Saturday, October 2, 2010

*hi! its me Brookie...the shirt says I am 4...but i'm not really 4...yet...* :):):):):):)

hi everyone!

its me BROOKIE!!! I had my birthday party today! Sooooooo MUCH fun! :):):) mama and daddy took me and my friends to chuck.e.cheese's! eeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkk!!! but thank goodness i know how to type {hehehehehehehe} cause the other day at school we were playing outside and the teacher let us yell in our outside voices and now i have laryngitis! :(  so i am happy that i am having my tonsils out next week, cause right now i can't talk to loud! :( i wanted to share photos from my party though... :)

mama had me take some photos before we left .. (yes, i know you are all SHOCKED by this! hehehehehe!) 

Now...onto chuck.e.cheese's! :):):):):):):):):):)

Me and abum heading in! :):):):):):)

me talking to chuck on the phone! how cool is that?

my abum being a good sport and taking a photo of chuck and him... i don't know where i was at this moment...cuz ummmmm its MY PARTY and i shoulda been there to meet chuck! :)

my friends and family having fun! :)

my uncle steve and nana ruth!

 papa eli playing a game and getting me tickets! GO PAPA! :)

 my cousin nathan!

 gabriel and donna!

 audrey and her mama valerie!

 me and my friend erika!

 chuck, papa mike and me! :)

 me on a ride! :)

 donna and jaden! :)

 heidi and my friend kinsey (heidi is her mama!) :)

 valerie and audrey! :)

 audrey! :)

then it was time for my cake! :) isn't it the BESTEST EVER???? :)

 me blowing out the candles! :)

*sigh* i love my cake! :)

And NOW TIME for PRESENTS! :):):):):):):)

i got a dora guitar from mama and daddy! :)

 a jessy doll from abum! :)

and here i am opening my barbie doll house from audrey and valerie! :)

and presents from peggy and howard! :)

and a barbie and little mermaid from heidi, kinsey and keegan! :)

checking to see if my bff erika can share my new CUTE sweatshirt from nana ruth and papa eli! :)

my beauty and the beast playset and curious george game from donna, gabriel, jaden, amber and erika! did i tell you all that i am gonna be BELLE for Halloween? I can't wait! :)

my singing happy birthday dora from mama and daddy! :)

 my card and some spending money from scott and nathan! :)

my v-tech game from nana sue and papa mike! :)
*phew* it was an awesome party! WOW! and then we came home and saw that i had a birthday card in the mail from aunt mary in new york! thanks aunt mary! :)

and yesterday, i got a card, CUTE silly bandz and a canvas from mama's friend katrina! thanks katrina! i love them so much! :) mama says that katrina made the canvas....its sooooo pretty! :)

so my real birthday isn't until monday... and i know mama has a blog post to do that day... but um, HELLO? its my birthday... i might just do it for her... just gotta figure out to add her art on here! hmmmmmm... note to self, work on that before monday! :)
thanks for coming to look at my party...i'm a little tired now, thinking a nap is in order....
ok...bye! :)


  1. Love the photos and that birthday shirt! Happy {almost} 4th birthday Brookie! :)

  2. Wow...that sounds like one AMAZING birthday party! And how lucky you are to have so many family and friends there?! Happy (early) Fourth Birthday Brookie!

  3. Awe! Brookie you look like you had an awesome birthday! That Dora guitar is the.coolest.present.EVER!

  4. Happy Birthday Brookie!!! And I thought those Diva silly bands were right up YOUR alley!!!! Wish I could of had some of that cake...looks yummy!!!!! Get some rest...and talk to you soon!!!

  5. Happy Birthday Brookie :D Looks like you had a blast at your Birthday Party !!! Hugs Jamie

  6. Looks like your party was loads of fun. Great presents the Jessie doll. Happy birthday sweet girl.

  7. Happy Birthday Brooke! Looks like you a a great day, lots of very cool presents!

    Good luck on the tonsils next week! :)

  8. oh brookie.. i could eat you up you're so cute! happy birthday sweetheart!

  9. Happy Birthday Brookie!!!!! 4 is a great age and Chuck e Cheese, what more can a girl ask for.. =) looks like a great day with friends and family.

