Saturday, December 3, 2011

40 things on my 40th birthday! :):):)

Hi everyone... 

Yes, today is my 40th birthday! I have struggled with saying that out loud all year.... this is the birthday that has scared me more than ANYTHING for the past 10 years... *sigh* I am not ready for today.... 

So today I thought I would stop dwelling on my inner fears about this day...and instead share 40 things about me on my 40th Birthday! :)

1) This is the first year that I have EVER admitted when my birthday is... ask all that have known me for a long time... no co-workers, not my kids, not my friends... no one knew when my birthday is... I have never liked the attention on my birthday....

2) If I could do it all over again... I would  :)  I know they say you learn from your mistakes and that everyone has a past... but there are so many things I wish I could do over... period.

3) I love crime dramas on TV ... I am/was a Law and Order fanatic!! Serious addiction to anything crime drama related... The Closer, Bones, In Plain Sight... just love those shows! :):):) The saying in my house is... "There's ALWAYS a Law and Order on in Julie's world" :):):)

3) A lot of people say I am unapproachable... I know, I know, people who actually know me, will wonder WHY anyone would think that of me... but I have the ultimate poker face! Lol! When I am sad, people think I am angry; when I am angry people think I am sad; when I am happy... NO ONE can tell... I have one of the most mis-read faces... so when people first meet me... I guess I can see their point - looking from their eyes... I guess since my facial expressions aren't very readable.. I can come off as unapproachable :)

4) I have always wanted a 'theme colored' home.. but it ain't ever gonna happen :):):) I make too many altered projects that could have any number of colors in it... I like to shop for vintage and antiques... I love Ikea goodies, I love modern, I love cozy, I love rustic... my house has an eclectic feel to it... and that is because I shop and decorate that way... there is a shelf/knick knack wall hanging in my front door area, that has antiques, wall hangings I have made, a Raggedy Ann doll, some little trinket gifts from friends, a Christmas home decor I made, a gnome... just a variety of things I love :):):):) Eclectic home for an eclectic girl :):):):)
(Yep... I think this describes it to a tee!) :):):)

5) Speaking of my eclectic home decor choices... I struggle every creative day with MY scrapbook style... :) Everyone says they could pick one of my layouts/cards/altered items out with a ten foot pole... and I totally disagree :) I feel like my style changes daily/weekly/monthly.... I feel depending on the project I am doing and the paper I am working with determines how my final project turns out... And if you are one of the ones that always knows my projects from afar... could you tell me what my style is? That is a real question... cause I have no clue! LOL! :):):)


6) Again speaking of my home... thank goodness Brian loves me...cause I get bored with how things are in my home... I mean the DECOR... lol! I get bored with the way the furniture is arranged, knick knacks/frames are places etc etc etc... LOL :):):) I will stare and stare and stare at my furniture and rearrange it in my head...and then one day... BOOM! Gotta move it around! LOL! :):):):):):)

7) A lot of you know this all ready... but I will share it again... I am a NEAT FREAK! Can't stand clutter... drives me batty! My nickname is LANA... which is ANAL backwards!! Sad thing is... some of my friends are SCARED to have me come to their homes, because they are afraid I am going to freak out that they have a messy house! LOL!! Seriously... it doesn't matter to me how people live... I just like my things in an orderly fashion...and it doesn't bother me how others keep their house... so maybe someday my friends will get over that :):):):):)

8) Most of you know this... but I jumped on the Twilight bandwagon late... but have a been a HUGE FAN ever since!! I even go to ALL the movies at once when they show a marathon before the new one comes out! :):):):)

9) I also JUMPED wayyyyyyyyy late to the Harry Potter books/movies... like I didn't start reading them until the first part of the last movie came out! :) My friend Liz got me into them and I read all the books within a week and a half...and now I will forever be a Harry fan! :):):):)

10) I have not ironed in over 10 years :):):):) Nope... no ironing for me... I Febreeze all my clothes ... (well generic Febreeze from the Dollar Store... because the real stuff is soooooo expense as much as I go through it)... I pick my clothes out the night before... hang them on the shower curtain rod ... spray them with Febreeze --- swipe the wrinkles out... and by morning, no wrinkles and I smell good too!! LOL!! And Febreeze is great to take on a trip too... all your clothes that get wrinkled in your suitcases??? Buy a bottle at the Dollar Store, put it in a gallon size ziplock bag (cause it has to be placed in your suitcase and you don't want the whole bottle to get all of your clothes while they are!)  and spray your clothes while on your trip... and since it only cost a dollar, it's okay if you don't bring it home with you from your trip :):):):):):)

