Saturday, July 23, 2011

I miss his face.... :)

Hi everyone :):):)

Lots to share today :) Don't get bored with me yet ... lol :)

I know you all don't see that many of photos of Adam on my blog.. but he is 14 and harder to convince to take pics :)  I am lucky that he loves me and lets me take my monthly photos of me and the kids together every month...... anyhoo... he has been at my ex-in-laws for the past 2 weeks...and FINALLY he is coming home on Sunday! Yeah! I can't wait to see this goofy boy again and give him a big hug :):):):)

*love him* :)

And I got some happy mail this past week... :)

Diana sent me some fabulous flowers from her ETSY...*love* :)

Yvonne sent me some YUMMY goodies and a beautiful card! ** :)

Marit sent me the most *awesome* card...and and and she hand CARVED me a stamp! EEEKKKK! But this isn't just any stamp......

It's MY BLOG SIGGY!!! EEEEKKKKK!!! :) I love it! :)

See...???? :):):)

And Heather who is on Sketchy Thursdays with me.. is also on the Imaginisce team, got me the I-top from them!! WOW WOW WOW! I really thought I would just get the I-top... but look at all the goodies Imaginisce sent me... WOW! :)
Thanks Heather and Imaginisce!! :)

Thanks everyone for the AWESOME happy mail! :):):)

Also, June (thanks June!)  tagged me with the Sweetest Blog award...and with this award, I am to list 7 things about me ... let's see what I can come up with :):):)

1) I know they say everyone dreams every night... but I NEVER remember any of my dreams! If I happen to have a bad dream... I remember it for about half a second when I awake from it.. but by morning....all gone... don't remember a thing :)
2) I just jumped on the Harry Potter bandwagon... (I know...10 years too late! lol!)... but when Harry Potter first came out (in books and movies) I was a single Mom with Adam...and it was hard to read an entire novel when you are chasing a child solo... and when the movies came out, Adam was too young at the time to attend them... it is all because of my friend Liz that I got hooked on them... in fact, I read them ALL in about a week and a half! :) She loaned me all her books, one by one... and everyday I was coming to her asking her for the next one! :)  Then she loaned me all the movies to watch... and I am now a HP fan! :)  In fact.. sometime REAL soon, I will be sharing a Harry Potter project I have been working on for Liz! :)
3) No matter HOW many times Brian tries to explain SPORTS to me.. I just don't get it... at all.... I love my NY teams (NY'er born and raised!) and pretty much just want to know if they are winning... that's all I need to know... in fact, as I am sitting here writing this post, Brian is watching a baseball game.. and yep, I haven't got a clue! lol! :)
4) I cry at almost every TV and movie show that is a drama/chick flick/touchy-feely love story... whatever... I cry! :)  Put on almost ANY Sandra Bullock movie and you will catch me bawling like a baby by the end of it! lol :) *yep... I am the sensitive type* :)
5) One of my favorite places to visit is the Conservatory at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas (oh... and their water show out front of their hotel too!).... I can get lost in both of these places for HOURS and HOURS just taking it all in.... love that place...and someday, I will get to stay in that hotel (once I get that winning lottery ticket! lol!)
6) I start my Christmas shopping on December 26th for the next year! Yep! I am a HUGE bargain shopper! :) I love 50% off, amen! :)
7) I am a Lady Gaga fan! Yes! I said that right here, right now... and yes, she is a little (well, a lot!) freaky... but she has an AMAZING voice.. I am seriously drawn to her voice... it is just beautiful to me...and she doesn't lip sync or auto that! :):):):):) ... in fact... this song makes me happy right now :):):):)

So there you have it...facts about me :):):):):):)

And today, I have a new "Showcase on YOU!" posted on Nikki Sivils blog....I would really appreciate it if you could head over and take a look at the creations I gathered this month! :):):):):)

Thanks so much for stopping by! I appreciate it! :):):)


  1. Oh wow, what a love-packed post. I have to say your Adam does have a super lovable face. How heart wrenching to be without him for 2 weeks!

    Yay for your happy mail haul too…seriously fun stuff to play with…beautiful rosettes, I spy a crochet flower, let us know how you like the i-top, and your blog signature stamp is fabulous :)

    Thanks for the shout out; you are a seriously sweet blogger. I really enjoyed your 7 random facts. I was a few years late jumping on the Harry Potter bandwagon too. DH & I can't wait for one set of our parents to babysit so we can see the last movie. I cry easily too at tv and movies. I rate them by how many kleenex I need to get through them. Steel Magnolias may be rated by boxes of kleenex :) AMEN to Lady Gaga! Her talent blows me away.

    Have a great weekend!

    xo June

  2. Ohhh...happy mail is the very best mail. Lucky ducky.

    Have a wonderful weekend Julie.

  3. You are one lucky lady to receive such wonderfull crafting goodies!! I recocnize about Adam not wanting to have his picture taken...Jacky is 14 and I am having the same trouble!!!