  10. Looks like quite the fun filled day...woot woot for birthday parties...I LOVE skee's one of my FAVs:)

  11. Looks like a FUN party!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Brookie!!! (=

  12. HaPpY bIrThDaY bRoOkIe! It looks like you had an amazing birthday party! I hope you have a wonderful 4th Birthday!

  13. thank you so much for posting this! It made me smile and brought back memories...and with mine being 14, 17, and 25 (and newly engaged), those memories were way too long ago! I love the smile on her face in every photo! She must have had so much fun!

  14. Ow you had a great birthday!
    And you've got a lot of present you must be the happiest girl in the world!

  15. Happy birthday sweet Brookie! Love the photos - looks like you had an awesome day!!! xx

  16. Happy 4th Birthday Brookie!!

    Looks like you had a great time with friends and family!

  17. Looks like you had so much fun! Happy birthday!

  18. So wish I could have been there - Happy happy happy happy almost 4th!!!!!!!!!

  19. Thank you so much for your Etsy order!!!I appreciate it so much. I'm so excited, I'm totally going to make my 100 dollar goal now for the race. Its not a marathon though. I wish. I'm doing a 5k. Thats 3.2 miles. I'm still not in the right kinda shape for much more.

    Happy Birthday to Brookie!! She made out! Wow! All that pink icing looks so yummy too. Adam with Chuck e Cheese made me laugh :)

  20. Happy Birthday, Brookie!!! :) :) :)
    Yea, your almost 4!!! How exciting! My lil guy Matt is 4 and he says that it is the coolest number age to be ;) So enjoy your day and all of your presents!!! Can't wait to see your Mama create a mini-album with all these pics ;)
    hugs!!! margie :)

  21. Happy B-day Brookie!!!!!!!!
    Looks like you had a superparty en what nice presents did you get.
    Have lots of fun with it.

  22. Happy, happiest bday on MOnday!!

  23. whohoooo, Miss Brookie, happy b-day to you! You're getting so big and more beautiful every day! Looks like everyone had an awesome time on your party!
    hugs to you and mom

  24. Happy birthday to you Brookie! I can tell by those beautiful photo'd you had an awesome day and look at all your!Wonderful!
    Makes me wish it was my B-day again ;)
    No wonder you are tired!
    Say hi to mom and dad and Abum for me!!
    Take a good sleep and have so much fun tomorrow on your birthday!!
    Big hugs!!

  25. Happy Birthday Brookie... looks like you are having a ball... at your pressies... Fantastic... xx

  26. Happy Birthday, Brooke! Ben just had HIS 4th birthday too...and at Chuck E. Cheese's!! Great minds think alike :D

  27. What a FUN birthday party with so many awesome gifts! Your cake looked yummy, too! Happy Birthday, Brookie! :-)

  28. What a fabulously fun birthday!!! Happy 4th birthday Brookie!!!!

  29. Happy Birthday Miss Brooke. It looks like a great party, and WOW did you get some great gifts!. My birthday is Thursday, so we are practically Birthday buddies:)

    Have a great week (()) gail

  30. Hi Julie,, thank you for the Birthday wishes. I am sending hugs to Brookie. I hope everything goes very well and she will be good as new. Little ones heal so quickly. Take care and I will keep Brookie in my prayers:) luv, gail

  31. Happy happy birthday to you Brookie! :) I love all your pressies and that yummy cake too! Nothing like a birthday party with people who love you so much! :)

  32. Happy birthday Brookie!!!!! Looks like you had the best party ever!!!! And all those gorgeous presents.... I hope you had a good night sleep so now you can play with your new toys...

  33. Looks like a fantastic day!!! Thanks for sharing it with all of us!!! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I hope today will be as fun!!!

  34. Take a nap girl!!! Long day, but those smiles are priceless!!!!!

  35. Happy Birthday Brookie. Your party look like so much fun. And look at all those presents.

  36. what a awesome party and what great presents... you look adorable... I can tell 4 years old suits you... enjoy being 4.... happy birthday!!!
    {{hugs}} Michelle

  37. You always write so well Brookie!! Love reading ur post and the photos are lovely. Glad u had an awesome & such a happening party!! Happy birthday sweetie!!

  38. Oh, simply adorable!!!!!
    Thank you so much for sharing all those happy photos of the birthday party!
    And once again - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  39. WOW Brookie, wish I could have been there!!! What a fun place to celebrate your birthday and look at all those great gifts you got!!!!!
    Happy Birthday sweetheart, I hope to meet you once!!!
    Big hug, Hanneke


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