Monday, September 21, 2009

Yes, my gallery is gone.........

Hi all.......

Some of you have sent me private messages, some of you have sent me emails, some of you have been scratching your heads, some of you may not have even noticed (which is fine of course...) ......but yes, I have removed my gallery from SIStv.  I can't bring to words, (in fact, right now...I am going through differnet phrases in my head, trying to come up with the right ones)....why I have made this desicion.  I was verbally ( i guess written words would be the right phrase) attacked there, chose not to "have a comeback" for what was said, for I am one that never chooses to fuel the fire.  And when I mentioned this incident on my own personal blog, the person that was verbally hurting me, tried to send me a comment, stating that she was....well, for purposes of not twisting anything around, here are her words, copied from the comment she tried to leave me, "I was shocked to see I was blogged about yesterday so that put me on the defensive."  I just want to state, that for those of U who took the time to read what I wrote about this situation, I never told anyone what scrap website I was referring too, and I never said who I was talking about.  I just told everyone that if any of you saw things written about me, please know that it is my own personal choice not to respond, as again, I do not like to fuel fires.  Yes, I know she tried to apologize, but it was an apology on a public message board, and I am not one that does certain things in public forum.  Hard to explain...but, I feel (my opinion of course) that some things should be kept private and not splashed around for eveyone to see.  I know it may appear that I did not accept the person's apology, because I did not respond in a public matter....but I feel that is my choice, not to display certain things in public. I know, that it may seem by writing this blog post, that I am contradicted that statement....but I wanted to explain to people why I made my decision.  I am not trying to start anything, stir anything, fuel anything, I am just explaining in my own words, why I did what I did. That is all......

So, back to the title of this post.  It was my choice to remove my gallery from there.  It was a hard choice, because so many friends have taken time out of their days to leave me comments on my work, and for those of you that did leave me comments, I appreciate them, all of them, more than I can ever express to you.  One thing that I am all about, and anyone who knows me can vouch for me, I believe there is beauty in everything created.  U show me anything that U have created and I can promise U, I will see the beauty that U created and know that everything on your page came from your heart.  So, I will still be on SIStv, leaving comments, welcoming new people and loving every piece of art that U create.  That is who I am. I never came out to the "public" scrappy eye to have people look at my work, I came out to GIVE others LOVE on their creations.  That is what I have always been about, and that is what I will continue to be.  I scrap for me, as we all should, and I get inspiration from others, have learned from others, and will continue to show my support to all of U, and will never expect anything in return.  That is me.

I have seen others hurt in this art that we share.  I have been supportive and cried along with people that have been hurt.  I have never been hurtful towards another in this art that we share, and never expected to be the one that got hurt (please don't take that as I am above being hurt, what I mean is, I never thought that anything I do or did would ever cause an attack on me.....), nor do I expect anyone else to ever be hurt.  We are not children anymore, there is no fights on the playground, or in the parking lot after the bell rings.  I do not like it when people are mean to each other.  Don't get me wrong, I have a temper, and I do know how to use my parents, or Brian, or even Adam.......ohhhhhhhhh they could tell U I do not like it when people are attacked for what they believe in, or for just being themselves.

We all have something to say, be it verbally, in our typed words, in our journaling, or just through creating a page.  But, I'm not going to ever fuel fires that are not worth getting the gas out for........

So, to my friends and followers on SIStv, if I have offended any of U in any way by removing my gallery from there, please know that was not my intent.  Things have been building for awhile...and this was the last straw.  I still will be there, *drooling* over all the beauty I see.... :) and I hope that U all will welcome my comments with open arms! :):):):):):):):) For now, I will be posting my work on here....and with that being want to share the latest Scrapping the Music LO I have created, for this weeks song! :):):):):):):) This week it is, "UP" by Shania Twain....loveeeeeeeeeeee her....loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee that song......and QUITE appropriate for what I have written above...don't U think??? :):):):):):):):):):):):) Hope U all can play along... :)

I used a kit on this LO! :):):):):):):):):):):):)  And I did some more airbrushing on here!!! VERY FUN! :):):):):):):):):):)



LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEE to all....and thanks for taking the time to stop by.... :):):):):)


  1. Julie, that is so crazy! I'll never understand why some people try to tear others down. I just don't get it. We all know I could just sing your praises til the cows come home, but I just want to remind you of how absolutely sweet, kind, funny, giving, and adorable you are!! You are loved by soo many b/c you take time to make others feel loved.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE THE UP UP UP L/O!!! soo cute...i love how brookie is looking up in the pic, and i soo hart that little flower and the way you designed your page!! beautiful, lady!!

    love you!