11) I DO NOT LIKE EGGS!!! I have never ever ever tasted one in my entire life... ever... I just know that since around age 3... I have never liked them... my Mom tells me a story about when I was about three and I saw her putting eggs in her homemade cookie batter... and I said something like, "Mommy, your cookies have eggs in them?" and she responded with a YES... so I said, "Well, then I can never have your cookies ever again"... then of course, the cookies were baked and SMELLED sooooo I went back to my Mom and pointed to a cookie and said, "Mommy, does this one have EGGS in it?" and she responded (with a big smirk, I am sure! LOL!) with a NO, that one doesn't have eggs in it... lol... so of course I ate it... lol :):):) So I will eat things that have eggs mixed in... but never never never never will I ever eat a regular out of the shell egg... YUCK! :)

12) I love candles :) Like seriously obsessed with candles :):):) My fave?? Gold Canyon Candles!! Not too many have heard of them... but if you get a chance --- look into them...... they have the yummiest smelling candles that last FOREVER... I mean FOREVER... I buy a 26 oz. candle and I will have it for years to come (even with as much as I burn them).... my all time FAVE scent... "Mrs. Claus's Kitchen".... ohhhh you know from that name it is gonna smell YUMMY :):):):):):):)

13) I am obsessed with time... I always need to know what time it is... totally random, but true quirk :):):)

14) Now, I'm not the only one --- but I still get giddy over this one... I have a scrapbook paper named AFTER ME! :):):):) "Something for Everyone" was a line that Nikki Sivils created --- and in this line, she named each sheet after some of her founding DT members and also some other special ladies in her life :):):):) So ... my sheet is called "For Julie"... seriously... I still get so giddy over it... Nikki is just the sweetest :):):):):) This is MY paper :):):):):):)

15) It has always been a running joke in my family that I should have married someone named "Robin"... let me explain... My Mom's family name is "Peacock" and my Dad's family name is "Eagle"... soooo coming from a family of "BIRDS" they all said I should have married a "Robin" :):):):):):) .... well, this one is cute :) lol :)

16) I am a crier :) Yep... with all the SMILEYS I spread across the internet... I cry all the time!! lol :):):) Brian knows I can not read or WATCH anything that tears at the heart strings... trust me, if I do... I will be bawling like a baby before it even ends! LOL!! :):):):) I actually had to stop watching "Ugly Betty" (before it went off the air) because even though it was a 'comedy' I would cry in almost EVERY episode... I just never could stand how peeps treated poor Betty :):):):):)

17) Shhhhhhhh don't tell everyone... cause I don't need any haters on my birthday... but I'm really not that into chocolate! :):):) Don't all hate on me... I'm just more of a salty girl :):):) I would take a can of Planter's Peanuts over a Hershey's bar any day :):):):) And it must be rubbing off on Brookie... she doesn't like chocolate either! lol :):):):)

18) I have a thing for numbers... not math (never never never good at math... ever! lol!)... I just am good (like eerily good) at memorizing numbers... I have phone numbers memorized, I have accounts memorized, I have dollar amounts that I work with at work memorized... I just memorize numbers... :)

19)I have 4 tattoos :):):) I know a lot of peeps cringe at tattoos or think people get them for frivolous reasons ... but 3 of mine are for children in my life and one is my animal totem :):):):)

20) Ok... now Amy ;) no hating on me :) (She might stop calling me her soul sista' after this confession! lol!)... I DO NOT LIKE COFFEE!! Yuck..... can not stand the smell of it... so I can not bring myself to even taste it... my poor ex-husband (Adam's Dad)... when I was pregnant with Adam he could not drink coffee in our made me SO SICK... he had to go to the store every morning and get a cup to go :):):):):):):)

21) So, if I don't drink coffee, what do I drink for my caffeine?? Diet Mountain Dew is my morning drug of choice :):):):):):):):):)

