Monday, September 7, 2009

Wake Me Up When September Ends......Scrapping the Music :)

Hi all.....

I want to thank my friends for their means more to me than I can ever express to you....In this hobby, addiction, craft, art....whichever word U use to describe is a wonderful thing to have love and support from each other... :):):):)

I want to share this weeks Scrapping the Music with U.....this week is beyond important to Mary (the owner of Scrapping the Music) has recently changed the format of the blog to include a TV theme show for the 1st Sunday of every it has been a blast to scrap to the themes of some of my fave shows....but recently I approached the team and asked them if they minded just for this month that we do "Wake Me Up When September Ends" by Green Day this week........U see, the 12th of this month is the one year mark that we lost our fellow design team member and friend Aleida Frankilin.....soooooooo I am FOREVER grateful to the team to allow me to have this song as a tribute to her........thank you to Mary, Kristii, Michelle, Nat, Marie, Mandy, Julie, Jessica, Donna and Marie for allowing me to have this be the song this week.....I love U all....and sooooooooooooooo happy to be a part of this team! :):):):):):):):):)

I made my LO as a Thank You to Aleida.  After her passing, I found out that she took monthly photos of herself with her children.....(I apologize, I don't remember where I read this next part....).....but a friend of hers mentioned in passing about the photos with her kids....and Aleida's answer pretty much boiled down to this.......her kids don't care if Mama has no make-up on, if she isn't dressed up....or if she needs to lose some weight....all they care about is that they have photos of them with Mama......and boyyyyyyyyyyyyy did I take that to heart.....I am NEVER in photos (as most scrappers aren't.....) because in most cases, when I get come the UGH work clothes and into my comfy comes the make-up and who cares about my hair AFTER work???? Sooooo HECK no I was NEVER in photos...EVER, and then I read this story about Aleida and her kids, and EVER since then, no matter what...I have at LEAST one photo of me and the kids together, once a month..don't care what I look like...the kids still love me for being Mama no matter what I look like.... :):):):):):):):):):):)

My title:
"As Memory rests
but never forgets
what I lost
wake me up
My journaling:
"Thank You
Aleida-Thank you for your legacy of taking photos with our children.
We have to remember that our kids don't care if we aren't wearing make-up
or our hair isn't done.
They just care that they have a photo with Mommy.
Thank you for that lesson in life."

I used a Kenner Road kit for this LO. :):):):):):):) I hope all my scrappy friends can join us this week :):):):):):):)

Thank you all again for visiting us.....and I had something else to share tonight....but, I have had an emotionally exhausting day....and will be back here mid week to share my other stuff with U! :):):):):):) LOVE TO ALL! :):):):):):):):):):):):)


  1. Oh my Julie...this is soooo beautiful!LOVE your journaling and it's so true...I really AM going to take pictures too...I never am in pics and I am sooo touched by your story..I never knew Aleida...but I realize how important it is she tought you...and sure kids don't mind how we long as we ARE there!!!A wonderful tribute to a wonderful person!Thank you so much for sharing this Julie!

  2. Oh Julie!!! This is so absolutely inspiring and beautiful! I will keep that in mind and will consciously take more photos of myself with my kids too! Thanks for sharing this important life lesson! :)

  3. It's beautiful the journaling, the pictures be blesed and remind that in every step you take!

  4. Oh Julie...what a touching tribute to Aleida!!!!! She was so right and this page speaks as to the person that you are!!!! An open heart and full of love!!!! Many times I look at pics that aren't what I say are perfect...but they speak volumes as to the love of my family!!!! Wishing you a day filled with Happiness and Smiles, sweet friend!!!! :)

  5. What a sweet tribute to you friend! This is great for me too, I'm never in pictures anymore! (I used to be such a camera hog but some extra weight and a nice dose of self loathing cured me of that real quick! lol) I'll have to step in front of the camera more often now!

  6. Hi Julie :) :)
    Love this beautiful layout, it's a great tribute to your friend and a great work from you as always!!
    **hugs** and hope you have a great week!

  7. Hey there Missy J2 this is one great page. I am trying to get in the photos here at home more. lol you my have to give me a cyber kick to get my act together.

