Friday, January 14, 2011

*You know you are getting old ... when its time to....* :):):):):):):):):):):):):)

...register your BABY for High School!!! Yep! That's what we got prepared to do last night, we went to Adam's future High School for "Future Freshman Night" (like in SEVEN months he will be there!!!) now I feel officially old! LOL! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

How is it my baby is going to be in High School in just 7 short months from now?!?!?!??!! UGH! (oh... and I have had some comments on my moving.. we are staying in Arizona, just moving a little west of where we are now... so Adam will still go in the same school district as we are in now!) :):):):):):):):):):) And want to hear something even scarier???? ADAM is GOING to MY OLD HIGH SCHOOL!!! Seriously... I think I might be having a mini melt down here! LOL! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

 Here are some photos from last night :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

*You can just see him ready to roll his eyes at his Mom for taking photos of him at his NEW school! lol!* :)

These are the groups that he is interested in... "Naval Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps" :)

*Some of the ribbons and trophies this group has won* :)

*And Music* :)

And speaking of my baby... here is a lo I made of him for! :):):):):):):):)

Product information can be seen over on the Blue Moon Blog! :):):):):):):):)

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  1. I can relate Julie. :) My Rachel started high school just this August. How did they grow up sooooo fast? :)

    Love your layout...especially the "At Your Service" circle embellie. Have a happy weekend! :)

  2. Good Morning Julie Sweetie...
    Oh my gosh, where has the time gone? Adam has sure grown fast. High School and your old school to boot. Oh my.

    I love the picture of him outside the car. You really put him through the ringer. I love it. He is SO handsome Julie.

    Love the LO you made and that little circle "At Your Service" Is that cute or what? I love it.

    Yep, that Greenway sign sure looks familiar. I drive by it 4 times a day. Going to take Tony to and from the bus stop and to and from work. Sure do.

    Love ya girl. Have a great weekend. Keep me posted on that yard sale too. Love, Sherry

  3. How fast they grow!!!!!!!! and how wonderful that you are documenting their lives - someday this will mean a lot to them. I also attended the same high school as my dad - the man who was the principal when I was there was my dad's science teacher. Have a great weekend!

  4. Wow, high school! I don't even want to think about with my kids. I am having a hard enough time thinking i'm going to be sending Lucas to kindergarten this year! Good luck with the move...hopefully we will be sometime soon:) Not to AZ though:(

  5. woot! woot! high school!
    good luck with your move again and best of luck to your "baby" in high school next year-he is going to be fabulous, especially since you are such an awesome mama :)
    lovin' the LO-thanks for the inspiration :)


  6. Oh my! I am registering Nate for kindergarten. I can't imagine HS!!! Eeek!!! (PS: Great page!!!!)

  7. I got one that will be starting HS next school year also Julie!!! I got so excited when I saw the NJROTC!!! Jacob is in our NJROTC program and has grown up and matured so much!! And he loves it!!! I cried first time I saw him in

  8. HS wowzas! i love that lo about him....he is lucky to have you!!! and i have that BM sketch on my desk now :)

    so i realized i commented on your old blog, LOL! i saw the date after i hit submit and was like WTH? haha...

  9. They grow up too fast dont they!!!....
    but you have every reason to be one proud momma!!

  10. I'm sooo glad you're not moving far!!! Can't imagine having one in High School.... !! See ya tonight!!

  11. Your baby is growing up. How cute. Love his face.

  12. What a sweet layout, love that pic of him! He seems so much older just in the time I've been visiting your blog. lol Congrats to the high schooler!

  13. Scary indeed Julie!! My baby is 14 and in High School too!! and lets face it they (or is it WE?) are just NOT old enough to have them going to HS!!! LOL!!! Great photos and LOVE the LO!! :):)

  14. Julie, I love, love, love this layout. I think it is now my new favourite of yours : )
    I can't believe how fast these kids grow up but I still think you're young. Not old at all.