22) Thank goodness I have my Diet Mountain Dew :):):) Cause as MANY of my followers have accused me of over the years, is that I get NO SLEEP!! lol!! I seem to always be on the internet, blog post after blog post, creation after creation... well... this is going to roll into #23... so first, I really really really DO SLEEP... I promise :):):):):) I get up at 3:30AM everyday... and go to bed between 10:00 - 10:30 PM every night... so, I don't get a lot of sleep... but I really do sleep :):):):):):)

23) As stated above... this is a take on #22 :) People are always asking me how I get SO MUCH done (my creations that is)....ok, here is the run down..... I create fast and work ahead :):):) I usually have my DT creations done 2 weeks to one month before they are due :):):):) If we have nothing going on Saturdays... I create from about 6AM till about 12PM...and I can get about 8 or 9 layouts done in that time :):):) Once a month I go to my friend Krista's for a crop ...and all except one time(which is the time I made my December Daily)... in the 4 1/2 hours that I am at her place... I usually make 5 or 6 layouts :):):):):) She gets mad at me every time for making so many things at one sitting :):):):):):):) So, when you see something on my blog... I sometimes may have made it about a month ago :):):):):):):)
Just call me "Speedy" ;)

24)  I am a Christmas NUT! Like certifiably insane over Christmas :):):):):) I always decorate before Thanksgiving... I always decorate A LOT... and I always put up wayyyyyyyyy too many outside lights for any neighbor's taste! lol! :):):) I have been nicknamed Mrs. Griswold :):):):):)  Here are my outside lights this year (normally I have about double out what I have this year... but for those that have followed me for awhile... you will remember that we moved {{aka downsized}} this year, so I don't as much room as I used to decorate outside!) :):):):):):):):)

25) My Mom had the name Karen picked out for me...and then at the last minute...changed her mind and named me Julie Ann :):):):):)

26) I love GUM!!! My fave? Ice Breakers Raspberry Sorbet :):):) And I can blow one BIG BUBBLE :):):):):)

27) I love all sorts of music :):):) You name the genre... and I will love it :):):) Right now one of my faves is Lady Gaga :) I know people think she is odd/dresses weird, etc etc etc... but I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE her voice... it is so powerful and not at all altered (like so many artists do today!)... and I LOVEEEEEEEEEE that she is taking a stand against Bullying... she has really brought Bullying to the front lines, and I admire that about her :):):):):):):)

28) I have A LOT of hair on my head :) (totally random! lol!) I do not have THICK hair, I do not have THIN hair... I literally just have A LOT of hair!! I seriously lose at least a HANDFUL of hair a day...and you can't tell... :):):) My hair also GROWS fast :):):)  I have never been able to have those "cute" hairstyles that are in style 'right now'... I have too much hair... and it grows WAY too fast... don't believe me?? ;)

Here I am in July... RIGHT after getting my hair cut (5 inches gone) :)

And here I am on Thanksgiving day :) (So four months after getting 5 inches cut off) :)
(and yes, shhhhhhh... I cut Brian out of this picture, but I was just trying to show my hair close!) :):):)

29) A lot of you know this... but for those new to me... I DO NOT DRIVE... at all. period. No drivers license...and only on 2 occasions have I actually driven... once an ex-boyfriend insisted I learn (and of course I was a nervous wreck, because he wanted me to drive HIS car... which was a Mercedes Benz... really??? I had the pressure of killing that car on my conscious!?!?!? lol!) ... and another time a friend of mine also insisted I learn and tried to teach me in her car... but other than those few times where they 'forced' me to learn... I have never driven.... traffic scares the crap out of me....hate it... thank God for Brian, as he understands my fear, and avoids certain areas that make me more nervous, and also got me internet on my phone, so I can occupy my time with that instead of traffic! lol :):):):):):)

30) I have a picture frame obsession :):):):) Could be related to scrapbooking/taking a million photos... but seriously... almost every store that we go into that has a domestics/home section, I ALWAYS check out the picture frames! lol! It's like drug to me :):):):):) Kohl's is the worst... they have so many different and unique picture frames... always gets my checkbook in trouble :):):):):):):) Maybe that is why I make so many of my scrappy pages with frames... lol... I guess it is all related!! LOL! :):):):)