  8. I adore this LO girl, for everything it stands for:)..
    So I have been waiting for some scrappy goodness from you, and I keep wondering why I am not alerted by new LO's that you have created I know that you are making them!!!!! You are my twin and I know this. lol
    and well I went to your profile..... and NO LO's there! All gone! No portfolio....... Are you no longer posting there???(SIS)
    Catch me up to speed girl:)

  9. Oh no... emotionally exhausting day? So sorry to hear.... :-(

    ♥ that STM LO.... beautiful photos, great journaling, great design... adorable. And so true that our kids don't care what we look like.... it's the memories that matter most. :-)

    Hope today is better. Hugs....

  10. so so cute! I love love love!!!!!!!! :)


  11. This is sooo beautiful Julie and such a touching tribute to someone that obviously meant a lot to many people!! I never knew her, but right as I was getting into this scrapping online thing remember many people talking about losing her! Very nice of you to do this for her:)) And it is so true that you need to have pics of you with your kids. I try really hard to do that! Love, Jess

  12. This is So beautiful!!!!!! Love your journaling!!and the pictures are just awesome!!!!

  13. What a touching layout, Julie.
    And how true, our children don't see our flaws and could care less if we are dolled up or not.

    I never knew Aleida but from what I have read about her she seems like an amazing woman.

    Thanks for sharing this with all of us!

  14. I have contemplated for a while doing a LO with this song. Four years ago this month I lost my little brother in a car wreck. Sometimes I think if I could just sleep through September, it might be easier than remember every move I made everyday of the month leading up to his wreck. I need to just do it. Lock myself in my scraproom with my pictures and cry and scrap it and not come out until it is done. This may be my therapy this month. Thanks so much for sharing and encouraging me to finally do this.

  15. This is so sweet Julie! A very fitting way to recognize, remember and carry on the tradition of someone who is gone. Great layout and lovely journaling :)

  16. Oh Julie, this is so moving and beautiful! Your journaling is such a tribute to a wonderful person. I think so many of us don't take pix of ourselves and I really appreciate your sharing your layout and her comments.
    I hope your day goes better.

  17. JULIE!!!! I love the title work and journaling on here, and those pics are just adorable! :) i don't have any kids, but i know i love the photos of me when i was younger with my mother. it makes me smile :)

    As for having an emotional day... I'm so sorry to hear that. :( Hopefully things have brightened up (well, considering you are in AZ, i'm sure it has already because it's scorching hot there). hahaha!

    Anyway, HUGS and more HUGS to you!


  18. What a beautiful tribute to you friend. Very touching, very true- and you just helped pass along a very important message to all of us. You're awesome Julie. Somewhere someone is smiling down on your from above! xoxo deb

  19. Oh Julie...I had to leave after reading this post to compose myself...than I visited her site and the waterworks started again. Such a waste!!
    Your post was such a beautiful tribute to a wonderful soul! I will take the lesson you have shared and put it into practice right away!! Such a simple thing, yet we do so take it for granted that we will be around for ever and we want pics of our family and often forget about us. I will be jumping into every pic opportunity I see from now on!!
    Your layout....loved rock!
    Take care and Julie...thanks xOxO

  20. Thank you for leaving such a nice comment on Maggi's blog for my interview! I appreciate you stopping by my blog and checking it out

  21. O my gosh, this is so beautiful and touching Julie!!!! Love this, love the song and the pics and the whole idea of taking the photo's each month!! And it is true you know, I have only one pic of me and my mom and I truly wish I had more!!!
    Take care, and thanks for being such a great friend!!!
    Hugs Hanneke

  22. This is not only beautiful, but heart wrenching and heart warming at the same time. What a lovely tribute to a lost friend. So glad you are following her lead to photograph yourself with your children. I wish beyond wishing I had done the same.

  23. I love your layout! What a wonderful way to make tribute to your friend. :)

  24. It is such a great idea, taking those pics! And I was looking at someones pics from Creative Escape and saw a ton of scrapbook stores. Are those all in Phoenix? Cause if so, we are road tripping that way! I know lots of people that live there it seems!

  25. How amazing!
    I need to get my DH in more pictures. Since his military injury and the massive weight gain brought on by the steroids he has not taken any pics in over a year.

