Monday, October 24, 2011

A way to help :) A monthly photo :) And BOO! Some Halloween cards! :):):):):)

Hi all... 

Have some things to share :)

First from my friend Angi's blog (I copied this post from her) :):):)

Creative Charms is doing something wonderful in
honor of a fellow crafter - Chris Hertel.

Chris was a dear friend and colleague with Creative Charms. She was our designer for the catalog and packaging. Last July, Chris lost her battle with breast cancer. She left behind a loving and dedicated husband and two fabulous children along with two her dogs. Her family was her joy and inspiration. For the rest of the month of October all sales and net proceeds from "Chris' Kit" will go to the Susan Komen for the Cure to help find a cure for this terrible disease so that no other families will lose their wives and mothers (Chris' wish).
Please visit the Creative Charms store and order - Chris' Kit

It Includes:
Pink 3D Sparkly Butterfly Garden Brads - 12 Pieces
Pink Sunflowers - 4 Pieces
Violet Vintage Jewels - 12 Pieces
Pink Vintage Jewels - 12 Pieces
White with Pink Sparkled Flowers - 6 Pieces
Pink Sparkled Butterflies - 2 Pieces
Pink Sequin and Felt Flowers - 3 Pieces
Pink Sheer Flowers - 6 Pieces

A $23.21 value for $9.99
Please feel free to spread the word about this kit for a cause!

As soon as I saw this on Angi's wall... I went right over and ordered my kit from Creative Charms! I loved Chris! She was an AMAZING artist and a beautiful woman! When I heard of her death ... I was devastated... I cried...I mourned... it broke my heart.... So if you can find it in your heart... go order a Creative Charms kit :) I have used their products before and you will NOT be disappointed :):):):):)

Also... I wanted to share that BLUE MOON SCRAPBOOKING is have a BIG SALE!! Go CHECK it out HERE HERE HERE :):):):):):):)

I also wanted to share some photos :):):)

For those that have followed me for awhile, will know that I take monthly photos of me and the kids together in honor of my friend Aleida :):):) I have her story on my sidebar...she was tragically taken from this Earth a little over 3 years ago...and right before she died, she had made a pact to take more photos with her and her children... she wanted her kids to remember her :) And then she was gone.... so every month since then, I have been dedicated to taking a monthly photo of me and my babies... and here is this months :):):)

And last night some cousins were in from Illinois, so of course I had to get a photo :):):):):)

And since Brookie's birthday was earlier this month, Pam and Dan (the cousins) brought her some awesome birthday gifts! :):):):):)

And one last thing... I promise :)
I wanted to share a few Halloween cards I made for my co-workers! :):):):) 

I used lots of goodies on here.... Echo Park, Basic Grey, Pink Paislee, EAD Designs Stickerz, and SRM Stickers :):):):)

Thanks so much for stopping by! I appreciate it! :):):)


  1. God Bless ya Julie for spreading the word about Chris' kit. Sending loads of hugs your way. You are the SWEETEST!!!! :)

    Love the photos of your beautiful family and your adorable cards. :)

  2. I love your big heart! Great post. And, what lucky lucky co-workers! Your work is beautiful, as always!

  3. Precious pictures of all of you!!
    Love all of your amazing Halloween cards!!
    What an awesome idea that CC is doing for your friend!!
    I will go and shop!!

  4. Okay girlfriend, I've partially been ignoring you out of shame for not getting BrookieWolek's gift in the mail yet, and partly because it's just freakin' crazy over here!!!! I've realized that my mother may never be going home, and we're gonna' have to figure some things out. With her breaking her shoulder recently, all I do is run around getting ice packs, water, food, helping her dress and undress, yadda' yadda' yadda........

    I'm exhausted! So BrookieWolek might be getting her goodies in November. I've also got a few medical things I have to take care please forgive me.

    Love ya

  5. Oh my gosh, such a young woman and gone so soon...this is a beautiful and worthy cause. Your work and your family are so special, my friend.

  6. beautiful and worthy cause of course and great pics.

  7. Great cause... I'm glad you shared this. I love pink, and may be getting myself one of these! I love the photos of you and your kids. I need to do this as well. I don't have many pictures of me and my kids, and I think I should start.

    Great cards for your co-workers! I'm sure they loved them!!

  8. Ahh Julie you're such an angel!... God bless ya!!!

    Love your photos... of you and your beautiful family...Brookie darling!!!