31) Back to my Christmas obsession :) With me being Mrs. Griswold... you would think that I would be out and INSANE enough to go out on Black Friday to do all my shopping, right???? Nope... NEVER ever have I gone shopping on Black Friday... I used to work retail and I know how mean and horrible people can be on that day (not everyone.... I know... but we ALL know there are crazies out there on that day! lol!)... so when do I do my holiday shopping??? I literally start on DECEMBER 26th for the next year :):):):) YEP! The day after Christmas I start buying for the next year :):):):):):) You can get sooooo many AMAZING deals (50-75% off!) on what retail considers "Christmas items"... and not everything looks like its for the holidays... and that's where I come in :):):):):):):) I buy for the Nana's and Papa's and my Brother and Aunt Mary and my Best Friend and her Daughter.... and so by the time the holidays roll around again...all the adults and my BFF's daughter are done... and I all have to worry about is Adam and Brookie's Santa gifts :):):):):):):):)

32) My all time fave movie EVER is Hope Floats with Sandra Bullock and Harry Connick Jr. .... seriously obsessed with that movie (and reflecting back on #16...I totally CRY through most of it!) There is a quote in that movie... that is also my all time FAVE quote too... in fact, if you have followed me for awhile... you have seen me use it on SEVERAL layouts I have made :):):):):):):)

33) My all time FAVE Christmas movie is "It's A Wonderful Life"... Love love love love this movie. amen. period. :):):):):)

34) I love ELMO!! As in Sesame Street Elmo!! In fact I love him so much, I have many of the dolls!! :):):):) Yep... I sure do! :) I have the original "Tickle Me Elmo" ... and SEVERAL more :):):):):)

35) I am obsessed with Zip Dry and I have my good friend Krista to blame! lol! She got me hooked on it when I would go to her monthly scrappy crop at her place...and I have been VERY lucky to meet the owners and employees of Beacon (the makers of Zip Dry) when I have gone to CHA... they are the NICEST people and I just loveeeeeeee them :):):) I use my Zip Dry on EVERYTHING... paper, broken knick knacks... just everything! love it :):):):):)

36) I collect cookie jars...and I have my Mom to thank :):):):) She used to teach ceramics back home in NY ... and she has made 3 of the ones in my collection (so they were all made in the 70's!) :):):):):):):)
(My cookie jars mixed with some Christmas decor!) :)

37) I don't buy actual scrapbooks anymore... I used too... but as many pages as I make (I think I am close to 500 this year!), they got to be tooooo I started buying the 12x12 plastic bins that you can find at Michaels to hold my layout pages... easier & cheaper than the books... and I can fit about 60 pages in one bin VS. 40 pages in a book! :) I always buy them on sale too... so one bin cost about $5 VS. a scrapbook which costs anywhere from $20 - $40 a piece ... and since all my pages are in the bins stored in my scrap space... I don't have to worry about them looking 'tacky'.... lol :):):):):)

38) I have this uncanny ability --- and I am not even sure how to explain it --- If I haven't heard or seen from someone in awhile and they pop into my head for some reason....and I think "Wow! I haven't seen 'so and so' in like a month".... as soon as I think (or say) that ... within a day or two, I will hear from that person, either in person, via phone, or even if it's a bloggy friend ----the next thing I know, they will do a blog post!! LOL!! Happens to me every time I think of someone that I haven't seen in awhile :):):):):):):):)

39) Hmmmmm...let's see... I wish I could tell you where my SMILEY :):):):):):):):):):):) obsession came from :):):) But, I really have nooooooo idea!! LOL!! I just started doing it one day... and it has stayed with me ever since :):):):):):):):)  And believe it or not... SOME of the hateful comments I have received on my blog... YEP! All about how much they HATE my SMILEYS! lol!! I guess if that is the only thing you have to hate on me for... then so be it... lol :):):):):):):):):):)
And if I drank... I am thinking this would be the drink for me... lol :):):):) Thanks to Deana who told me about these!! Perfect for me! :):):):):):):)

And 40)!!!!! I did it... I wrote 40 things about me... some you might have known... some might be new to you :):):):) But if you made it this far... then YOU ROCK!! :):):):):):):):):) I really don't have anything for #40... just want to THANK all of YOU for being a friend, being a support...and just BEING THERE FOR ME these past four years I have been blogging! I love you all! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

I will be taking a bloggy break this weekend :):):):) I hope you all forgive me for not being able to make my rounds to visit you...but it is for a good reason (I promise!)...and I will explain soon :):):):):):):):)

Happy 40th to me :):):):):):):)

Thanks so much for stopping by! I appreciate it! :):):)


  1. Happy, happy birthday to you! Oh to be 40 again!!!! I'm with you on the egg thing...hate them! However, I might have an addiction to chocolate!
    Wishing you the very best in your 40th year of life~~~~

  2. Very well put Julie. I know from working with you, reading what you posted, I can so see it. I was surprised to realize I knew quite a few of them.

