Friday, February 4, 2011

*Pure and a Concern too... *

Hi all.......

I am excited today! For today is day ONE of my guest design spot over at Artful Delight! I just LOVEEEEE their February kit... full of Graphic 45's "Once Upon a Springtime!" GORGEOUS-NESS!! :)
This month, Artful Delight's AWESOME DT member Debbie created this sketch for us to play with... LOVE IT! :)

And here is my take on it... I titled this "Pure"

 Make sure to check out Artful Delight's kits... they are AWESOME!

And little Miss Brookie got a haircut last night!

And now for the CONCERN part of my title... so when I got home from CHA... I went to take a shower the next morning (so that would be Wednesday morning...) and I see this on my foot.......

Bruised right under my toes...and as the days have gone on... the bruising is now down the side of my foot... and its swelling my foot and my ankle... really odd!! I have NO idea how I did this to myself... and its NOT getting better... only seems to be worse by the day....hmmmmmmm... might have to head to the doctor soon... but the oddest part, it doesn't hurt... weird, huh??????

Well... I also have a layout posted over on Blue Moon's blog today too!!! I have shown it on here before, but in case you missed it... you can visit HERE to see it! :)

Thanks for stopping by.... I appreciate it! :)


  1. Julie....did you break it???? that's kinda what it looks like....could be stress fractures from walking so much at the show/????? eKKKK.....if totally need to scrap it! get better sweets....hugs, K

  2. It does kinda look like a break. That is crazy! I am glad that it doesn't hurt though!n Sorry people are horrible. I <3 you!!! =)

  3. what happens at cha, stays at cha!!! heh!

    maybe you were having sympathy pains for me? I appreciate it! ; .)

    Brookie and fairies, darling girl!

    happy weekend to you!!!

  4. Pretty layout Julie :)

    And so strange about the foot! What the heck? Very odd, especially because it doesn't hurt. I hope it heals quickly!

    Sorry to hear about the rude commenter. I just don't understand why people need to be rude and hateful. If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at's a pretty simple concept.

  5. Love that sweet layout! and love Brookie's haircut. Hope your foot is okay - I can't tell you how many times I end up with black and blue (then they turn to an ugly greenish-yellow) bruises that I have absolutely no idea how I got them - and they never hurt - hope this isn't serious! So sorry that someone left a nasty comment - there are so many nasty people in this world - I just wish they would leave the rest of us alone. Have a great weekend!

  6. Ok wait someone had something hateful to say, honestly I could for a second think of anything mean or rude that could be said.

    Thank you for being GDT! You projects are amazing and I cannot wait to be able to share them.

    As for your foot, I would totally get that looked at. I know nothing about stuff like that but maybe it could be that you are not getting circulation to your foot? It could be totally nothing (I have had bruises on my stomach that I don't remember hitting myself and they went away a few days later) or it could be something serious. I would have to agree with Katrina though, a lot of standing and walking at the CHA could have done it. Take it easy and get it looked at.

  7. Congrats on the GDT Spot...the layout is BEAUTIFUL! As for you foot...I agree with the others, have it checked out - you just never know!

  8. Someone must be jealous of the beautiful person you are. I'm so sorry!

    I would be careful of that foot. I've seen too many dance students get mysterious foot injuries that have gone on to become much worse problems.

    Great layout! She's too cute!

  9. I agree about getting your foot checked. It's probably not muscle related, which is why it doesn't hurt, so it's gotta be blood related. Not good. Run to the dr. (if you can, hee hee).

    Love the Brookie page. I NEED that frame. So cute!

    And you know my opinion on that comment. Boo!!!

  10. loveee your layout and those papers are sooo pretty! love Brookies new hair cut!
    Please be careful and make sure to get you foot checked out!
    Julie I can never thank you enough for all your support your post seem to bring tears to me you are an awesome ya sooo much and thank God for blessing me with you!

  11. Julie! What did you do?!!! OMG! Well hopefully it's nothing too serious!! Keep us updated!
    And I truly don't understand how anyone could be mean to you, you are like the nicest person on the planet! :0)
    Well take care of yourself!

  12. Okay, don't wait to go to the doctor - you had such a hard time walking around the floor near the end of the day, you probably did hurt your foot. Bruising = bleeding, so please go get that checked out!!! Second, super ADORABLE Brookie layout - good thing you'll have no shortage of that paper cause it's CUTE! HA! ;) LOL And finally, anonoymous needs to get a life and if you don't like the :), just walk away. No need to be mean people!! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  13. Kid, go to the doctor! It's best to check it out!
    I can't believe anyone would be mean to YOU! Shame on them!
    And, I love your layout! Congrats again on getting the Artful Delight guest spot! :-)

  14. Love the layout with the fairy paper and butterflies and Miss Brookie looks so cute with her haircut. I am concerned about your foot Julie. That looks terrible. I hope you get yourself to the doctor! As for the hateful comment I AM SOOOO SORRY!!! I don't know why people have to go out of their way to be mean. Blogging should be a safe place since the rest of the world isn't. Hugs my friend. Love you!! xoxox

  15. I think you got a stress fracture from walking too much at CHA?????
    You need to take good care if it and ice, ice, ice!!!!
    Love that layout what a great sketch to use. and Brookie is cute as ever ; )

  16. Love the framed look on your layout of Brookie. And those butterflies are so pretty. Hope your foot gets better. :)

    And shame on the meanies out there. You are so sweet to everyone. Have a great weekend! :)

  17. Pretty LO and pretty new haircut on Brookie! Not a pretty bruise though. Maybe it was from so much time on your feet at CHA?