  15. Wow, time goes by so fast. Gorgeous layout. What a handsome guy! And I didn't know you were moving! Ahhh, welcome to the madness of that too! haha I will be so happy when we get settled in next month, finally! Hang in there and good luck with everything! xoxo

  16. Julie, this is GREAT, I'm really happy for you and Adam... the scary part will go away soon (and I totally know what you mean, since those news I told I was going to share was that I'm moving soon, too!!!!!)

    I'm happy to know the news! time is flying!

    hugs and have a great weekend

  17. Love that layout. That pic of your son is beautiful.

    High School, seems like forever ago.

  18. Well if you're old I am too cuz my son started HS last year. About the time your baby will be entering his Freshman year, mine will be entering his Sophmore year!

    BTW - Don't worry about it; I think we still look hot! LOL! ;0)
    Have a good day!

  19. Oh my High School!!!??? Our schoolsystem is totally different from yours, he is in middleschool now am I correct? Rick is already in sort of middle/highschool, first day he went to school last September (45 min drive on his bike, we don't have schoolbusses)I cried my eyes out!!!! But he loves it now!
    And you old???? No way!!!

    Have great weekend!!!

  20. Welcome to the 'old ladies club' Julie :D
    (guess how I feel... my son studies at the Universary - eeckkk...) Love the layout you made with his pic!

  21. Fabulous LO! Julie, you can't be old because then I'm old too, my daughter will be in high school in 7 months too. Yikes!!

  22. I can relate even though it's my OLDEST who gets registered for high school next week :):) I know,I started late! But still, thanks for reminding me to take some pics so I can blog about our feelings that day!

  23. Time flies by WAY too fast!

    Beautiful page, Julie, and such a great photo of Adam, too!

  24. Love the layout! I can't believe Adam is going to be in High School. Wow!

  25. Adam is just so grown up! Where does the time go??? The layout is just WONDERFUL! Just love all the angles and elements that you used!

  26. I can only guess what you feel, cause I need to register my youngest to school...they're growing up too quickly....
    Your lo is simply stunning! I love it so much.

  27. HI!!!!
    WOW--WOW, oh boy and does it go fast, grab a hold and hang on to him!!!He will love it and good so well I know!!!
    hugs to MOM

  28. You and your son are entering a new era in your lives. Your choice of Curio for this layout is just perfect. Beautiful layout Julie.

  29. Oh time is going so fast.
    Love the lay out, perfect colors, and just love everything about it!

  30. Hey you! It's sooo cool that Adam's going to the same high school! Love the layout of Adam! :)

  31. What a gorgeous page! I think it's really great that he's going to your old high school! :)

  32. Hey there, busy bossie ;) How awesome Adam is going to your old higschool! Wow...time flies!
    Well, you're not so still have a girl in kindergarten, that makes up for it ;) LOL!
    I LOVE your page Julie, loving those tags and that photo!
    Have a great weekend!

  33. high school? how can that be? you look SO young!

  34. these are just wonderful lo's!!! Love his smile!!! as for you??? old??? NEVER!!! {{hugs}} Michelle

  35. Hi Julie,, its amazing how fast time goes! I remember when my two daughters started high school,,, Now they are 32 and 29! Scarey! I hope he loves his new school:)
    Have a great weekend. The weather is going to be perfect:)

  36. Keep taking those photos and journaling because their high school years fly by!!! Great layout!

  37. hey girlie... sorry this came late...

    I totally can relate... I felt the same...
    And I think it's awesome that he's going to your old high school! :)
    Great photo of Adam... And I love your layout... as always... hugs...xoxo

  38. Great photo of Adam! I can't believe he'll be a high schooler! That cool he's going to your high school. My nephew is in elementary school and is in the exact same school his dad (my BIL) and both of his grandpas went to. Crazy stuff.

  39. those pictures of Adam are great. i bet both kids love to go through the scrapped pages of themselves. it's crazy how fast the years fly by and if you hadn't gotten it all down on paper it really is hard to remember all the details. they are so lucky to have a mom like you. you rock it, friend. that layout it great!

  40. Wow the same high school as you?? Thats nuts! I can't imagine Logan going to the same hs as me. Well the first one DEFINITELY NOT(it wasn't a good school). But the one I graduated from, well even that would be a stretch. Wow. Great layout


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