    May you have a blessed weekend and a wonderful birthday. Here's to at least 40 more.

  3. Happy Birthday Julie! I totally agree that's it ny a number and it's a great accomishment to say you made it this far and still look 29! Your list of 40 was fun to read! I laughed about the eggs! You totally deserve a break and go celebrate Girly! Enjoy your weekend and live it up some! :-) Amy

  4. Happy B-day Julie!!! I had so much fun reading your post! And I love Elmo too!!! Have a great day, love Natalie

  5. Have a wonderful, fabulous, amazing birthday my friend!!!!

  6. Happy Birthday gorgeous! Hope you get spoiled rotten!!

  7. Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday Dear Julie-Ann
    Happy Birthday to you,
    Have a fantastic 40th Birthday (your life is just beginning lol!)
    Loved reading all about you, whilst sipping my glass of wine lol! Love HP, "It's a Wonderful Life" bought this for my kids to watch, they liked the movie but struggled with the fact that tv used to be black and white, so spoilt these days lol! Take CareX:)

  8. Happy Birthday sweet Jullie
    Love reading this post, take your break enjoy your weekend, and you 40 your life just start, enjoy every minute, I love you sweetie!

  9. That was a great post Julie & I enjoyed reading every word of it! Would make for a great mini-album too! I was surprised at some things like you seeming unapproachable - with all your smilies I never imagined that - but I know what you mean - it is the same with me - I am also very reserved with people I don't know very well.

    I have exactly the same style dilemma as you - can't answer you and can't answer for myself either - I actually hate the way we are meant to box in our styles because as you say it's the paper and embellies that determine the outcome & I think that versatility is worth a lot!!

    Can't wait to see your pics etc of *you know where* & Happy Birthday again!!

  10. Hi sweetie! So finally we know when you celebrate your B-day!! LOL! that wasn't so hard now was it?? tell us!!LOL!
    Wishing you a wonderful day Julie, with all your loved ones!!
    Love your 40 list!!
    Big hugs, Jeanet!

  11. happy birthday to you...
    happy birthday to you...
    happy birthday dear soul sista...
    happy birthday to you!!!!!!

    I hope you are having thee most magnificent birthday weekend ever!!!!!!!! It's okay, you get your coffee via your diet mtn dew:)

  12. I am surprised at how many of these 40 items I knew about you already, and I was glad to learn of more :)

    Happy Birthday, Sweet Julie! Enjoy your weekend bloggy break.

  13. Happy Birthday to you!! Happy Birthday to you!! Happy Birthday dear sweet Julieeeeeeee!! Happy Birthday to yoooooouuuuuuuuu!!!! I really hope you are enjoying Vegas (I sure do miss living there). I love reading about you (although I am pretty sure I knew most all of those things,;-)), that's awesome you came up with 40 things. I am not sure I could come up with 5. LOL!!

  14. Happy 40th Birthday, Julie...welcome to the club where it just gets better!! I loved this post...I already knew a lot of things about you but this was so fun. I could literally hear your voice. And your use of the smileys is what drew me to you on the website where we first met- SIS!! You were the best thing about visiting there!! Enjoy your day and make a lot of memories!! Hugs and much love to you!

  15. Happy birthday!!!!!!!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Loved seeing your 40 list! :)

  16. this was so fun to read Julie! happy birthday to you friend--hope it's WONDERFUL!

  17. Happy Happy Birthday to one of the sweetest girl & mum to Brookie & Adam I have ever met!
    Have a fun filled day!

  18. Aw, Julie, I just LOVED reading all these wonderful things that make you YOU! Happy birthday to one of the sweetest people I know!

  19. Go Julie! It's your birthday!

    Hope you have a happy & blessed day. What??? You don't like coffee??? With all of the energy you have I thought you loved the java beans...LOL Enjoy your day and have loads of fun. Hugs, hugs, and more hugs!!!

