Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Total Randomness or Chaos...*whatev* :):):):):)

Hi everyone :):):):):):):)

It is FOUR days until we move.... wow... it seems like we have been planning this all year, and now its almost here :):):):):):):):)

Wanted to share some total randomness today :)

But, before I get started on that...I wanted to thank you all for the kind words for my Mom and her broken wrist.. I really appreciate it... a little update, she had to go back to the ER on Sunday night because the pain would not go away... and come to find out, she actually broke her wrist in TWO places and has to have surgery on it on Thursday... *sigh* so if you could say a little prayer for her... I would really appreciate it :)

Miss Brookie got her face painted at school last week :)

This is pretty much what my house consists of RIGHT now... lol :)

Pretty soon (REAL SOON!!) We will be saying good-bye to this number....

And saying hello to this one.....

And I wanted to share some layouts I made awhile ago using Nikki Sivils "My Friend Birdie"  and "It's Your Day" lines! :):):):):):):):):)

And speaking of Nikki Sivils... today is the day that I do my monthly "Showcase on YOU!" over on her blog!! I am totally blown away every month on the number of entries I get...and this month is NO exception...in fact, we had so many this month, I will be doing TWO posts for the "Showcase on YOU!" this month!! YAY! :):):):):):):):):) I would really appreciate if you would head over to Nikki's BLOG to see today's showcase!! I KNOW you will LOVE it... cause today... I am WAY giddy, as I had a FOUR YEAR OLD and a FIVE YEAR OLD send me projects (well, okay...their Mom's did...but still! LOL!) and I am proud to say, they are the YOUNGEST peeps I have ever showcased (before today's post, the youngest I have ever showcased was my friend and fellow Nikki DT member Deana's daughter Bryn!)

Thanks sooooooo much for stopping by! I appreciate it! :):):):):):):):):)


  1. I believe that when one door closes, another opens. I know you will form great new memories at your new abode!

    Love your layouts....especially the one with the banner and circle action...too fun!

    Hugs to your mom and best wishes for a speedy recovery!

  2. I know its sad... especially those memories..you built... bitter and sweet...but am pretty sure... in no time ... you'll adjusted and get use of new lovely home!!!...
    Both layouts are simply gorgeous... especially seeing my fave banner and circles... with cutie Brookie...Fantabulous my dear!!!...
    I hope your mum will get better soon..sending my prayer and hugs to her... hugs to you & Brookie...xoxo

  3. I must have missed the post about your mom breaking her wrist...what a bummer for her. I hope it heals quickly! Looking at all those boxes brings back memories of all the moves I've made in the last 8 years. 6 to be exact. Each one is hard. I hope the transition and move goes smoothly for you :)

  4. HI!!! HOW EXCITING!!!
    you are moving!!!
    is this a change of school for the kiddos????
    Don't work to hard, moving is alot of work!!!
    and Little MISS B is sooo cute!!!

  5. You look so organised!! I envy you LOL LOL..
    when you settle in I will ask you for your new address.....I want to send you some love from Athens Greece!!

  6. I am sure you will love your new house before too long and it will have all your gorgeous finishing touches to make it home. I will keep your mum in my prayers and here's to a simple and not too tiring move sweet friend. Love little Brookies face here. Melxx

  7. Still need to email you...bad emailer...that is my nickname:)
    Love the face of Brooke..
    And all the boxes..ow wow yes you are moving no doubt about it..
    Your lo is wonderful!

  8. cute layouts and Brookie looks so happy with her face painted! Here's hoping the move goes smoothly and prayers going out for your mom. xoxo

  9. good luck on your move! I'll be thinking of your mom too. Surgery is never fun.

  10. I missed the post about your mom!!! I will defiantely say a little prayer for her and really hope they can keep her comfortable while awaiting surgery.....I had total ankle reconstruction while pregnant with jacob and I was awake for the whole thing.....ewwwwwwwwww!!! I adore that photo of Brookie:):):):) I'm sure she is excited to be moving into your new home.......and please tell me all of those boxes arent scrap stuff.....lol

  11. Sending good thoughts and energetic vibes your mom's way right now! And some energy for you too... wow, that's a lot of boxes. Good luck moving dear!!!

  12. So sorry to hear that Mom now has to have surgery...Prayers are being sent!!!!

    Wow moving and all of those boxes...I think moving is the worst of the worst!!! But then....a new start!!!!

    Love the pics and the LO's.....you are amazing!!!

    Wishing you a great day!!!

