Wednesday, May 5, 2010

*exactly 2 years and 6 months ago today.....* :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

.....i took the plunge and joined an online community called Scrap In Style TV (SIS). I was scared to DEATH to join an online line community as at this point in my 'scrappy' life, i was still getting my feet wet....
i had no idea what a design team was...
i had no idea what digi scrappin' was...
i didn't know what the word 'embellies' meant...
i didn't know how to layer my papers...
i didn't know what all these IRL, MIL, SIL, DD, DS acronyms meant....
i didn't know a darn thing about anything....
but i took the plunge anyways. i figured if i wasn't accepted, so be it. and i started in the gallery. and i commented and commented and commented on pretty much every piece of AMAZING art i found in the SIS gallery.
i was inspired.
i was moved.
i was awed.
i was taught how to scrapbook.
for me.
for my love.
for my kids.
i learned about challenge blogs.
i learned about friendships.
i found true artists that i never knew existed. 
i learned that even in the happiest of places, SIS still had drama, but that was okay, for i still knew that at the end of the day, there were still woman and men (LG!) there that i had formed a life long friendships with, no matter the drama.
i got my first DT gig through the girls i met on SIS (thanks Shauna and Jilly for that amazing first shot!)
i was blessed to attend their live event in Tennessee two years in a row and meet some of the most amazingly, talented, beautiful women i have ever been blessed to be in the company of.
i have been blessed by so many online friendships that started on SIS.
i have been blessed to meet IRL so many people from SIS for dinner, for crops, for lunch, for shopping.
it was on SIS that i became known as the 'smiley face girl' :):):):):):):):):):):). 
i have left 65,043 comments on lo's posted on SIS and on their message boards.
i know not all were happy all the time on SIS, it can not be expected to be happy somewhere all the time, sad, but true.
but even with some of the drama, i will never regret one moment on SIS.  for if it wasn't for me taking the plunge 2 years and 6 months ago on november 5th, 2007, i wouldn't be where i am today. period. 
the men and women that made SIS what it was, changed my life for the good forever.
the men and women that made SIS what it was, changed my way of crafting forever.
the men and women that made SIS what it was, changed me forever.
i will be forever grateful for all of the friendships i made on SIS.
forever grateful to JJ for creating SIS and bringing me together with all these amazing people.
we will be saying goodbye to SIS when they close forever on may 15th, 2010.
RIP SIS. i, for one, will miss you.
but because of U...i will forever scrap in style......


  1. so so so sweet julie. that last line was just perfect.
    i proposed a funeral.
    gosh... you made me cry again.
    i really am going to miss that place. :(

    love you.

  2. Hi Julie,

    So sorry to hear about that. They were fortunate enough to have you, though, and I'm sure you didn't learn half as much as you taught others to have fun. You go girl, good luck sweetie let us know how things work out.


  3. WOW I didnt know this. I always get lost at that site, but you can find Layouts you won't see elsewhere. Sad news.

  4. I didn't realize they were closing the site. I know thhy clsoed the shop about a year ago, but the whole site? SADNESS!!

  5. What a sweet tribute to SIS. That's how I met you and many other wonderful scrappers out there. So sad that it will be no more...

  6. HI!!!
    Oh how sad, I know you are going to miss this so much!!!
    But you are one very creative lady and the creativity will never cease because they are closing!!!

  7. even though i havent had time to scrap lately or even go onto the site much, i am so sad that they are closing it down. i am so thankful for all the friends i have made through the site and all the inspiration and beautiful art that was posted there.
    so sad.

  8. I didn't know they were closing...will take a look after this message...and it is how we met..and still know you were the first to say hello and welcome..

  9. Awwww that is well said. Sorry for your loss. You are one talented lady who does put a smile on each of our faces...Smiles. .. Tammy

  10. Hi Julie
    That is so sad!
    I knew a couple of days ago and it broke my heart.
    I am going to miss SIS and all the friends I have made there.

    Beijos from Brazil ;^)

  11. What a beautiful tribute to SIS! I admit that I haven't been around there much lately but for about 2 years I was there virtually every day making friends and getting inspiration. Thanks for such a lovely and moving post - I am now just sitting here thinking about all the wonderful friends that I met through SIS - all my new sisters.

  12. Oh!!! I didn't know that!! A lot of things happened to me thanks to SIS as well, meeting you for example!!I must be honest that i am not much around there anymore cause it was so slow lately And writing in English can sometimes be very exhausting for me cause I have to think hard all the time (and I am not a hard thinker, hahaha) So blogging is enough for me at the moment!!
    So sweet to write such a great tribute to them!!