  20. Happy birthday, and guess what.. It only gets better by the years.. I know ;-) hugs and kisses

  21. A Big Happyyyyyy Birthdayyyyyy and have a wonderful dayyyyyy

    hugs xxxxxxx Carla

  22. Happy Birthday dear Julie!! :) :) I hope you have a fantastic birthday, it was lovely to learn 40 things about you! :)

  23. awesome post julie!! i think i'd have a hard time coming up with 40 things about myself, you did a great job of it!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! :)

  24. Congrats on your 40th!!! Loved reading your post! I can't stand coffee either! Hate the smell and I've NEVER tried it! Same with tea! LOL! :D :D :D

  25. I LOVED LOVED LOVED reading this! It was about equal thirds of "I knew that!" and "Really? No way!" and "Hey, me too!" Have a wonderful 40th! I'm 3 months behind you! :)

  26. Wishing you a very happy 40th birthday!!! I still can't believe I'll be turning 40 in May. It's like how can that be, right? Loved reading all the fun facts about you!!! (= Enjoy your day!!! (=

  27. Happy birthday! I wish I had know this before... Hope you've had a wonderful fun day and wish you all the best. Enjoy and by the way, you don't look 40 to me!

    Love from The Netherlands,

  28. Well, whatever you're doing for your birthday today, and/or this weekend, I hope it's extra special! Loved your post today. I have to laugh a little, because I am close to done with my 40s, turning 49 this same month! (Did you hear they were trying to change our zodiac sign??.. I'm having a hard time with that, not that I take it too seriously, but I still consider myself a SAGITTARIUS!).. Anyways, in just one more year, I will be reaching the NEXT dirty "f-word" (did I say that?) in this process of birthdays, and aging.. And oh my gosh, time just keeps marches on, and there is NO stopping it!.. Well, that aside, and getting to know you better, we have some similarities and differences. I loved the term for your decorative style, "eclectic"! That is me to a Tee!! You love Elmo.. I love ALL the Muppets!.. I LOVE both Twilight AND Harry Potter!!.. But I also LOVE coffee AND chocolate, so that's where we differed. I'll have to keep my eye open for the Gold Canyon candles, as your mention of them is the first time I've ever heard of them!... Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, and many happy returns... no matter WHAT letter the numbers start with! (0; Enjoy your weekend! ~tina

  29. Happy birthday!!!! I so loved reading this post!!!! I am gonna have to do one when my bday rolls around in feb....cept mine with have a few extra ones.....LOL Love you girl@@@@@

  30. Happy Birthday to you my sweet friend.. I do hope you have the best birthday ever.. And I have to say you look dam good for you age!! I would have never guessed you were 40. I loved reading about you But I have to admit.. I only made it half way through you list.. Sorry don't hate me!!!!

    Hugs, Linda

  31. Happy Birthday and enjoy your weekend break!

  32. We share some things in common, and others.. completely flip flopped... I loveeeeed reading your 39 things, and I hope you have an amazing Birthday Weekend. You do get the WHOLE weekend, right? :) :) :) :) :) I believe people look at me as unapproachable too... I go for salty and sweet.. so plantars and chocolate go hand in hand. I'm jealous of your speedy scrapping.. like seriously jealous.. oh yes, and you are luckyyyyyy to have your own paper named after you!! *swoon* :) :) :)
    Enjoy your special day... ohhh I have got to ask... just why do you wake up at 3 in the morning? Big hugs!!!! I'm glad to have found you on this big wide web.

  33. OMG!! Loved your 40 list!!
    Its so awesome to learn more about you too!!
    I knew a few of those things!!
    So excited your in Veaga enjoying your Bday weekend!!
    Looking forward to hearing more about it on FB and the blog!!!
    Love that miovie Hope Floats too!!
    Have a fabulous & enjoyable Birthday!!

  34. wow Julie happy birthday .. life begins at 40 !!!!!!!! your heart is young and your attitude is young so enjoy xoxoxo
    what a fabuloius post ....... soooooooooooooooo creative and unique ... I will be going back to have a better read .. you are a genius .. hugz x

  35. happy 40th birthday Julie! Loved reading your post! Enjoy your weekend!

