Friday, July 29, 2011

Upside down ... a layout and a card using the new Echo Park "Happy Days!" :):):)

 Hi everyone :):):)

I want to thank everyone for their votes over on the GCD Studio blog for my layout in their top 3 finalist contest! I truly appreciate it! :):):)  And also thanks for all the love for Brookie on her blog post she did yesterday! I read her all the comments you leave her...and she just loves it! :):):)

I wanted to share a layout and a card I made using the new "Happy Days" line from Echo Park that the awesome Stacy Rodriguez sent me! :):):):) Thanks Stacy! I love this line! :):):):)

 and yes, I know that "special" is upside down..... lol :)

And my card :)

And this morning with Brookie was really hard on me.... here is how the conversation went down....

Me to Brookie: Good Morning Beautiful! 

Brookie: I'll be beautiful when my spots are gone...

Me (holding back tears at this point): Baby girl, you are always beautiful, your spots are just a part of who you are... but spots or no spots, you are always my beautiful baby...

*sigh* that was hard to hear from her....

Hopefully tomorrow will be better :)

Thanks so much for stopping by! I appreciate it! :):):)


  1. She sure knows how to choke someone up! She is so adorable. :)

    I love your layout! Too funny! I can't wait to see Happy Days in person!

  2. That sucks that Brookie is getting old enough to be self-conscious of the spots :( Your response was perfect and so true! I hope they go away quickly for her so she feels better all around.

    Love the upside down page! The photo made me giggle :)

  3. In my completely unbiased opinion, Brookie is beautiful spots or no spots. She is precious!

  4. You couldn't have handled that any better. It brought tears to my eyes!

    Beautiful layout and card!

  5. LOVE your layout especially with all the different fun, playful sayings!!! And oh my that conversation would break my heart as well. Tell Brookie she is so beautiful!!! :)

  6. So Jealous you have this line already!! Beautiful layout!! And BROOKIE....YOU ARE ALWAYS BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  7. Nice projects, don't you love those papers? We have some similar issues at our house with a young person questioning "why her", etc. Those things do bring tears to your eyes so I understand.

  8. Julie, that would be hard for me too! Big Hugs!!!
    That brought tears to my eyes I think our dd are close in age our dd is 6.5.
    She is very beautiful!!
    Love your LO and card!!
    That is my 2nd favorite EP Collection!!
    I'm waiting for it to come out in the stores so I can buy it!
    Will pray that Brookie has a better day today!!

  9. She is such an amazingly brave little girl. You are always beautiful Brookie.

    Lovely layout of your princess Julie.

  10. I'm still laughing about "dr. Handsome" from the other post, hehee, Brookie is so cutie! I love the upside down photo and you made such a creative and cool page with that!

    I wonder how you felt when you heard what your girl said, sending hugs your way!

  11. Oh Brookie! Breaks my heart to think she thinks she is not beautiful! She is such a doll!!! I cannot wait to meet her (hopefully next summer). She will have 3 new little friends to play with. :-) Your card and LO are fabulous. That is one of my fav new collections from EP and cannot wait to get my hands on it. :-)

  12. Reading this broke my heart too.... She is such an amazingly brave little girl. are always beautiful and strong girl!!!

    Lovely layout of your princess Julie!!!...

    Thinking of you Julie... hugs...xoxo

  13. Oh Brookie... such an amazing girl and so beautiful on the inside and the outside!!!
    What a fun layout! Love the picture and I can't wait to get my hands on this line!!!

  14. Brookie is a BEAUTY! love your take on happy days echo park--I have some that should be coming to me can't wait to get my hands on it! :0)

  15. Cute layout and card!! Many hugs to Brookie, she is such a sweetie pie.

  16. Love your layout and card, Julie!!!!!
    Brookie is a sweetheart and you are a wonderful mom!!

  17. Really really beautiful Echo Park projects, Julie! I so love what you did with the journaling cards.
    And tell Brookie that I think her spots are very special, very unique, and very beautiful. :)

  18. Hellooooo sweet friend : )
    I can't believe we were up against each other at GCD. Ugh, I knew I had nothing on you : )
    Love this layout so much. I want to play with the new Happy Days sooooo much!!!!
    Give Brookie a ginormous hug for me. She is such an amazing girl (and so is her mommy). I wish these amazing little girls would know how beautiful they are. Gawd it's hard to be a mom.

  19. Hi, Julie!! Hope Brookie had a better day today!!
    Yes, I think it was Tropical Storm Don because they said it was moving west even though it fizzled out the clouds still hang around.
    Hope you have a sunny & blessed Sunday!!

