Monday, August 1, 2011

Just because they {heart} me.....and something exciting :):):):)

Hi everyone! :):):)

And I want to thank all of you that left Brookie some love from my previous post... it is truly appreciated... her surgeon has told us when we started these laser procedures for Brookie...that he wanted her to be hopefully done by the time she started Kindergarten.. because from his experience with his patients.. he knows not only do the kids get picked on by their peers (and sadly, adults too) for looking this way after surgery... but he knows his kids also become more your kind words to her really helps! :):):):):):)

Wanted to share some quick photos from our weekend before heading into my layout and card! :):):):)

I had a "Thirty-One" party this weekend... and while I had the party, Papa Mike, Daddy, Adam and Brookie went to the mall...
And Brookie made out like a bandit! :):):)

A new Smurfette from Build-A-Bear :):):)

And new light up Sketchers :)

And when the Papa's came back to my home to get the Nana's from the "Thirty-One" party... I looked and saw they dressed in the same color... you know I had to get a photo of that! LOL! :):):):)

And had to share just a few more photos of Miss Brookie (Oh..and no worries... Adam didn't get anything Saturday at the mall trip, but he got all new clothes for school on Sunday!) :):):)

First, Miss Pouty:

Next, Miss Personality:

Then, Miss Mischievous:

So, thank you again for your kind words..and yes, I know its summertime and Brookie is wearing a long sleeve shirt, but there kicks in that self-conscious Brookie again...she doesn't like people to see her spots... so she only wears long sleeve shirts after her laser surgeries.... so, your kind words are so helpful to her....

And today, the latest Scrapbookers Anonymous challenge is live! This time we want to see your old journal spots from your stash! :):):):) I had a bunch from October Afternoon...and decided to use them as background! :):):):)

The flowers are from Diana's ETSY shop :):):):)

And the second part of our challenge is to make a card with the scraps we used on our layout! :):):)
This is a card I made for my BFF ... who turned 40 yesterday! :)
She is gonna kill me for the inside sentiment! lol! :):):):)

Used some yummy SRM Stickers on here :):):)

And just a little tease for you... something exciting is coming.... :):):):):)

Thanks so much for stopping by! I appreciate it! :):):)


  1. Brooke looks happy with her new purchases,glad she's ok. I love how you've used the journaling blocks and your card Is gorgeous,it made me laugh out loud when I saw the inside.xxxxxx

  2. Miss Brookie has nothing to worry about..she is beautiful:) I love her new Smurfette!! Beautiful LO too! Have a good week Julie!!!

  3. Love the Smurfette! Love your lo- lovely picture! :)

  4. Oh, I like how you used those journaling spots! And the card put a smile on my face :) I can't wait to see more about this challenge blog too! :D

  5. You tell BrookieWolek I know how she feels. People have stared at my scars for years (I have many and they are large). It's frustrating, but let her know it's just because people are ignorant and scared of something they don't understand. She's pretty sassy, maybe next time she see's someone looking at her spots she can either say "aren't my beautymarks pretty?" or "would you like to know what these are?" Once people know that you aren't worried about them, then their curiosity takes over and they just wanna' know. BrookieWolek darling, show em off, be proud of them, they are part of you only temporarily and are going to give you a better life and better health......which you totally deserve.

    Big Hugs and love,

  6. Brooke looks like a brave and happy little girl, thanks to great family support, no doubt. I love your SA page, such a clever idea to use the journaling tags as background in place of PP!

  7. agh, people are so dumb sometimes, give Brook a hug from me and tell her I think she's the stinkin' cutest!!

  8. What I see when I see Brooke:

    I see a girl with gorgeous brown hair. It is SO shiny and thick. Wish I had it.

    Beautiful eyes with lovely long eyelashes.

    A gorgeous smile.

    An excellent hugger!

