've been one yummy slushie!

  24. Wow-wee, little Miss Brooke! What a busy, busy girl you've been! Thanks so much for sharing all these wonderful pics! LOVE it!

  25. Love your fun blog post Brookie! I'm such a big fan of Hello Kitty. Love your card! Your pictures are fabulous too. Have a great weekend! Hugs!!!

  26. Clever girl ....I enjoyed reading your post Brooke!!! Big hugs..xoxo

  27. Wow, Brookie! You guys sure have been busy! It was so fun to see all these pictures and hear all the stories of what you guys have been up to this month. Thanks so much for sharing, you little cutie patootie, you!

  28. Ooh that sounds like fun going to a book signing. My fav authors never come to these parts. Love all the pics! Busy busy

  29. Fun stuff Julie!! I mean Brookie... !!

  30. Great post! My oldest wants Red mist for Christmas and my youngest drew her name in the Secret Santa! So....she will get her wish! I like that roller derby girl ornament! Very cool. Take care and Merry Chirstmas!


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