    You're the best!! xxx

  13. So true, Julie.
    I've said MANY times that I joined SIS b/c I thought I was "just gonna look at a few layouts." I never imagined that I would come out making such good, lifelong friends as I have.
    SISLive last year was an experience I will never forget. I'm sad that we won't have another one, but I'd love to get a bunch of us together sometime for a weekend. You think??

    Take care. Love you.

  14. It's so wonderful to find an online community you can really "live in" and be a part of! I'm sorry they're closing, I hope you find a new creative home soon!

  15. Well, like everyone else I didn't know they were shutting down. That's too bad. I always liked looking at everyone else's work for inspiration. I haven't scrapped in a long time so haven't been around SIS either, but I'm glad I checked it out way back when....or else I would have never meet the crazy lady with all the smilies, and such. :) Glad you've been able to get so much out of it.

  16. I agree...That is where I met my scrappy besties...I cannot imagine a world without you and your comments and beautiful layouts. i would not be who I am today if it weren't for you and your positive outlook. I remember when I first started at Sis and I thought, who is this smiley face person and how in the world does she find something positive to say about everything? Then it hit me, if she can...I can too...and it felt really, really good! lol!!
    I will remember Sis for that...not for the drama or the mess but for you and chez and jamie and mandy and kimbo. =)

  17. I sad. Just think without SIS i would of never of met you or so many other amazing women. I am very sad about it.

  18. I met some amazing people through SIS too. I am glad it was there for a time. It really did help me learn so much more about scrapbooking too!!

  19. So glad to have met you there! :-)

  20. Oh you made me tear up Julie:) What a beautiful tribute!!!!! I am so glad our creative pathes crossed!!! I feel the same you do. When I found sis I met so many amazing friends, a place to be me and inspiration!!!!!. And yes there is always a little drama when you get a bunch of girls together:) LOL.

    It will be missed. I might have to a little tribute too now. Thank you for all the inspo Julie!!!!

  21. awww... what a wonderful tribute Julie!

  22. so sad to hear that news too...

    i don't think i "met" you on SIS tho... hmm, refresh my memory

    perhaps it was on a previous DT? i dunno... regardless, i'm glad that our paths have crossed online and IRL! :)

    sooooon, i know you'll be visiting the sf area again... right? haha.


  23. Wow Julie...65,000 comments- that is amazing in itself.You bring joy to so many people, myself included - you are incredible! Sad to see the site closing, but your brightness will live on depite that!!!!!!!!! love u! xoxo

  24. so, when are we meetin' in Vegas, Baby?! ; .P

  25. Amen.

    The perfect words, Julie!!


  26. I'm happy I met you there!!

  27. Such sad news, but I'm glad that you were able to experience such joy when it was a part of your life. HUG!!!

  28. that just is so rough. i think a lot of people understand you right now since so many people are losing their homes online. you made some amazing friends and found inspiration, i hope you can find some peace in that and keep your relationships going strong!

  29. This is beautiful, Smiley.
    Thank you for these words and for all the 65,000+ comments you left on SIStv.

    I'm going to miss it.
    A lot.


  30. What a really sweet tribute to SIS.I am so sorry to hear about SIS being no more.. Sad news!

  31. Our SIS experiences are very similar, Julie. I stumbled upon the videos first, then months later I ventured into the site right before NSD. Was it 2 or 3 years ago? Time flies. I was so excited about this NSD thing. I slept maybe 4 hours that weekend. I learned how to post a layout, I met kindred spirits. It opened a new door for me. I'm so glad that we virtually met. You are truly a sweetheart, Julie. And farewell SIS.

  32. Beautifully spoken. If not for SIS I never would have met you. So I feel very much the same...although I can't quite speak my feelings as eloquently:)

  33. I agree Julie, I met the greatest women over at SIS and I am thankful for that experience. I am very thankful to have met you and I am so glad you got so much from SIS. Truly, I hope you continue to spread your wonderfully positive comments. Many times you have made my day from an unexpected comment you have posted!

  34. Can you believe I didn't even realize they were shutting down?? I haven't been on there much in forever. How sad. :(

  35. this is just so sweet... I will miss it also... it's where I met you... and I will always always always be grateful for this. RIP SIS... you will be missed!
    {{hugs}} Michelle


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