  13. Julie, I'm sorry about your mom and that she's still in pain. I'm sending good thoughts and prayers to her, hope she recovers soon!

    Love the photos of Brookie, especially, the 1st one is soooooooo adorable!!

    Good luck on the moving and wish you lots of happiness in the new home!!

  14. Ugh...your poor momma!!!!

    Love your layouts....good luck on the move...

  15. Awwww so sorry about your mom. Hope the wrists get better soon. Love your fun layouts...especially the circles. :) :)

  16. Huge hug to your mom for her poor wrist!

    Best of luck with moving day. May you have cooler temps, no rain and an easy-go of it.

    Thanks again for sharing Nate on the N.S. blog. I am so excited to go home tonight and show him he's famous! :)

    You're the best! Send me a note if you need to decompress this week! I'll talk ya down! :)

  17. Ah yes, the boxes.....feels all too familiar! Girl, how the heck are you scrapbooking in that madness!? You know I wish you guys the best on your upcoming move. And prayers for your mom for sure. Hope her surgery goes well and she feels better soon. lots of love.....d

  18. Ah your poor mum! hope her surgery goes well and she gets better real soon! Wow so many boxes ... but just think of the clear out you are having by moving LOL!!! I so need a pre move clear out!!!!
    Love the LO's and little Brookie's face painting very cool!!! xxxx

  19. You have my prayers!
    Love the photos and the layouts!

  20. Wow, I hope everything goes good with your mom! I am loving your layouts girly...you are so busy right now!! Hope all goes well with the big move also :)

  21. Eekkk! That's horrible! I hope your mom feels better soon Julie! Prayers going up for her. I can't believe how many boxes are there.. that's wonderful they all look so organized. I hope it's a quick move! And it's amazing that you still have time to blog not only on your blog but on Nikki's blog! You are an amazing girly! Good Luck on the move. (By the way, your little girl is DARLING!)

  22. Unfortunately we have moved so much over the years that moving to me is an adventure. :-) I cannot wait until our move next year. I hope you move goes very smooth!! I love the LO's especially the first one with all the circles. :-)

    Your mom will be in my thoughts on Thursday!!!

  23. Wow! I must have missed reading about your mom breaking her wrist! She will be in my thoughts and prayers..

    Four more days! Wow! That is soon. We will be offically moving in 2 weeks.. I am so tired of living out of boxes too!

    Beautiful layout!

  24. we're both onto new adventures. pretty darn cool!

  25. best wishes for your mother! and good luck with moving to your new home!
    love the photo's and lo's!

  26. I know how you feel, I still have part of my heart in New York City.... : (
    oh well, wish you all the best for the new adventure, everything go smoothly on moving day, and ya, sorry to hear about your mom, she will in my prayer!
    Lovely pictures and beautiful work too! : )

  27. Hey Julie, So sorry I missed a few posts (the weather was so gorgeous overhere I spend most of my time outside and on the beach, but it's time to go back to blogging, lol!!! So sorry to read about your mom, I will keep her in my prayers!! I wish you lots of good luck the next few days and I hope everything will go well with the moving!!!!
    Loved to see the pics and your lo's are great as ever!!
    Big hug, Hanneke

  28. lovely layouts Julie! Truly--good luck with your move!

  29. Continuing to pray for your Mom Julie!! Sending some extra prayers up for a smooth move and transition to the new place:) (((HUGS)))

  30. ooooo I hate moving sooooo much. I wish you all the best this week. Big hugs to your mom. Poor thing. I hope she has a fast recovery. I couldn't imagine a break like that.
    Love your layouts!

  31. lovely layouts!
    and best wishes to you mom!
    greetings from Norway

  32. good luck on your move! I know how hard it can be!

  33. Sending happy thoughts to your mom!

    Yes, it absolutely counts that your boxes are red and blue. :)

    By the time I return I imagine that you will be all settled in your new home. Happy move!

  34. Good luck with your move. Such a big thing to do, so many new opportunities! :) Love your pages, great papers!!! Love the banner! :):):)

  35. Such pretty and fun LO's,fab papers.Good Luck on the move !!!!!!

  36. This move is going to be a new chapter for you guys and I'm very happy for what your future holds! Happy and excited for you!

  37. Cute...I'm a few days behind. I'll pop over to Nikki's and see the showcase...always love that! Great to see more kids too!!

  38. Too cute! And such beautiful papers! I need to run over an check 'em out! Thanks for the inspiration!

  39. saying good bye is hard... super excited to see what is ahead!! Blessings my friend... blessings!!
    {{hugs}} Michelle


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