Saturday, May 23, 2009

One Little Word (OLW) .... REFLECT! :):):):):):)

Hi all.....

Got another page done last night...and this time its for OLW...and the word this time is REFLECT! :):):):):):):):):):) Now, ironically.....just a couple of weeks ago...I did a page with this same photo and the SAME title....just BECAUSE!!! LOL :):):) Who knew that OLW would have this word up so soon of me thinking of it on my own!!!!! :):):):) But, I thought I would make a NEW page ... just to be fair....and this is the RESULT! :):):):):):):):):):) I used the AMAZING Gudrun's papers again....and those PRIMA flowers are from Jamie! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

LOVE TO ALL! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)


  1. OMG I have been having a horrible time commenting on your blog. Today it went through no problems??? Anyway, LOVE this LO. The sewing on the clouds is fantabulous and that picture steals my heart. Hope you are having a super weekend. Enjoy your picnic!!

  2. Well, I just spent a few moments catching up on all I missed since I last checked in on you. (I know...a horrible bloggy friend.)

    I hope you can continue to return to your photo of the rainbow to lift your spirits - really though all you need to do is look into that adorable little girl's face and realize the reason we do what we do everyday even if it means putting up with the Krabby Patties of the world.

    I've mentioned before, but that reflection photo is supreme.

    Take care and thanks for sharing your music tastes. I knew you would love that.

  3. I love this layout! The copies of the pictures with the flowers and clouds are awesome!

  4. TOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!! ♥ the flowers, the design, the cute photos & my favorite part is the way you stitched on the clouds!!! Incredible! (So what else is new?!) :-)

  5. What a great LO! I love that sweet sweet photo of Brookie! Crud, I just submitted my Reflect lo for OLW and yes, it was one I had previously done....what a lowdown dirty dog I am. :\

  6. Julie- I love this l/o and that pic...I remember it from before, but it's so cute it must be hard to not use it on every page!!!!! I have a picture of Willie-B that I took in my car of him looking out the window that I've scrapped like 1,000 times!!!
    I just wanted to check in on you??? See how you & your family are doing, I know last week was rough!!

    Dan and I are back from Utah and the printing went great... I posted my first paper line on my blog. I have a little something for you that will go in the mail Tuesday!! Talk with you soon. -Nikki

  7. I can never get enuf of this photo! It is just amazing!!!!!!! Just stunning in every single way!!!!

  8. OMG Julie!!! This is sooooooo gorgeous gf!! You always use such wonderful colour!!!
    What a fabulous photo!!!! Awesome awesome!

  9. I love that page you made for OLW!!! It''s gorgeous!! And some great stitching again!!! Sorry I couldn't join you at STM but at the wedding last wednesday I had a serious disagree with my dad and I am a bit confused about it, I hope I can join you this week when I feel al litle better! Hope you are doing fine though!!!

  10. This photo is the best and it works perfectly for this challenge!!! Love how you sewed on this one!!!!! You are so wicked talented and I just love every one of your creations!!!! Have a great Sunday!

  11. Oh girl!! I love love love that page!! The photo is perfect for the word AND he looks like he is 'reflecting'. It is just perfect!!
    So, let me know when you have pics up of what you were working on late last night! lol
    Have a creative day!

  12. Talk about knock me down! LOVE THIS PAGE JULIE!!! oh I love it!
    love the clouds!
    Love how you did the title!
    Love the photo!

  13. This is SO beautiful!! :)
    And so happy you use the 3ndypapir. Made me totally happy. :)

  14. I'm in love with this LO, and your work...sooo that photo and all elements!!!
    have a nice day!!!

  15. Hi Julie, love the cute.. the paper is awesome.. i've never heard of it.. I was reading your post about Kodak and it brought back a memory of my childhood. I had a Kodak Colorburst250 camera. I loved that thing. well, I =) hope you are having a great holiday weekend..

  16. I really love the photos you used...and the reflections on the table..perfect for the title! And the stitching on the clouds - awesome!

  17. Julie, I meant to ask you.. what is that paper you were using here.. the clounds and the little birds on it? I tried googling and couldn't find anything.

    Hope you are having a good day. I'm home on lunch and need to head back..

    TTYL.. =)



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