Saturday, September 5, 2009

Confession Time! :):):):):):)

Hi all.....

I have soooooo many people ask me how I get sooooo many LO's done!!!! Well..USUALLY, I get them done in around a 1/2 hour..and I am lucky, that the DT's that I am on give our "assignments" real super early, so I work on them in advance, so by the time the challenge comes out....(I usually have 3 of them come out at the same time!!) it looks like I just did a MILLION LO's all at once...but that isn't the case!!! In some cases, I may have done the LO's U are seeing about a month ago!! :):):) But, yes..when I sit down to make LO's, be it for challenges that I DT for, or for challenges that I want to play along in..I usually do 2 or 3 in one sitting and they take about a half hour each!!! :):):):):):):):)

Now for CONFESSION #2!! lol! :)  I am so JEALOUS & ENVIOUS of ALL of my scrappy friends that can "make" something just DROP DEAD GORGEOUS...and then U read their comments and it says, "I just made this today with the scraps that were in front of me at my scrap table!" Sooooooooo jealous of that!! U see..I tell MYSELF all the TIME...that I am GOING COLLECT those little bits of paper that are piled up after I finish a LO...or the little pieces from the package that would LOOK AWESOME on that next page...but...*sigh* I am HORRIBLE at KEEPING the little scraps that collect after one of my LO's are done!!!! LOL!!! I TRY and TRY to keep them...but NEAT FREAKNESS kicks in....I can't stand all these little ODDS and ENDS sitting around JUST DRIVNG me crazy..and I know I will NEVER USE them...soooooo off to the recycle bin they go!!! LOL!! BUT BUT BUT BUT....I forced MYSELF this time...I decided to make a little wall hanging using Nikki Sivils's Henry's Brilliance papers, embellies, stamps and the chipboard album! :):):):):):):):) Soooooooo LITERALLY I have sat at my desk for the PAST TWO NIGHTS (notice nooooooooo 1/2 hour named in that sentence!! lol!) and made this present for my friend who is a teacher!! Hope SHE likes it!!!!! Hmmmm I not gonna say WHO it is FOR..but because I love her and she knows I kid her about this MOST days of the is one of the CUTEST, most ADORABLE and SHORTEST (that's the teasing part! hehehe) Teachers I have EVER met!! I loveeeee her! :):):):):) Wonder if she can GUESS WHO I am talking about!?!?!?!?!?!  :):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Soooooooo back to the "Julie never uses scraps of anything" story....I am working on this little project for my SHORT Teacher friend.....and I am DETERMINED to use the little scraps that have gathered around me as I am cutting here and cutting there....and YES!!! She did IT!!!! YAY ME!! lol!! :):):):):):):) And I STILL have a PILE of little scraps in front of me that are GONNA stay right here as I keep working on my next project for Nikki's paper line! :):):):):) Baby steps steps!!! :):):):):)

I used one of my favorite QUOTES about Teachers...."If You Can Read This, Thank A Teacher" and the only things on here that are NOT from Nikki's line are the ribbons..(but if it counts for did send me the ribbons from her stash in my DT package!! She is soooooo sweet that WAY!) ...and let's see....I made the first owls nose out of one of the cut out stars from the papers, I made the second owls nose with one of the breadless tabs that I inked.....and hmmm I think that's the detail I need to share!!! lol! :):):):):):)

And it is!!!!! :):):):):)


Tomorrow....I will be back and showing the newest Scrapping the Music LO I have made......Tomorrow's is gonna be wayyyyy special to all of us on the Scrapping the Music DT...and we hope that U feel it too! :):):):):) I came up with the song this time, and I TRULY want to thank Mary (the owner of Scrapping the Music) and the rest of the girls there for their support in doing the song that I chose!!! Can't wait to show it to all of U! :):):):):):):):):)

****edit**** for those that have all ready read this....I appreciate the support.......thank U......

anywho....thank U for taking the time to stop by.....and LOVE TO ALL! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)


  1. Alright Julie, I don't know who this person is or what message board you are talking about, but obviously she doesn't know you very well and know what a wonderful person you are:) And I can also hold my own in a fight if you need me! I'm just sayin...Love that wall hanging! It is the cutest for the short teacher:)LOL Can't wait to see what is happening at STM tomorrow. Have a great weekend. Love, Jess

  2. Hmmm...seeing as how I tower over everyone cough*agesfiveandunder*cough*cough, I have no idea whooooo (owls, get it?!) this is for. Whoever she is, she is a VERY lucky gal, because those owls are sooooo cute!!! :)

    I truly am clueless about the message board issue, but I can definitely vouch for the fact that you are verbose. (Heehee, how often do you get to throw "verbose" into conversation?) Gotta love those secret public messages. :P

  3. OMG... that wall hanging for that special short teacher girl you know is soooooo freakin' cute!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT! :-)

    (off to investigate that convo...)