  2. Hey Julie, came over to say thanks for the love and I've just read this post. It saddens me that someone has effected you enough for you to remove your gallery from somewhere you love. The thing I love most about scrapping and blogging is all the lovely people I have met. This includes you. Just when I think I will no longer missed you send me some love. Keep up seeing the beauty in things as it will give you more joy than indulging in negativity. Some have no joy! Any hoo this bright happy layout, those little blue flowers really make the photo pop. Have a great week! XX

  3. Im so sadden to hear this. I notice your ggallery was gone, but I honestly thought my cp was acting up However, you shouldnt take or remove anything cause one have to "try" and lower someone else to just "try" and make themselves feel better. You are way to sweet, nice, and a very caring person that doesnt deserve such thing happen to them. Im here to chat if you ever need an extra ear to hear. HUGS to you my friend and much love being sent from way over here:)

    Your layout is so beautiful and love how you used the prima flower. I have some, but havent used them yet. Now I have the inspiration to do so :)THANKS!

  4. Julie..... You just simply make my DAY!!!!! I hear ya... I worked in both the Local scrapbook stores and all I have to say is, "come on people it's scrapbooking....It is supposed to be fun.... It is supposed to be an art form....each persons creativity...." I wonder often why we all have to be so caddy at times.... Life is too short. Enjoy your time while you are here and I am just sayin' but if someone is offended by anything you have done, maybe they should turn the finger pointin' around and do a little personal soul searching!!! Julie your STM layout is so stinkin' cuuuttttteeeee! Brookie is the cutest little girlie girl. Just precious. Hugs Honey Bunny! Hugs.

  5. That is a BEAUTIFUL layout Julie!!
    Personally I have stayed away from SIS lately cause I feel it is very cliquey and going downhill. It isnt new and fresh anymore. It is the same old thing all the time. You are right for standing by your feelings. Things should not be commented about or posted about on message boards. It's like high school and texting. Everyone hides behind their words instead of doing things face to face. Love you!

  6. Hi Julie, I'm sorry to hear someone's words have affected you enough to come to such a decision. I've only known you for a short time, but I know that with you it's all about sharing the love. And I agree with you completely, there's beauty in every single LO, simply because it's made out of love.
    I love your STM LO, it's really pretty, and I love that picture of Brookie!
    xxx Peggy

  7. I am so sorry to hear that!!! But you know you are loved by so many people and the ones who care will understand and find the way to your blog!!!!!!!!!!! I am so sorry that I couldn't write to you sooner but this computer (Rick's) is giving me such a hard time it's slow and I don't have e-mail grrrhhhh!!!!! Loving your LO such a sweet photo and I love the alpha's and the flowers, it's GORGEOUS!!!
    Love you, A BIG HUG!!!! Hanneke

  8. I read this and all the comments just now and just think sometimes women are just crazy! How can something that is supposed to be fun and bring people together become such an ugly thing. I've seen it a lot lately....people getting smacked because of their style or a particular LO. It is just craziness. There are such big things in this world to worry about.....that scrappin' shouldn't be one of 'em! You are a sweet, sweet girl......and I for one will be here to visit ya! I am so sorry that you were hurt by this. Hugs to you!

  9. Wow, you are dealing with a similar situation... I am so sorry for you! Mine isn't in a public forum at least but at my LSS as well as she is a family member! People can be mean! We love you and thank you for continuing to share your work here!

    I love your STM layout!!! Oh my!

  10. OMG, WTH is wrong with people? Some people are just mean, and that is their problem. They just "don't get it." Unhappy souls I guess.
    Do NOT let if affect you- karma is a you know what! Hold your head up high and move on from that negative situation. I never went on that site before, it's too bad if you loved it that you had to go- but do what is best for you and know you have a ton of people who adore you including MOI!
    You are such a talented and sweet person! Don't let anyone attack that! They are not worth your energy!!! Keep smiling!!!!!!! And send me your address so I can send you those protective goggles for the glue dot application! lol Protective glasses for scrapbooking, now that's hot! hee hee Have a great day! love ya, deb

  11. OMG this is wonderful Julie!!!Love the photo, the alpha's and the beautiful flowers!xoxo

  12. I'm so sorry you've been dealing with us! It's stories like this that make me so thankful for LPS where there's no drama llamas. lol But I wouldn't wish this to happen to anyone, least of all you! Thanks for sharing your beautiful work with usw! I love the stitching on your layouts!