    Sad about the comment... :-(

  18. Julie it makes me so sad that someone would write you a mean and hateful comment. My mom says people are only mean and hateful to you because they are jealous and sometimes I believe her!! Your poor foot I can't believe that doesn't hurt!! You need to get that thing checked out!! I LOVE Brookie's new haircut so cute!!!! Have a great weekend:)

  19. Sorry you had to get hateful comments......stupid people.

    Tell BrookieWolek she looks divine with her new haircut. Your layout is beautiful and what a lovely subject! If you look in my Etsy shop you can see two shadowboxes I did using the Graphic 45 "Once upon a springtime."


  20. simply beautiful layout!! I sure hope your foot gets better soon....maybe you were overworked at CHA :)

  21. GIRLFRIEND...GO CHECK THAT FOOT!!! NOW!!!! So sorry, about the ugly comment. ANONYMOUS..huh. You go figure. Great LO's. SO happy for you! Please go get that foot looked at. Let's just hope it's no big deal...but let's find out.

  22. oh no! i'm so sorry to hear about the awful comments-they are jealous because you simply rock gf!
    i think you should get that footsie looked at-sheesh! the sacrifices of cha lol-i would gladly bruise a foot to go next year :) hope it gets better and that it doesn't hurt!
    look at that cutie patootie and her new do! she is toooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!

    i resent an email to you-i hope you don't think i was being rude for not thanking you for the lovely package i won on your bloggie!!!! thank you again!!!!! for some reason it came back return to sender :(

    have a fabulous weekend!


  23. Oh Julie, I hope you can get your foot problem figured out soon.

    That is such a pretty layout of Brookie!

    Sorry that you have to deal with rude comments. That is so sad.

  24. Hope your foot feels better soon... ouchie!

  25. OH Julie...I totally agree about getting your foot checked....It's probably not muscle related, which is why it doesn't hurt, so it's gotta be blood related...maybe... of maybe it could be fracture...please run and see Mr Doctor...I'll be thinking of you....Brookie is so so darling...hugs....

    Needless to know my opinion on that comment. Boo!!!...big hugs Julie....xoxo

  26. Congrats Julie and the guest spot...I LOVE your layout and that paper is precious! Sorry about your foot...try to elevate it! Hope it is okay!!

  27. Sorry about your foot. It could just be a busted blood vessel from being on your feet for a long period of time. They tend to cause bruising that spreads...just a thought. :)
    Hope it gets better soon!

  28. So I'll be the 500th person to say go to the doctor!! =) I'm glad at least that it doesn't hurt! I hope it's nothing serious. Oh, beautiful layout too!

  29. Lovely layout!

    Sorry about your foot. You may want to get it checked out soon! Hope it gets better soon.

  30. oh Julie, that does not look good. it's weird that it doesn't hurt, but i'm glad it doesn't.
    Brookie's hair is too cute!
    i'm with you girl. if you can dish out the trash, own up to it. i just don't get the whole thing. if you don't like what you see why go back at all. even if it is to leave a nasty comment. WTH. it doesn't make sense to me.
    oh well, i hope you find out what's up with the foot soon. i loves you. take care.

  31. Hi Julie!!! I'm delighted as always to visit your blog! Always full of inspiration and fun!

    Hope your foot is better already and what twisted, absurdly crazy person whould have anything bad to say to to you???!!! Coward!

  32. Ow your feet, that doesn't look good, hope it isn't something bad my dear!
    Your pictures are wodnerful and love the beautiful lay out..
    take care my friend!

  33. gorgeous Lo Julie! love the fairies and Brookies new haircut is so sweet! I can't get nery near a hairdresser at the moment..

    I'm glad your foot isn't hurting, I guess it could be a stress fracture, too much to see, too litlle time is hard on the feet!

    and everyone has said all that needs to be said about horrible anonymous, you are loved by all! xx

  34. Julie, it makes me so sad that someone wrote you that mean comment. I saw it and the first thing I thought was: why do you do this anonymous???? Good for you to change the settings!!
    LOVE your page! GREAT papers indeed!
    And I think you've seen a doctor right now, after all these advices ;-)
    Please, keep us informed!!

    Hugs, Jenneke

  35. Your layouts are always gorgeous and I love the way you use the paper!! the foot is troubling!!! What is going on???

  36. Wow! STUNNING LO! So pretty! Love all these pics!
    and Brookie is so precious! Love her hair cut :)

    So sorry to see your foot! I hope it's just a bad bruise!

    hugs, margie :*)

  37. what the heck is that from i wonder? and you had the comfy shoes on!!

  38. love your layout with that kit! And Brookie's hair cut is adorable!

  39. sorry to "see" your foot! And sorry about the DORK the other day! I really like the papers in your layout, great job!

  40. Julie...I am so sorry to hear about your foot i hope you find out soon what is wrong!
    Your layout is stunning!!!!...absolutely gorgeous......get well soon....

  41. Well...I'm glad you allready went to the doc..that looks not good at all!
    Congrats on your GDT spot, awesome! I love your layout Julie! Beautiful papers and a beautiful photo of Brookie!

  42. what a lovely lo... love the colors and that photos... Brookie's hair looks cute... and I hope by now your foot is better... take care... {{hugs}} Michelle


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