  4. Whatever!!!! I like reading your posts! They brightened my day!!! I love all the smiley's!!!! You are great & don;t forget it! Boo-hoo on that negative party pooper!!!!!

    YOU ROCK!!!! And the lucky recipent of this awesome owl hanger is going to feel the same way!!!!

  5. Love! Super LOve the owls!!!! Way cute!!!!! She is super lucky to be getting that awesome wall hanging from yoU!!!

    and message boards are lame when people can't be nice! Hence why i do not talk on them a whole lot! love you JULIE!!!!!!! :):):):):):)

  6. Hey girl!!!
    First, this project here is beautiful, as is all your work. And second, I don't know what happened, but I know how comments can be hurtful. Hold your head up high and don't let that cr*p get to you. Some people have nothing better to do. We all adore you - you don't need to explain anything to us- you're not the one with the problem girl!!! Just keep smiling!!!! love ya, deb

  7. JULIE JULIE JULIE --- like Julie Andrews (because I'm watching it on TV!) hahaha.

    on another note, LOVE the owl. you know i love it because I just used it one of my recent layouts! :)

    and as a member of TAAFOFMT, I will admit to you being "verbose". hahaha! there is nothing wrong with speaking your mind in person or online. :) i don't know what's going on any msg boards since i'm pretty clueless sometimes, but sometimes ppl can be a real pain in the SDFJ)(W#)R(IWRJOKFM. hahaha!

    as you know because i've told you about it. but anyway... i'm the one being verbose now... just wanted to tell you to be who you are and keep rambling on and on because I LOVE TO READ YOUR STUFF! :)

    you know i love you and i've got your back!! haha :)

    big hugs to you,

  8. I hope my English is good enough for what I want to say.
    First since I met you in digi space, you always cheer me up, even on thet time I wrote you the most personal email what I ever wrote to a person I don't know in real life!Your words helped me, you make me smile with your lovely comments. It's good not to response on the words from her. You defend yourself on your own blog, and that's is the right thing! It's yours and you tell how you feel and what you think. You are, in my eyes a wonderful woman/mother and also a friend, we don't met eachother, but think that will be in the future, I hope.
    Don't be too sad what she thinks and said there are a lot of people who no the vallue of a good friend and here name is Julie!

    Xo Dora

  9. LOL...Yeap I'm pretty green with envy too! You make the world a better place girl!

    Oh's stranger's but I've never felt threaten!! LOL. I know it a difficult thing for people to grasp but I've gonwn used to it!!!LOL.

  10. Those owls are freakin cute!!! And that short teacher is very lucky to have you as a friend, like all of us here!! That brings me to the messageboard bully, don't let her get to you!! It's clear to me she doesn't know you AT ALL!!!!! I know how much it hurts when people talk about you (I've been there), but we all love you!!!!!
    Oh and I think I have to steal that phrase about teachers from you when I make some presents for the boys teachers, cause I loooove it and I never heard that before!!!
    Big hug Hanneke

  11. I dont know what you are talking about on some message boards, but lately I feel most of the sites I visit, scrapbook related, disney, etc, they are too cliquey and attacking people and their ideas,and not keeping to the true reason for the site. So I havent been visiting as many and havent been posting on any very often. I know you defend everyone and are very descriptive, lol and you are fantastic! Dont ever change YOU :))) Ignore the haters! So about your scraps, I save my favorite pieces, and cardstock scraps if they are 4X6 or larger, or if its a strip of paper that I really loved. And sometimes I remember I have those papers and I use them! Most often not! So congratulations to you on using your odds and ends! Great little owlies and I know the recipient will love it!! XoXo Amy

  12. Oh Julie...I just adore your owl wall is just perfect...I have a hard time saving's that neat freak thing going on with me tooooo!!!! As for the negative comment.....take it from me.....just ignore not let it hurt not waste your precious time.....those of us that know you for who you are.....and the world is made up of all say a prayer for this person...she must need one!!!! It takes all kinds....and we know just how awesome talented..awesome nice and caring that you are!!!! BE the bigger person.....keep being Julie Smiley and we will keep loving just WHO YOU ARE!!!! :)