  13. what happened???
    i think i missed something. email me....
    i hope you are ok!!
    hugs, my friend.

  14. Julie, I don't know to say what I feel about that in english. I don't use SIS anymore. I think that a lot of people still thinking that is a Hollywood and they are sooo famous and fabulous and we are the rest.

    You are so sweet and do a lot of treasures with your heart and this is so important to me.
    I don't know if you understand my bad english...

    You LO is amazing!!! I love all stuffs in it!

  15. I like what Amy said, "Everyone hides behind their words instead of doing things face to face." So true..... :-(

    That LO is SOOOO ADORABLE... the photo, the color combo, the clusters, the title.... just ALL of it! ♥ it!! :-)

    Big hugs! Can't wait to see you & your family! :-)

  16. Julie, that is such a bummer. you are such a bright spot in so many scrapper's lives, and it is a shame that someone was nasty. you always make me smile and i so appreciate your sweet comments.

    your little Brookie is such a doll, and your page is awesome! what a perfect lo to go with your post!

    keep your head up girl, you rock!

  17. I am so blessed to have met you through Sis. For that, I will be forever thankful. I have stopped going there as well. Anyhoo...OMG!!!!! Ya know how I feel about Noel's Kits!!!! That is a fabulous LO!! I love the way you layered the alphas. You make me want to scrap. I see your blog and I want to, then I look at the piles of stuff downstairs and I want to hide.

  18. Oh friend....I agree with Cassie- I'm so glad to have met you there. :) I haven't really been scrapping lately, so I'm not over there much, either, but I really am glad to have had that connection so that we can now be friends.

    Love you, Julie!

  19. Julie I am saddened by the fact someone hurt you.. you are a treasure... you have always been so kind... I am in shock.... I am sorry... my heart is breaking for you.

    I for one am so thankful I have met you... it never would have happened if not for SiSTv... you are in my prayers... as always!

    Enough of that... I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this lo girl... it's so fun... it's the bomb.... you make everything so fun and look so easy... I love it!!!! Love the photo... it's perfect.... you are just so talented... you are always surprising me and inspiring me!!!

    I hope you have a SUPER fab day...
    {{{SUPER BIG HUGS}}} Michelle :D

  20. love you!!!

    Your LO is adorable!!!! Love the journaling with that pic of brookie!! fabulous thicker letters too!!!

  21. Julie if there is anyone who can see beauty in what somenone creates it is definitely YOU!!!
    That's how I met you..from the beginning I loved your comments,you make everyone feel so welcome and special!
    So I just come over here and leave you some love on your blog..this is a loving place!

    Your STM layout is gorgeous!.. I love your journaling,so true..and Brookie,she is wonderful!!Love that photo!Love how you did the title...the stitching of course.. (love your stitching... always)that flowers and the joutnaling tags...such a beautiful design!
    Have a wonderful day!

  22. Girl, I'm so out of the loop. But I'm so glad that I met you on SIS!!! I'll just have to check in with you here more often!!!! So sorry for all that you've gone through!!! Much love my friend!!!

  23. So sorry about your situation. Take heart, your work is great and you spread lots of joy with your kind words. Sending you a huge hug and lots of happy vibes.

  24. You already know my opinion about all that, Julie, and I think that's very sad and it hurts me to see people doing mean things to another... well my eyes and ears are here for you whenever you need them :)

    Let's talk about good things, shall we????? tell me about this cute up up up page, girl... you know I love everything you make but this one seriously is on my top ten list from you!! This is absolutely gorgeous, what an awesome composition! love this totally!!!!

    Love you girl :)

  25. This just makes me sooooo sad...I truly cannot believe that this has happened....but I support you in your decision!!!!! I just adore your work and the page you completed is just perfect!!! Know that I am thinking of you and holding you close in my heart!!!!

  26. I know you are a caring genuine person, and you wouldn't make a decision lightly I am sure that you have stressed about, cried about and prayed about this! So with that being said - stick to your gun and do what is right for you. And only you can make that decision! I am just glad you are continuing with your blog - because you ROCK!!!! You give me so much inspiration and humor! Thanks for that!!!

  27. well my love im not going to say anything as i know what a lovely lady you are, But what i am going to say is OMG that lo is beautiful like all your creations and im soooooo glad you will be sharing them here as i lubs them all.

    Take care

    Much Love Katy xxxx

  28. Julie, you know how I feel about you and everything that has happened. You have been so encouraging and inspiring to me, and I know to so many other scrappers out there. I totally respect and understand your decision, and will be following your blog to see all of your new and wonderful creations!!!! Speaking of, I just love your STM layout - that photo is so cute and so perfect, and I love how you used the flowers, both big and small.