  26. This is a wonderful tribute have such a good heart. Guess I'll be seeing more of you in your naturel

  27. Oh Julie absolutely wonderful tribute!!! Love this!

  28. oh man ... I want to cry now! I love your LO woman. you rock.

    Still love your writing. :)

    THanks so much for commenting you rock and you bring me such joy every day! Gosh am I gushy today! HUGS!

  29. SO sorry to read you had a rough day. Hope things are looking up now. Beautiful LO and reminder. I don't do this near enough. Hope you have a good week.

  30. Julie, I totally love this!!
    I remember telling my mom about Aleida's passing and when Emilie Ahern blogged about her taking pictures with her kids. My mother hates being in pictures and I forever tell her, 'No one else will see them, just let me take them for me! I don't care what you look like.'
    After that, she gave in a little but she's back to her old ways. I think I will read your post to her and remind her why it's so important to us kids.
    I lost my aunt about two years ago and she was like a second mother to me. I regret not taking enough pictures with her-not because I'll ever forget anything of what was her or what she meant to me-but because it would be great and a bit of comfort to have more memories.

  31. Oh i have been thinking of Aleida so much lately, I cannot believe how the time has passed. I love that song and have always meant to use the title on a layout. Thanks for all your sweet comments on my stuff at SIS, so appreciated! Love love love your layouts ( you should upload them to SIS). Hugs to you, great tribute layout to Aleida.

  32. LOL!!! Girl, it is totally ok!!! I figured you were crazy busy, anyways.
    And dude, that layout is killer amazing! I love it!!!!!!!!
    I just want a photo of you wearing the bracelet/choker/hair thingy. hahahaha So, I can add you to my FB lovelies! :D
    Hope you are having a great day!

  33. wow! this LO totally warms my heart!!! I love love love it!!!!! What a great story to scrap! Brookie will love all the pictures she has with you as she gets older!!!

    I edited my blog entry... Added one more pic at the top and of course you can share the link with her! xoxo :):):)

  34. Julie...What a beautiful way to make a tribute to your friend... I am in total agreement with you about the photos... hadn't really thought about it... kids just want to see their mama... I'm going to take your advice and do a monthly photo with Rainee!!! I am soooooo touched my your story!!! I love love love your journaling... such a wonderful tribute! I will TRY to get lo done this week (just for you and Aleida)... my week is full, but I will work on it... I will be sure to do it this weekend at our scrap night... Saturday...Thank you soooooooooo much for sharing this and touching my heart!!! I will be praying for you to have a good week...

    I also wanted to let you know I received your lovely scrap package yesterday... THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! You are too generous!!! I love everything and can't wait to use it all... thank you!!!!

    {{{SUPER BIG HUGS}}} Michelle

  35. o0oh my dear friend.
    i love this. it's so beautiful.
    i was just thinking of Aleida a few days ago and i was missing her.
    i HAtE being in pics with the family. i remember her telling me about her monthly tradition. thanks for the reminder friend.

  36. This is such a wonderful layout - such a fantastic tribute to your friend and she was so right - I not only don't have many pictures with my kids I don't have many with my darling hubby either - it took me ages to find one photo of us together when I did the challenge for the dotty divas. I shall try and take on board what your friend said.

  37. Hi Julie,
    Thanks for your get well wishes for my kiddos, I think it's getting worse before it's getting better- but we're hanging in there. Ava has the vomiting with this thing, and that's the worse! And it's trying to get me too! But I am fighting it! Thanks for thinking of us! xoxo deb

  38. She was so right about the pic's with our kids.
    I've started just a while ago to make more pic's of me together with my girls.

    Amazing LO, such a wonderful tribute!!!

  39. This is so inspiring. Like you, I'm hardly in any pic ... my husband hates taking pictures. Just lately my girls have taken a fancy to taking pics, so I'm to be found in at least some of them LOL. However, after reading your story, I do want to have more pics of me and the kids, you're so right, having a pic with their momma is all they care about, not about how I look. Thanks for this reminder. That being said, I do have to mention also that I really like your LO, it struck a nerve!
    xxx Peggy

  40. such an amazing tribute!! love that you have both pictures on the same layout. beautiful job. :)


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