  4. Great post and so many happy gifts in the mail! How fun!!! Welcome on the Harry Potter band wagon. I've been trying to find a babysitter all week so the DH and I can go see the last movie, finally have one lined up for tomorrow! Woohoo!!!

  5. I love that stamp! Such an amazing gift! Glad to hear Adam is back- enjoy your time with him.

  6. What a super fun post, Julie! Loved reading all these little bits and pieces about you. I can so relate about your son....mine is almost 16, and I have the hardest time getting any photos of him. In fact, most of my bloggy friends think I only have one child because he's never in the equation. ;)
    Love, love all your happy mail. What a fun week for you!

  7. Sounds like it must have been your birthday!! And I missed it :( So sorry Julie but wow wow wow to all those awesome goodies & so happy for you to have your boy back! I have a 13 & a 16 year old & I know how I miss them if they go away!

  8. Wohooo for happy mail!!!! Looking forward seeing you using that I-top. I want one!!!! :) Fun facts too!!!

  9. Look at all of your sweet goodies. :) My oldest never likes to take pics either. I'm getting some sneaky shots of her while she's home this summer. Have a happy weekend. :)

  10. wow~what a cool gift the stamp from your blog!!! and all the other stuff too ~ you must be pretty special, I think:)!!!

  11. What fun things your friends have sent you! Love those flowers from Diana. Hope Adam had a great two weeks and I'm happy he's coming home to you. Yay for Harry Potter. I read all of the books as they came out, but I'm thinking they might need to be read again. :) Hope you have a great weekend.

  12. Sounds like you have been a lucky girl, enjoy having your DS back this week x.

  13. I absolutely love that picture of Adam, that made me smile! :) And so much fun stuff. Watch out for that i-top, it is so addictive. Here are some new things in my Etsy I made using the i-top, So, beware, you'll be making beautiful things left and right now. LOL!

    And love that you like your goodies from the shop! :)

  14. I toally understand you about missing your boy....
    So good to have all those goodies on mail! You're a lucky girl!
    It was interesting to read all those facts about you :).
    Have a great weekend.

  15. Yay for Adam coming home soon! Fun goodies...the Itop looks cool! Love Lady Gaga! :-)

  16. wow... you did get a lot of happy mail..such sweet gifts. love that stamp Marit made. she is sooo talented. and the iTop, how fun. such wonderful friends you have.
    and yes, I like a little Lady GaGa too.. I recently took up listening to her music. I do enjoy it.
    hope you have a great weekend.. =)

  17. I have missed so much lately!!! I bet you will be so happy to have Adam back! jacob has been working and hanging with friends this summer and I rarely see him any more and when I do it's fighting...those stupid teenage hormones!!!!! I miss my sweet boy too :):):P LOVEEEEE your happy mail haul!!! And that did she doe that?????

  18. Yay for Adam coming home! That's a great photo of him. I'm like you in the fact that I don't ever remember my dreams. Like ever. Sometimes I wake up and remember that the dream sucked, but I can't recall what happened in it.

    Totally jealous of your happy mail! :)

  19. How cool is that, fabulous photo of your boy and happy mails!!!

  20. So many cool things sweety,thats awesome!I especially love the stamp,way cool!!

    And welcome to the Harry Potter world,i love HP!

    I am having a give away on my blog,be sure to check it out for some Crafty Secrets!

  21. WOW girly, thats some super fun scrappy mail you have been getting :):) Hope you have a wonderful time Sunday when your son comes back home.

  22. wow my friend... you lucky thing!!!....Love love love your happy mails!!!!And I absolutely love that picture of Adam!!!that expression he made is cute...makes me smile too he he ...hugs...xoxo

  23. Oh Julie, so much to comment about, firstly, I bet you do miss your boy to bits, I miss Nate when he is at Kindy so 2 weeks must be hard, how gorgeous is that stamp your friend made you and wowsers on all the gorgeous RAKS you have been sent, this is all because you are an awesome friend to so many people, put on a SB movie and me too, she is awesome. Love to you all, loved hearing all the things about you. Melxx

  24. so glad your boy is coming home today. and you'll have to bring your stamp over so we can play with inking it up in rainbow colors and stamping with it! wouldn't that be perfect for the back of the cards you make??!

  25. Look at you!! You are so blessed with so many fun & beautiful goodies. I am sure you gonna have tons of fun with them & can't wait to see what u gonna create with them too :) Glad tat ur boy's making his way back home!

  26. Yahoo for happy mail! :) Love what Marit made you!!!! :)

  27. So much cool stuff to comment on!! So glad that Adam is home and he allows you to take so many photos of him! LOL... Better late than never for HP. I loved the books and the movies!! Great goodies in the mail!

  28. Holy smokes! Lucky you on getting that loot! Woohoo! Can't wait to see what you make ;)! And it was so fun to learn a bit more about you! I LOVE your outgoing, don't worry about if anyone is looking kind of attitude! Hugs!


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