  13. This is the cutest and sweetest wallhanging ever and your favorite little teacher will be so totally thrilled with it. I am a big scrap saver and try to use them as much as possible but once every 3 months or so, I go through them and toss or else they would take over my room. You once said that you keep your supplies in a rollaround tote so I got a big rollaround crate and have put most of my stuff in it and am determined to limit my stuff to that. (Of course my ribbons and buttons don't fit in it but.....) I still can't believe how fast you can scrap and create such awesome pages!
    As to the other thing, I read her "apology" yesterday and just shook my head. Hopefully that thread will soon fall off the message board. Julie, you know we love you, and we know how inspirational you have been for all of us. thanks for all you do and are!

  14. I just adore your wall hanging! I know zip about the message board situation (I only go to one forum that is thankfully drama free!) but I'm sorry you had that happen to you. You are fabulous!

  15. 1. You are freakin' amazing. The end. That's all that needs to be said.

    2. That owl hanging is adorable! omg. omg. omg.


  16. Oh girl you don't have to respond to someone, who apparently has no clue what she is talking about. We love you and know you and you don't deserve what ever was said about you. You wall hanging is so CUUUTTTEEE!!!!! Love the saying and the owls are to die for!!! HUGS Jamie

  17. Julie... I may have to steal that super fabulous owl hanging idea. It is so stinkin' cute!!!

    Let me just say.... You are awesome...Kind, creative, generous and very giving of your sweet words!!!! Whoever feels the need to say anything against you needs to find a different hobby cause they have entirely too much time on their hand. I have been truly blessed by you and all you do. I love you, your talents and what you do in uplifting others. Hugs my friend!!!

  18. LOve that wall hanger Julie!!!Well that is just one lucky short teacher to get that from you;)Love the son does too(had to write that,sitting next to me)says it's gorgeous!!
    And you knowJulie...we all know better!!Jocelyn you siad it just right...amen to that!

  19. Awww! Your friend will LOVE that wall hanging! It is so freaking adorable :) And yay for using scraps! I am definitely a scrap collector! I can't seem to part with them...EVER.

  20. lemme at em julie! i love that you have so much to say. i go through blogs and scroll down and giggle because i see your super long comments....and i feel bad cuz i'm like "love the so and so....blah blah blah.....have a great week" and i'm just trying to visit my friends in the little time I have. i think you're so thoughtful in all your comments and i'm so happy to have "met" you in this blogging world and feel very lucky when you visit and leave a comment. by the way, i love those owls!!!!!! and i couldn't stop giggling when you talk about not being able to leave scraps on your table!!! i sooo wish i was a neat freak!!!! you'd be horrified at the condition of my scrap desk!!!! kudos to you for not commenting back. loved the awesome layouts you shared! hope your weekend was good!!!


  21. Julie, your owl wall hanging is brilliant! I'm sure the teacher you give it to will adore it.

    As far as the negativity, I think the outpouring of support here on your blog speaks for the kind of person you are and the way you live your life.

    You are such an uplifting and positive person and I am proud to call you my friend!

    Enjoy your weekend

  22. Wowser Missy J2 this owl is sooooo cute. Can't wait to see your STM page up on the blog. I seen an glimpse in the photo bucket account when I popped mine in. Looks special.

    And as for the comment on the forum a big fat raspberrie to them. You are a great online pal and I so love reading your ramble.
    Big big hug Missy J2

  23. Julie i love the owls!!!! so cute! the project is adorable!

  24. Julie your owl hanging is ADORABLE, and I love the message of it too!

    I don't know what happened on the message board, but I do know that you are one of the sweetest people I know.

    Love you friend!

  25. oh geez, I can't deal with the drama, so I won't comment on that! it'll kill my buzz from being at the happiest place on earth!!!

    I love you just the way you are!!!
    : .) : .) : .): .) : .)

    TANGENT: next year you and the family should come to Disneyland and do the family fun run!!! Amy Disney is thinking of doing it and it could be another bloggy pal magical moment at the house of the mouse!!! : .)


    - L

  26. ummmmmm where have I been... I love this... can't believe it missed it... it's just so adorable!!!
    {{HUGS}} Michelle


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