  20. To dear Brookie,

    I look at the stunning layouts your mum does of you and I don't see any spots until they are mentioned that you are going into Hospital again, I get Dermatitis (mum will explain) and I sometimes feel like you do, but you know, my little boy, my friends and even my family don't see it, it is highlighted by me my girl because I feel everyone sees it, but they don't, they see me and you for the nice people we are. You are so beautiful dear little girl. My boy Nate (almost 5) says he is going to marry that should be scary given the mileage on the date.....Love you Melxx

  21. Poor Brookie. I hope she's feeling a bit brighter today. She always looks so smiley : )
    Lots of love xxx

  22. I hope Brookie is doing much better now.. and you are so right telling her: she is ALWAYS beautiful! Her gorgeous spirit shines even through your blog!

  23. Julie, pls read this to brookie.

    Brookie, baby girl. You know the spots you have right now, they's not ugly but only representing how sweet and clever and smart and beautiful you are. You're so loved, i'm thinking of you, all the way from Sunny Island singapore. I wish you would email me, and tell me what are your favorite things, because I like to know things like that and because you're special. Your mommy knows my email addy, okay? I love you. I love you. Keep that sweet sweet smile on. *hugs*

  24. Your girl is a testament to your awesome upbringing girlfriend. I have come to love her through our online friendship and love seeing how she expresses herself in all the photos and the stories you tell.

    Love the happy colors on your projects! :) Send Brookie hugs and kisses from Aunt Y! :)

  25. awwwww....makes my eyes well up...gotta love that brookie're thee best momma julie!

  26. Darling, darling LO. And Brookie is always beautiful, for SURE! So glad to see her surgery went well and she's doing good! Big hugs...

  27. I love how bright and fun your layout is! Aw, Brookie. She's such a beautiful person inside and out. She's going to be an amazing woman Julie. No doubt about it.

  28. Awwww, poor Brookie. Poor you, but you both are so strong and beautiful and totally going to make the best out of everything. Sending hugs.
    And the layout - wow, totally FUUUUN!!!

  29. glad surgery went well...
    lots of love and hugs!!

  30. Well, Brook, your spots are lovely. I hope you can think about how beautiful they make you. I have brown spots all over my body ... it is a permanent skin discoloration. They are called freckles. I tell everyone my Mother left me out in the rain & I rusted. I call them my beauty marks. We all have marks on our bodies in one form or another. Love them, yours will fade away soon.

    From one BIG dot to your little dots, lots of love.
    Huggers, Marydon

    PS Julie, Harold was tickled to receive your note. Trust me, you know where we'll be heading next. Chuckle.

    Hug little Miss Princess for me.
    Love to all ~ Me

  31. Love your happy page. Must get that paper. :)

    Tell Brookie that she is a bright ray of sunshine. My daughter and I love seeing her on your blog. And my daughter Rachel really loves that Brookie likes the Victorious t.v. show likes she does. Tell her she has fans here in Texas. :)

  32. my heart goes out to you all ... you are all so courageous and loving and you will get through this together ..
    big hugx
    my daughter was badly burned as a small child and has a large scar ... her childhood was difficult but as an adult she has accepted it as part of her ... lots of love is the answer as I am sure you know .. xoxo

  33. Hope you all had a fantastic weekend. Been thinking of you and Brookie. :) HUGS!

  34. What a gorgeous bright and happy page - I love it!!! I think you responded perfectly - it would of choked me up and I may of been lost for words! Well done! :D

  35. What a fun layout Julie!!
    Glad Brookie is home. She is a beautiful girl inside and out!!! (=

  36. Love your gorgeous smile Brookie you are an beautiful princess.

    Julie, love your layout and card. xx

  37. Julie IKWYM!! The house is very intresting and looks like it has so much potential!! It looks like no one has taken care of it for about 5 years!!
    Its in a beautiful location!
    Its just a shame that no one has done anything with it!!
    Hope you and your family have a blessed week!!

  38. Such a fun up-side down photo of Brookie, and fun layout too.
    And Dear Brookie, you are the prettiest princess, spot or no spot, everyone knows you have the brightest smile and most beautiful soul! Big hug to you - brave little girl!!!

  39. I hope Brookie is feeling better today, your such a good mom :):) You know i'm totally loving your card and layout, and you were quick getting it done. I still have not opened mine :)

  40. Cute, cute layout! I think her spots make her unique and special and her smile makes her all the more beautiful!!!! :-)

  41. Love the bright layout & card. Shame so sorry to hear about Brooke's condition & her thoughts on it. At least there is a treatment for it though & I hope it is all a great success :)She is a beautiful little girl no matter what!!

  42. Oh, I also had tears reading your converstaion with Brookie... She's such a darling.
    I agree with you, she's beautiful, spots or no spots...
    Hugs for her!

  43. She's such a brave kid!!! and you my dear are a wonderful mommy!!


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