Sunday, January 10, 2010

*born crooked*

Hi all....

Wanted to share some lo's I have made and also share something else that Brookie and me did yesterday! :)

(yes....normally I know...if Brookie wants to share something that she has done...she sneaks in here and does the post I don't know she does that!!! LOL!!! but I didn't think she would want to share the space with me today...sooooo I will share what we did...I know, I know...U are all disappointed that its just me today....but hey....she'll be back soon enough!! LOL!!!!) :)

First I want to share a LO I made for the February GDT spot over at Sketchy Thursdays! :)We were to go a little vintage....sooooooooo I took that literally and even used OLD Julie photos too!!! LOL!!! :)

My title: *born crooked* 
And my journaling: "and that's ok...with my leg problems - the braces, and my parents support and the tolerance they taught me ... made me a better person.  I never judge people who walk different...who talk different...who act different than me...we are who we are...we are all one is perfect...tolerance should be something that we all pass down to the next generation.  we should all be taught that everyone is different and no one is perfect...born crooked...born straight...born different...born "normal" doesn't matter....but what we teach our kids on how to treat others is what matters in the end.  tolerance. teach it. know it. live it." :)


And the next LO I made was just for fun! I made it using the Paper Doll kit from :)



Hehehehehehehe...I just know someday Adam's gonna be really MAD at me for that photo! LOL! :)

And NOW for what Brookie and I did yesterday!!!! Brookie learned the ART of making HOMEMADE chocolate cookies!!! And eating the COOKIE DOUGH of course!!!! LOL!!! I had to teach her the BEST part!!! LOL! Here are some photos, courtesy of Brian on Brookie's "making a ball" technique! LOL! :)





I think she makes some pretty good looking cookie balls!!! LOL! :)



  1. when you first told me about your legs, i totally didn't believe you! haha. ...but i think that's great that everything worked out. :) everyone's slightly a lil bit crooked if you know what i mean. ;) ummm, and that pic of ABUM is so funny. he's gonna be so PO'd later when he sees it.

    yay for cookies! i haven't baked cookies in a while because we've been busy, but that sure looks delicious!

    get REST! and feel better soon.


  2. Your born crooked layout is amazing! I really like the journaling that you had with it. Yep, I am in Phoenix:) Do you ever meet up locally with people that scrap? I have a few friends that do crops but would love to meet others!

  3. love the red! and the pink! and especially that Adam wore the feathered boa! he rocks!!!

    happy Sunday gorgeous Julie!


  4. Great layouts Julie! Your first one has great journaling. Love the message at the end too.

    How about you wrap some cookies and send them my way! :) Yummy!

  5. So cute! Love those layouts and those cookie pictures are to cute! I agree with you Julie, the dough is the best, and my favorite, part! Love cookie dough, now I want to go make some!

  6. Hey Julie,
    what an amazing layout 'Born Crooked' is- fantastic message. You need to submit that to the mags girl. Your pics are adorable!!!!!! You did a fabulous job. Of course, Brookie is a little dollface! She's a "mini me" of you all the way!
    Wish I was there to help make and eat all those cookies!!!!

  7. You just never cease to amaze me - all the things that have happened to you in your life, and you are the most wonderful person today - what great parents you have, and I know that you are a super parent to Adam and Brooke. You know I love to bake - love those pix of Brooke - it's funny but we were never allowed to eat raw dough as children so even as an adult, I have never done it - I do like to lick the icing bowl. LOL! Hope you are feeling better this week and take good care of yourself!!!!!

  8. yum-those cookies are making me drool!!
    Lovely layout, as always!!

  9. Great job on both layouts! I always enjoy your journalling and your pen men ship! So legible and cool looking - just about like those yummy cookies!!!! Didn't notice any baked ones - sis any make it??? LOL!!!

  10. Parents do need to teach tolerance and acceptance.. what is "normal"? What an obstacle to overcome... you are amazing. Now... seriously... you are making me hungry... I think I need to make some cookies now... and of course bake only a few. Clara and I love to each cookie dough.. Love all the layouts... tolerance... pass it on!!!

  11. Oooooooo Those look like some darn fine and tasty cookies!!!! Yay for Brookie. :):):):):):):)

    Love the layouts you did. Seriously Adam is going to love when you show that one to a girl!!!!!

    Have a great Week!

  12. Love, love, love your "born crooked"-layout. SO beautiful! and the journaling is so true!

    The pink LO is just gorgeous. Love your happy faces.

    Yes, please come over for some cake!! I'll love to have you here as my guest :) :)


  13. WOnderful layouts again, Julie!
    I always adore your journaling, you are so frank about everything, I admire you for that!
    GREAT pictures of Brookie!!

    Hope you'll have a good night sleep and you'll feel better soon!!

    Hugs, Jenneke

  14. awesome pages Missy J2 love the first one gorgeous.

    yummy cookies. we did some baking here yesterday too.

    love the new siggie.