    Brooke, I have a VERY large scar on my chest. Most people can't see it because I never wear swimsuits or shirts that are made a certain way. But I know it is there. I am happy it is there because it reminds me that EVERYONE has scars. You just can't see some people's scars. Sometimes the people who have scars on their insides can be mean. Those people we just have to love a little harder.

    I love you girl and I know you are going to be great in kindergarten. I can't wait to hear all about it.

  9. Look at Brookie's photoshoot. I'm so lovin' that Smurfette. Gotta go make myself one...LOL

    And yay...something NEW is coming. :)

  10. grandpa's are no match for a cute 3 yr old in the mall!!! and so glad i no longer have to deal with school clothes! but i do feel your pain on the cost!!! and i'm even totally curious about the new challenge blog..... working on getting involved more *sigh*

  11. Awesome Smurfette Brookie!!!

    I love your projects! The card made me LOL ;)

  12. Brookie, you are the sweetest thing and so absolutely beautiful. Don't hide behind those spots sweetheart, you are fabulous!!!!!
    Julie, that card is HILARIOUS!!!! You're 40 and I'm not. Ha! Ha! You better not tell me when you hit 40 because I'm going to send you one just like it; )
    Can't wait to hear all about this exciting new blog!

  13. Sounds like a great weekend for everyone! Brookie sure made out at the mall. I'm wondering if they have those shoes in my size??? ;)
    Really cute scrappy projects, Julie. Love how you used the journaling cards for the background of your layout. And that card made me snicker.......although since I'm in the over 40 club, I had to stick my tongue out at you, too. :)

  14. ROFLMAO!! Gosh you are catty!!!! :) That card is too cute!! And i LOVE that layout!!! I just saved it to my scraplift/inspiration folder on my laptop :):)

    Ms Brookie, I understand being self conscious. I feel for her!! If her kindergarten does a meet and greet ith the teacher (most will) take a few minutes to explain it to the teacher. It's my experience as a mom of a special needs kid that most kids at taht age aren't really mean (altho I am sure there are some that will prove me wrong)At 5 and 6 most kids make fun of what they don't understand. And kids are terribly blunt.....they don't have the ability to censor their thoughts and think right out loud. Maybe as she has more of these procedures you can have a "coming back to school party" for her and involove all the kids......maybe the treacher will agree to have it during school and that is a great chance for the other children to get to know her problem and realize she doesn't have cooties and they won't turn all spotty if they sit next to her. And getting to know the parents will also be a big help!! Oh....and volunteer every chance you get :):) Best of luck.....I'm sure with her personality she will do awesome :):)

  15. OMG, I'm so curious now, can't wait to seeing what you'll come up with, Julie! Coming from you, this can only be FAB!

    Love Brookie's sketchers, so cool and the cute faces too, especially the first one, super adorable!

  16. FANTASTIC layout. So much fun with the fabbie paper flowers and all the gorgeous papers. Beautiful card too!!!! Adorable Brookie!!!!

  17. Oh dear little gorgeous Brookie, this is so much for a little one to understand at a young age, her shoes and build a bear smurf would have put a little smile on her face, you are such a wonderful mum my friend. Melxx

  18. I love your Brooke posts; she truly is a treasure! Your LOs are fun; I used October Afternoon scraps today to make a card…maybe I will post tomorrow :)

  19. Brookies new shoes are so fun! Love all of the sparkles. :)

  20. YOu are such wonderful mum Julie... !!! hugs

    Gorgeous little Smurfette Brookie!!! Its hard for a little like her to cope this... but I think shes doing absolutely great... hugs Brookie...

    Love your layout ...great ways to use those journaling blocks... the rosettes just pop out beautifully... the card crack me up... he he...

    have a good one my dearest.... hugs...xoxo

    P/S: I have accidentally switch my comment its working again...duh ME

  21. Three is certainly the magic number on that LO.

  22. Glad to see Brooke looks happy! Love the Smurf girl! Love your layout too with the rosette! Like very much the card too! Congrats in the GCD studios contest too!

