Thursday, November 17, 2011

I love you this much... Breaking Dawn and tomorrow is surgery!! :):):):)

Hi everyone!! :):):)

Can't believe ONE WEEK from today is Thanksgiving here in the US!! WOW!! This year has been crazy busy!! :):):)

Today/Tonight/Tomorrow morning is going to be crazy busy for me! Me and a few friends are going to see the Twilight/Breaking Dawn Marathon!! Yep!!! All FOUR MOVIES starting today at 2 ...and then at midnight is the newest movie Breaking Dawn starts! Soooo YES... I will be at the movies from 2PM till about tomorrow 2AM!! LOL!! I know, I am crazy!! :):):):):):):):):):):):)

Then... after leaving the movies (I will probably get home around 3AM!)...Brookie will be having surgery #16 tomorrow morning at 6AM ... so I am not thinking I will be getting any sleep until we come from the hospital tomorrow with Brookie :):):):)

So if you don't hear from me tonight or tomorrow morning, I hope you understand... but I will be MIA for a couple of days :):):):):):)

I will update everyone soon on Brookie :):):)

Today I wanted to share my latest layout I made for Sketchy Thursdays! :):):):) (And because next week is Thanksgiving... this week's sketch challenge will run for two weeks, through Wednesday November 30.)

Used lots of goodies on here.. some wood embellies from my friend Jeanet, some Cosmo Cricket winter stash :):):) and the background paper is from :):):):):):)

Here is our sketch this week :):):):)

Thanks so much for stopping by! I appreciate it! :):):)


  1. The Twilight marathon sounds like a blast, I would love to do something like that! I pray Brookie's surgery goes smoothly with no complications. Big hugs to you all!

  2. Adorable layout! Brookie is so cute! I hope surgery is quick for her...good luck Brookie!
    And are absolutely nuts to stay at a theater for that long! I can't make it through a 2 hour movie! Have a blast!!

  3. have a super fabulous time...sounds like so much fun!!!! I love your layout...the pop of lavender is wonderful! Good luck to Miss Brookie!!!!

  4. Please keep us updated about Brookie's surgery! Theresa and I have marathon tickets tonight too but tomorrow we're scrapbooking all day at he LSS!!! I guess I should say something about the layout LOL, I get side tracked when thinking about Breaking Dawn. What sweet pictures, and is that paint splatter I see? Love the little rows of embellies!!!

  5. have a FUN time at the movies! i'm really liking your take on this sketch!

  6. Wow you are in for a treat!
    I think hahahah as I have never read nor seen anything Twilight!!!!!
    Give Brookie a huge hug and we will waiting to hear how it all went from both mama and daughter!!

  7. Adorable LO!!! WOW a Twilight marathon that sounds like a fun night!!! I hope you have a fabulous time!! Brookie will be in my thoughts tomorrow!! She is a DOLL!! (can't wait to meet her in person, and her wonderful mom of course *wink*) :-)

  8. Know that prayers will be lifting for our little princess Brook & you all sweetie. Give her a huge hug for me.

    Love this card design ... Julie, you are just one talented & amazing woman. Love you sweetie.

    Have a beautiful weekend.
    TTFN ~

  9. Love these pics of Brookie!! Have fun tonight...and well wishes for Brookie tomorrow!

  10. darling layout!
    Have fun Twilight-ing
    and give Brookie a big hug and kiss for me!

  11. What a cute page and photos!!

    OMG, 12 hours of Twilight??!!! WOW, I'm speechless, hehee

    Hope you have a great time and enjoy the marathon, I'll be sending my prayers to Brookie tomorrow, hope she'll be okay pretty soon

  12. Beautiful layout! Gorgeous papers & photos! Good luck to Brookie tomorrow! And, have fun at the movies!!

  13. The layout is beautiful!! Sending positive vibes to Brookie and her surgeons tomorrow!! Hope you're enjoying the movies!!

  14. LOL you'll be all movied out by the end of that! Have some popcorn for me!! Lovely layout with beautiful photos. Glad you are taking some time out for yourself & said a prayer for Brookie :)

  15. Oh wow, you lucky duck. How fun is that to go to a Twilight marathon! Good luck to your little girl and her surgery. Hope your able to get some sleep. And by the way, love your layout! It's so pretty. And the photos are adorable!

  16. Lovelovelove these sweet pics of Brookie, so beautifully scrapped!

    Enjoy your movie marathon...will be thinking of you and Brookie my friend! :)

  17. hugs to Brookie.
    i know you're having a fun time at the movies!
    have a good weekend.

  18. I wish Brookie all the best. And what a pretty layout you've created. Love her Christmas dress, she looks so cute.
    Ohhhh 12 hours of Twilight - that's awesome! I hope you've had a lot of fun.
    I love the sketch over at Sketchy Thursdays. :)

  19. What a fun sketch!!
    Pretty Lo and Brookie looks so pretty!!
    I will be praying for Brookie!!
    Big Hugs to you both!!

  20. Oh, a Twithon sounds like so much fun! Your LO is beautiful, as usual. Broke looks like a little princess.

    I hope her surgery goes well! I will be at the hospital dad is also having surgery at 6am!

  21. Me and my Twilight obsessed friends are seeing the movie tonight too. It's gonna be fun!
    I'm saying a prayer for sweet little Brookie. And I love this page. The photo and the paper are beautiful. :) Have a Happy Turkey Day!!!

  22. Wow! What a beautiful, beautiful lo! Such a sweet pic too!
    Enjoy your movies...I want to see the last one...can't wait.
    My thoughts and prayers go out to you tomorrow with Brookie.

  23. Firts BEST WISHES for Brookie and you staying solate :) awesome~doing something for you and last the LO is fabulous!!! {{hugs{{ gonna be a crazy couple of days for you~

  24. What an awesome page! I love the background paper. I am impressed by your fortitude! I enjoy the Twilight movies, but don't think I could do 12 hours! :) You go girl! I hope the surgery goes well. You're in my prayers.

  25. Good Luck to your little Brookie. I am sure she will be fine, fingers crossed!
    Love the layout. She looks so cute in her dress and pose!!
    Hope you enjoy(ed) the movie marathon. We went to sth similar for Harry Potter.

  26. That is a precious little girl, and a beautiful layout for her, give a big HUG to Brookie for me, and have fun with the movie marathon (I am not sure if I can do a movie marathon, I normally can't even stay awake through the whole movie, LOL)

  27. Ha, you say it yourself - you're a little crazy... four (4??) Twilight movies? OHMY... hope you had fun and didn't fell asleep! Good luck with Brook's surgery - give her a big hug for me! (and yourself too ofcourse!)

  28. WOW!! I am tired just thinking about it.. Have a great time my friend. I wish the best for your little one. Your layout is gorgeous... She is soooo cute.

    Hugs, Linda

  29. Gorgeous layout! All the best for Brookie. xo

  30. BEAUTIFUL layout and such sweet pictures!!! Hope all goes well for Brookie.
    I can't wait to see the Breaking Dawn movie!!! Hope you are able to get some sleep!!! (=

  31. So adorable! Look at those sweet photos! Love how you've arranged them and love the little snowflakes and wooden bits at the bottom. They make me think of Christmas cookies. :)

  32. Like I said before, I'm a little late... My fingers are all crossed for Brookie.
    Take care, all of you!
    (p.s. the layout is fab! lovely colors and the photos are so darling)

  33. this is just soooo beautiful!!!


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