    Cute cards... love them all am pretty sure ... your co-workers would love them!!! Awesome... big hugs. to my friend... xoxo

    Julie... i think thats the previous X factor season... today is the elimination day... from 7 to 6... I'm sucker talent shows...[lol]..I love America I think you can dance...:)

  9. Lovely post. I especially love you Halloween cards. Those are just terrific!

  10. Wow Julie, those cards are amazing! And beautiful photos too !! xox

  11. What a wonderful post, thanks for sharing!

  12. FABULOUS cards! Great cause and thank you for the information. Enjoyed the family photos.

  13. What a fabulous cause, will head on over and take a look. I love this month's photo, very sweet and love the idea.
    Fabulous Halloween cards.xxxxx

  14. Love the cards. What lucky co-workers you have! Great picture of you and the kids. What a great thing Creative Charms is doing. I'm going to go check it out!

  15. Whatta fabbie post girlie!!!!! Your co-workers are lucky ducks:)

  16. Oh Julie great post! I LOVE all the pictures. You are the reason there were pictures of me on the stream. I am the one taking the pictures most of the time but I gave my camera to my hubby and had him take some. Thank you for the story about Aleida. It is making a difference in my life.

  17. What a sweet pic! Your coworkers are a lucky bunch of folks! Just purchased the Chris close friend has been cancer free for 5 years now from breast cancer. We have to find a cure for everyone! You rock,sweetie! Love and hugs!xoxo

  18. What fabulous family photos, Julie!! You all are so adorable! And WOW on all your Halloween cards. You made that many???? How awesome!! And how cutie-pie they all are!

  19. Wow Julie your posts are packed of late - I don't know how you get it all done!! So many cute cards - wow!! Lovely photos and thanks for the heads up on 2 lots of goodies too...

  20. Thank you for posting about Chris and her kit. I will send some prayers up for her family.

    You are so good at taking photos AND making LOs! You are my LO hero :) As usual, Brookie is the cutest girl; gotta love her little grin!

    WOWZA your Halloween cards are beautiful. I don't know how you get so many things made so quickly!

  21. Thanks so much for posting the information about Chris' kit Julie! Love all those great Halloween cards! That is such a cool idea to take a photo every month with your kids! Love it!

  22. wow, you've done so many gorgeous cards!! And I love your photos!

  23. Love looking at your cute photos~the cards are adorable also~I didn't know of your friend ~what a tribute to her. I will go take a look at the kit~

  24. Love your Halloween cards! Also love the sunglasses in the monthly photo! TFS all of your sweet photos!

  25. That is so nice of you to spread the word.. What a sweet heart you have..
    I love you photo for this month. And all your Halloween card look amazing..

    Hugs, Linda

  26. Julie, I'm really sorry to know about Chris!

    Love this month's photo of you and also the 2nd family photo :) :) Your cards are AWESOME!!

  27. So sad. I'll have to go look at that kit. I see some butterflies...& ever since we lost my sister, my mom's been obsessed with them. May have to get that. :-)

    Love the family cute. And your cards are've been busy!

  28. My you sure have been on a roll!!! Love all of your cards. What's your secret to getting everything done that you do??? Love the family pictures!

  29. Love the photos and wow girl, you've been busy creating these fab cards!! ~ Blessings

  30. OH WOW, you are still going strong girl! Love all the halloween-cards! I'm jaleous of your energy dear! I wish I could get that much done! You rock!!!

  31. Love the Halloween-cards!!! And the Monthly photo is a cute one!

  32. Hey Julie,
    You ok? It's been a day or so since you posted xx

    Lovely blog post.
    Beautiful photo this month. Brookie looks so much like you : )
    And love all those Halloween cards.

    Hope you are all well xxx

  33. Oh Miss Julie I am wishing I was your co worker! :) Love the cards.

    What a sweet tribute to Chris. I hope that the kits raise oodels of money.

  34. Great post Julie. So sad to see such young women gone so soon. I love how you've carried on with the monthly photos!! They are great!!! Those Halloween cards are awesome!!! (=

  35. Hi Julie! I will have to check out that kit! It looks scrumptious! And the family photos is so sweet! I love those Halloween cards! I'm inspired to make some today, thanks! I'm sorry you lost a good friend. My prayers go out to her family and I hope lots of kits get sold.

  36. You are amazing my friend...truly amazing and inspiring:)

  37. That kit is gorgeous and what a wonderful tribute to Chris!

    Love the monthly photo! and those cards are awesome!

  38. LUcky co-workers to get such cute cards! I also love you girls in their "diva glasses" in the monthly photo :)

  39. What a beautiful post for the kit. Your pics are so nice! Those've been very busy. They are just fabulous!

  40. Awesome work! Love these spooky cards!!!

  41. Cute kit...will check it out tonight from home....have a feelign one will find it's way to my house!! Love your cards!!! And cute fam pics!!

  42. You are such a generous and kind lady, Julie! Well done.
    I love the photo of the 3 of you...


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