  29. Hi baby! I don't even know what to say. pretty much everything that everyone has posted above me is how I feel as well.
    Just know that I am here for you if you need to vent or talk.
    Loving that layout, sweets !
    Keep your head up (I know you are ;P)
    Love ya! 'B

  30. Sorry about all the "high school" drama. It is truly a sad thing to not see your pages on SIS. I'm glad you have this blog to share with us all. I'm happy to hear you still visit SIS, I don't know what we'd all do without you're wonderful comments :) Keep your head up!!

    PS. Cute the pic of Brookie looking up :)

  31. I'm obviously out of the loop lately with what's going on, but I'm so sorry something has upset you!

    What you decide to do is your 'beeswax' though and I stand behind you my friend! :):):):)

    I am loving (as always) this awesome layout - I am a closet Shania Twain fan I must say!!!! :D

  32. I'm sure this was a tough decision for you Julie and I will miss seeing you work at SIS but you know I will be here daily looking to see what you're up to!!

    Life is too short to be unhappy, so live your life, and be happy with the decisions you make
    That is all.
    Love you, sweet friend!

  33. Oh Julie I am so sorry someone has made you so sad. You know I love you girl and you are such a positive force for so many. I hate drama too, and I'm so sorry this happened to you. I have been a bit absent from SiS lately too. Just remember, the web is a big place, and SiStv is only one community. There are plenty of others. On a brighter note - I LOVE LOVE LOVE your Up layout! That photo is so cute, and your Title work is perfect! So UPLIFTING! xoxo


    you know how i feel about all of this... you know how i feel about ppl being "defensive" over scrapping stuff.

    anyway, big hugs from me because i LOVE you no matter what you do! you totally make my day.

    and trust me... nothing you can tell me will make me think diff of you. :)


  35. Love you too and want you to know that I will just come here to leave you some love now and forever!! Hugs from TX - Diana

  36. Oh I so do not blame you for removing your gallery there. I am so sorry you've had to deal with all of this, BUT you know We love YA!!!!!! Hugs, And It doesn't hurt my feelings, I'd rather come here to comment on your beautiful work anyways.Sis has lost it's welcoming appeal. Hugs Jamie

  37. Hey there Missy J2. Just love love love that layout and I am so very lucky to have you as a scrapppy friend. I have come to really treasure our friendship and one day I hope to meet you.

    Big big hugs Missy.

  38. ok...feeling like an a** because I just not 20 seconds ago pm'd you over at Sis. Hope you are ok. I missed what went on but want you to know you are loved.

  39. Julie, I heart you and your beautiful work, and as long as you post it here for me to see and comment on, I'm okay with it! ;)

    I love this layout. so so cute!

    <3 B

  40. i don't hang there and found your blog through a friend and wish you all the best. i agree with you and all the support you are receiving here today shows you that there are good ppl out there. i think you lo is so inspirational! wishing you the best!

  41. Hello my NY Giants girl! Congratulations, you won my football RAK! E-mail me @ so I can send you something sparKly! love ya! deb xoxo

  42. People suck... you should have just ignored that person. Nothing better to do with their time, I guess. I'm sorry that you took your gallery down. Was there a way to ban that person from commenting? How rude, that's all I have to say. Her mama didn't teacher her right (said as I'm shaking my head and stampin' my foot!).

    Anyway, I LOOOOVVVEEE your layout. The pink and tan w/the numbers ROCK. Keep on a scrappin'. You do such lovely creations.

  43. julie i am soo sooo sorry to hear that you were hurt by someone, im so sorry to see your gallery at sistv go too. :( that is so awful, i cannot believe someone would say something about YOU, you are seriously the sweetest, nicest, most caring person that i have ever met!
    you know i love your scrapbooking, and love you! im glad i can still come by your blog to see your beautiful work. (LOVE the lo of brookie by the way, so cute!!)
    youre so smart to NOT fuel the fire, that shows that you are the bigger person. just know there are SO many more people here that love you, we definitely out weight the mean, *jealous* people! just forget about that biotch, whoever she was, she isnt worth your time or feeling. :(

  44. Hi Julie,
    i was concerned when i saw your gallery was gone, and kinda know why.
    you don't owe anyone an explanation of why you took
    down your gallery's your art.
    i hope i can still see you on the site when i go on occasionally, i miss this !!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :)
    you always made me feel encouraged and welcome, no matter how my art was, or how i felt etc.