  36. Hope you are having the time of your life in Vegas, sweetie. Your 40's were clever & insightful. You will one day understand why I told you that 40 is the beginning of a wonderful stage in your life, trust me. you'll look back on the 20s & 30s & shake your head ... then smile when you recall the 40s. Enjoy sweetie.
    Love you, Marydon

  37. Wow! What an awesome thing to do on your 40th bday. I learned a lot about you. I also don't eat eggs and I love Gold Cyn Candles. But I LOVE coffee and chocolate :) So you win some you lose some, lol. I hope you had a fantastic birthday.

  38. I'm so glad I stopped into my blog account today...I think!? You are just one weird cookie...with eggs in it btw. lol I am so glad you had the nerve to share some of your quirks. I had a great time reading and getting to know more about you. I'm so glad I logged on to SISTV all those yrs ago, sad I haven't scrapped in about as long, but never the less I would have never "met" the smiley lady from AZ! Hope you are having a wonderful birthday weekend. :)

  39. Wow, happy birthday to you, enjoyed this post, we have so much in common LOL! Hope you have a fantastic weekend and being 40 is not so bad, take care, Doreen x

  40. First, happy birthday!!! i hope you have a fantastic birthday!! xoxoxo

    Second, I find #6 absolutely hysterical and a huge relief that I'm not the only one. LOL. After 12 years of marriage, Chuck has decided to embrace (or rather tolerate) my need to do that so long as I leave the bed alone. He came home one night about 10yrs ago after working the late shift and left the lights out so as to not wake up me or the baby and laid down in bed only to flop flat against the floor because I'd moved it. DOH!!! LOL

  41. happy, happy, HAPPY birthday Julie!!! Don't worry about the number.. it's the 'soul' that counts!

  42. LOVE this blogpost, Julie!!! Thanks for telling us all these facts about you!
    Hope you had a wonderful day!!


  43. Happy Birthday !!!!!! I've loved reading about you, we have quite a few things in common like not driving, crime drama's, and Christmas films but definitely not the getting up at 3.30am, how do you do it !!!! Hope you had a good weekend in

  44. Happy birthday your list...and you know, 40 is the new 30 lol
    have a great year full of love, health, inspiration and joy

  45. Happy happy birthday Julie! I really enjoyed reading the 40 things about you. We actually have a lot of things in common. :)

    P/s: I really love

  46. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope your day was as special as you are!!! I so loved reading the 40 things about you!!!

  47. Awesome, awesome list!!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!!

  48. Happy happy birthday Julie! I had a good time reading the 40 things about you. We actually have a lot of things in common. :)....good stuff!!!...big hugs..xoxo

  49. Happy Belated Birthday Julie!!! Hope you had a FANTASTIC day and was papered with loooove and cake and presents. Sooooo much fun reading all the things aobout you!!!!

  50. LOVE your post, Julie!! Thank you for sharing so much about yourself with all of us. I got a huge smile out of this, and yes......I read each and every word. Don't listen to the haters out there. We all love your smiley faces.
    Happy, happy birthday to you, my friend!

  51. Happy birthday my friend, it was fun reading (knowing) more about you. And it was a great pleasure meeting you in real life!!!

  52. OMG...what a fun list! Laughed about that wine bottle! It's SO you! And so weird, but I was JUST talking to Bob today about that paper Nikki named after us. Really don't think anything could possibly happen to me in this industry that will ever top that. Way cool.

    Thanks for sharing your fun list!

  53. Late to your birthday celebration but hey Happy Birthday Julie. Absolutely loved reading your list, 40's pretty good I reckon :)

    My style in home decor, reading, scrapbooking, pretty much everything is also eclectic, I love your Christmas lights, I love Twilight, and I love candles too (I've actually just started making soya candles.) And I had totally no idea about Febreze .. how cool, I'm going to give that a go because I loathe ironing LOL

  54. Late to your birthday celebration but hey Happy Birthday Julie. Absolutely loved reading your list, 40's pretty good I reckon :)

    My style in home decor, reading, scrapbooking, pretty much everything is also eclectic, I love your Christmas lights, I love Twilight, and I love candles too (I've actually just started making soya candles.) And I had totally no idea about Febreze .. how cool, I'm going to give that a go because I loathe ironing LOL

  55. That was a fun read!! You crack me up...but as I read them, I could hear your was like you were just sitting next to me or across from me, telling me all those things!! Most I knew...some I didn't!! Fun!! And Happy Birthday!!


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