  15. Great layout and i love your handwriting! Fantastic journaling and storytelling, too. Love the cookie pics. I was supposed to make brownies this weekend, let's not remind Nate that we never did. :)

  16. Oh beautiful--okay first of
    I totally love your new shoes--yummy and I love how you displayed them!!
    You know I find it interesting that I actually noticed how much your LO style has changed!! I love it_ it's so cool to see the changes and the progress--this layouts are smoking!!!!

    Oh oh yes __ our last post--OI noticed your freckles!!!! I didn't know you were a speckled girl like me !! so sweet!!!! Anyway I hope your new year has brought you nothing but enjoy---oh yes-- you're welcome to trade of AZ for DC--I think AZ would be good for my bones!!!

  17. I want to say that your layouts are precious in both senses. The first one is amazing....It would win hands down in my book. I can tell you have been blessed.
    The second one reminds me of me with my boys...they come running if I am making cookies just so they can have dough. I do get help making them *shocker* baking~they come running.
    Have a great evening with the family. SMiles...Tammy

  18. Oh, I just luvs your born crooked l/o. The colors and elements are awesome and I love your journaling!!!! Just looking at Val's post - we Phoenix-area gals should make and effort to get together for a crop!!! Mmmmmmmmm, cookies. I got a "perfect brownie" pan for Christmas and test drove it yesterday. Yes, my brownies came out pretty perfect! Cool!

  19. YUM! Now I'm hungry for some chocolate chip cookie dough! The dough is my favorite part!!

    Great layouts! The boa page is too fun!! I have a pile of pics of my BFF and I in turquoise boas. Good stuff :)

  20. I think Born Crooked has to be one of my favorite layouts to date!!!!

    Love the Boa Love!! I'm sure when Adam brings home The Girl he will show this to her!!!

    I really enjoy the photos of your mommy and daughter bonding moments!!

  21. Cute layouts! I love the design of Born Crroked & all the red. I wish I could pop on over for some of those yummy cookies! :)

  22. Love the born crocked LO - so beautifil and so meaningful - awsome journaling, colors, photo - just love it. And the Boa Love - so cute ;D Best part is the cookies though - those balls look delicious! :D

  23. Those lo's are stunning I also like the prictures you make, and the one Brooke eating coolie is the best there is!

  24. JUst love your journaling,so true!!LOve you for that!Everyone has his crazy things!
    Love your design too and the so much fun!
    Love your boa one to,look at all that pink!!
    Love those cookies Brookie made,they look deliscious!

  25. WOW Julie,you are really scrapping your but off all the time right? :D

    Really cute,and very inspiring!

    And those cookie balls...owmy looks soooo yummy!

  26. I can't believe Adam actually put the Boa on let alone let you take a picture.....He must love his momma a lot!!!! Too cute. Love the layout of you...Mrs. Crooked. I agree with Sarah I think we all have a part of us that is a little crooked. But nobody is perfect we should all remember that and offer a little grace and mercy. Mmmmm. Chocolate chip cookies are my favorite....especially fresh baked ones cause the dough is the best part! Hehehehe.....Hugs to you sweet friend. Amy

  27. Your Born Crooked layout is totally fabulous! I love love love your journaling and you look cute with your crooked leg! P.S. Have I told you lately that you come up with the best layout titles EVER!!! Just love 'em and love you too!!!

  28. Who's born "normal?" What is "normal?" I teach Bryn that everyone is different & if we were all the same, that would be BORING.

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the LO's... but especially the journaling.

    Poor Abum... :-)


  29. Love your born crooked LO and how you did the title. Awesome message and loved getting to see little baby cute!!! You are one amazing Mama. Tell Brookie her cookies look delicious.

  30. Some gorgeous stuff around here again... especially the cookies LOL! Love your layouts again Julie, you're so talented! Oh, and I saw the LO for STM... it's one of my all time favourites! Gorgeous!!!!

  31. Thank you for sharing that personal tidbit about yourself. I feel like I'm getting to know you more and more everytime I read your postings.

    BTW, your new layouts look awesome and those cookies look scrumptious.

    Could you do me a favor and post about the BMS Blog Candy being given away here:

    I figured with just 5 days left till the due date I'd let my DT members from BMS know about it to create another loving posting for BMS and perhaps play along too.

    Thank you in advance. I appreciate it!

    Much Love!

  32. Beautiful layouts Julie!Love the born crocked LO.yummy cookies.

  33. so love your born crooked layout. xx
    Yummy cooking time too. xx

  34. your journaling so encapsulates the person you are--tolerant, open, caring...beautiful LO, and the message is one we can all stand to read occasionally. :)

  35. Great layouts! Born crooked si amazing, and I still love those boas! haha! Brookie looks so sweet making cookies! :)

  36. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE your Born Crooked layout! Not only is it masterfully arranged and such an eye pleaser, but it sends such a meaningful message! Good luck on winning that spot! I will come back and vote for you if yours makes it to the top 5!!


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