    Hope we can keep in touch Julie! xo

    *Kellie (divalicious)

  45. Ah Honey, so sorry you have been having a tough time lately. Just know that we all love you and love your work! " )

  46. Hiya Julie!! Im not sure what sparked this whole incident, but I totally understand your response (that being the lack of one!). I completely agree that we're all adults now, and some attitudes should just stay in high school where they belong, lol.

    You make my day when you leave me blog-luv, and your work is a continuing inspiration....*hugs*


  47. You know I love you
    You know I care
    I wish a hug
    with you I could share

  48. Keep smiling, my dearest Julie!! You know there are so many of us who care for you deeply and are always behind you and support you!!
    Hugs, Jenneke

  49. holy smokes that layout is gorgeous! thanks so much for snatchin up that bracelet fom my etsy! u crack me up & make me smile each time u visit! sorry u had a bad experience. you are such a motivating force for a lot of people and we adore you!

  50. Hi Julie,

    I'm sooooooo sorry to hear about this!!! Your one of the sweetest persons I've met trough scrapping, trough SIS.
    It's so sad that this is happening!!

    Thankfully it didn't effect your scrapping, love the LO!!!
    It's absolutly stunning!!!!

    HUGS Jacqueline

  51. Hi girl!!! I'm so happy with your comment on my blog and so happy doing a Lo for the TAFMFT.

  52. Julie, I hate it had to come to this, but I totally understand and support everything you've said here. Since I'm not a Sis girl, I really don't know what is going on...the details...but I know you and trust you did what you felt led to do out of the goodness of your heart. I know beyond everything, you are loved and adored! So here's to looking "UP"...and what a wonderful LO you created on that note! LOVE it and LOVE YOU!!!! {{{BIG HUGS}}} L

  53. I'm sorry but I missed this post!
    What a terrible story!!! Why does people act the way the do, why don't have fun and enjoy every piece life brings, I'm sorry for your gallery, I already missed you, how is that possible we don't even met, hope we will in the futere....take you to all those gorgeous places in the Netherlands.
    Your work is stunning, but what the other person did to you...she must be a shamed of herself, you are the best digi friend there is, I will always be ther for you, whatever I can do, just give it a shout!

    love ya!!!

  54. Julie Bean!!!!!
    I just found out about this, It makes me mad that people would attack such a nice, kind, generous person. I feel like scrapinstyle owes you a lot (I know you wont believe that but I honestly do) and that somebody would attack you on a website that you feel like it's your home makes me mad!!!!

    I luv you and hope that I will be able to leave you lub on here for your layouts as you are my talented friend and as I am MIA lately anyways I will check out your blog often instead of going on Sis as much you and three other girls are the only ones I talk to anyways. If you ever want to chat feel free to leave me a facebook message as I am checking that more often lately because of school. And we can chat about anything.

    luv you!!!!! ~Patti

  55. Holy Smokes Batman, someone said something mean about Julie? The smiley girl????? What??????

    That is horrible. I've not been scrappin or vising Sistv because I feel like it's one big clique and just didn't like it anymore. Some of the layouts were so over the top and just not my style that I got aggravated. It seems more like a show place that a fun place to share layouts. I love that you still share your lo's here. I love looking at them....just like this UP one. Brooke is so cute. This is a wonderful lo. And darn that nasty person!!!!

  56. Julie, not sure who/what/where, but I'm shocked! You're like the nicest person anywhere!! I will miss your smiley faces and sweet comments on Sis. People need to chill out!!! I'm sorry you were hurt, I'll keep a good thought for you!
    big hugs!

  57. All I have to say is that, that person who ever they are need to get a life. Makes me so mad that there is drama in scrap land.

    I am glad that you still post your stuff on your blog, I love it all!!!

    BOO HOO to them and their sillyness.

  58. I think we actually met on SiS & I just have to say that you have done nothing but inspire me with your positive self & adorable layouts. You have been a loyal reader of my blog with nothing but encouraging & kind comments. I'm sorry this happened. I too have had to deal with slanderous comments about me regarding scrapping & my personal life, but they just make me glad to be me & not them. Your Up-Up-Up layout says it perfectly & is so super cute. Your daughter is a CUTIE PATOOTIE! Thanks for all the positive vibes you spread. :)

  59. I am proud of you Julie! That was a hard decision but one that I'm glad you made. IMHO, SisTv is almost like high school. That's why I quit posting my stuff there. I found you and Mel there and have left with your friendships which mean more to me than any layout ever could. Love you!


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