  23. So glad things went well with Brookie! She is an amazing little gal, with an amazing mom! Give her a big hug from me!!!! Love your scrappy page and your cute little card! (Which kind of made me cringe a little because I will be the big 4-0 in a few weeks.....ick!) ; )

  24. Julie, Julie, Julie - I LOVE what you did with the journalling blocks - what a great layout - and GREAT PHOTOS of your Brookie!

  25. Love that new page... so cute! And those light-up Sketchers are adorable!

  26. PS... Love Laura Ingalls Gunn's comment. :-)

  27. What a great idea to use the journal spots as part of the it!!

  28. Julie, you always amaze me at how many layouts ect. you are able to do and you even work!!! This layout is so CUTE! Love the flowers, tags and ticket!!!
    Looks like Brookie had a great time at the mall!!! (= LOVE her cute pics!!!

  29. Short sleeves or long sleeves please tell Brookie she is very beautiful!!!
    Loved the picture of her with her new stuff animal and shoes!! We love those sheos too!! Brookie has excelllent taste! I won't show the smurfts stuff animal because dd will want one too! LOL!
    Glad you had a wonderful time with family!! Love that LO with the journal card so very beautiful!!
    Love that card and all the buttons!!
    I wonder if the exciting news has anything to do with NS?!!
    Happy Tuesday to you and your family!! Hugs!!!

  30. Wonderful pics! I really like your lo with the use of the journaling tags...looks wonderful and that card is very sweet!

  31. Well, Brook, 'dots' are all in fashion right now. Yours are beautiful, just like you. Besides my freckles I have a HUGE boo-boo on my tummy & another one where my heart is ... & lots of little ones here & there on my body. They are called 'my beauty marks', I love them. I have a huge one on my nose right now. It is bright red ... I look just like Rudolph. I just smile pretty when people look at it.

    Know you are surrounded by lots of love, sweetie.

    Hugs & love,

  32. Thankfully all has gone well....Brookie is a trooper shw will weather this like every other time....big hug to her!
    As for you layout wow wow wow love and your card is fabulous!
    I am sure your friend wont mind especially when she will receive a beautiful hand made card!!...or will she hahahahaha

  33. Aw, sweet, beautiful Brookie! She did make out at the mall LOL! Love how you used the journaling spots and great picture of you and your kiddos!!!

  34. Poor Brookie - I know how she feels - I have varicose veins & have worn jeans for 13 years as a result - won't wear a skirt or shorts or go to the beach - and I live at the coast!!! Love the new sneakers & great job on the card & layout too - busy bee!!

  35. I always thought Brookie is the sweetest princess, now I know she is also the coolest princess with those new stuff! : ) way to go Brookie!
    Lovely layout and what a sweet little card, I love the note inside, LOL! Cool!

  36. Lots of hugs to Brookie...
    Lovely layout, love the 'flowers'. Fab note on the inside of the cute card. Hugs

  37. Love the pictures!!! And that page is fabulous. Of course, love how you used the flowers from the shop. You rock!

  38. Hi!! catching up. glad Brookie is feeling good.. How did your 31 party go??? I love the bags. I have a few. so fun with the monogramming.. =)
    and your SA layout is fab!!

  39. gotta love that brookie...

    What a gorgeous layout...great job with the rosettes! haha about the 40 year old card...but you know 40 is the new that I'm getting younger every year.

  40. Brookie is looking glad she is such a brave little girl. Lovely layout Julie.

  41. I love those shoes your little darling is wearing - I need to get some for my little gal!

    {I'm new to your blog - love it!}

  42. Love, love, loev this lo! Great use of all those journaling blocks.
    And all the photos are so much fun!

  43. HaHa on the card!! you crack me up!! -- just catching up from last week...vacation to Sedona and then I got real sick....

  44. Love Brookie's new shoes! Dang, wish I could wear a pair myself.

  45. Layout is awesome and that Blue Smurf is just adorable. I want Brookie's shoes!


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