Saturday, April 11, 2009


Hi all.......

Last night, Adam, Brian and I went to see a movie...we had a great time....a WONDERFUL time....then before we headed home, I needed to stop at Target (which is in the same strip mall as the movie theater) we are heading to Target....we see the Michael's store with 2 flashing police trucks and police crime tape surrounding the entrance. WHAT????? The Michael's store??? The place that sells crafty things has police crime tape around it stopping people from entering. We see 2 employees from Target out side their store (Target and Michael's are next to each other).....Brian asks what happened?????? They tell us that teenagers went into the store and started a part of it on fire and then ran out.....are U kidding me???? Without getting all political or really hit me....HARD. It made me think of all the GARBAGE that is happening right now ..... in the USA that is. Men are KILLING their ENTIRE families and then themselves. A man walked into a immigration office in NY, killing people, taking hostages and then killing himself. A woman is being accused of killing an 8 year old girl and shoving her body into a suitcase. A man WALKS into A CHURCH and kills the pastor. Now, thankfully no one was killed last night at the Michael's store...but it made me even sadder for everything that is happening right now. I am scared and wondering WHAT is GOING on right now??? Why are these men, women and even children causing such destruction????

Thanks for reading was just something that has been weighing on my mind and I needed to get it off my chest.....makes me more grateful for my family every day......

LOVE to all..............


  1. I have the same!My almost 90 year old grandma got stalked and they took all her bank pass and all her money!

    Seriously??? Thats so sad.It also makes me angry!!

    This world is becoming less magical everyday... :(

  2. Terrible....
    There is so much anger in persons these days.. Not only in the USA, also here in Holland. I makes me scared too, what if something like this happenes to one of your loved ones??? Like Fauve's grandmother? 90 years and being robbed.... so sad.
    Thanks for sharing, Julie!!
    Big hug!

  3. oh my gosh! that's horrible! i swear, people are crazy. it's so scary to think about having our kids in this craziness too. at the end of the day, i guess all we can really do is pray for them all.

  4. i understand what you mean about the things that are happening. makes no sense to me... i hate listening to the news sometimes because it really can bring a person down.. you are not the only one thinking of these things..

    take care

  5. Here, in Brazil is the same. We listened terrible stories every day... That´s so sad!


  6. Isn't this world going mad sometimes!!! It makes me sad as well!!!

  7. The older I get , the weirder people become!!! This world is NOT like it use to be when I was a child!!! It makes you wonder how bad does it have to get ,before people see the light and CHANGE!!!!
    Hope and Pray are we have have to do, for a better world!!!!

  8. I am so glad that you posted this, because just turning on the news is like watching a horror show!!! Our Dear Lord, must be very sad when he looks down on this world that he has created. I know, get off my high horse, but did we not just have Good Friday and the suffering that Jesus went through for all of us!!! It makes me sad to think that our little ones are being brought up in a world of chaos. I cannot believe this happened and how sad, those teenagers parents should be really proud of how they raised there children. So I keep plugging along, trying to instill good morals and values and the boys and I think all of us need to take the time to pray for this world in which we live!!!! I so adore you sweet friend and sending you Blessed Easter wishes!!

  9. I know what you mean!!!!!! the world is such a scary place nowadays!!! Thomas and I want kids in a few years and just thinking about bringing a baby into this world scares me!!!! the things that can happen in your own front yard astound me!! Thank heavens for good people like you in this world Julie!!!

  10. OMG isn't that just really sad.
    And this kind of things are just everywhere around the world.
    I just can't believe it sometimes and I'm afraid of the world my little girls have to live in sometimes!!!

  11. This is terrible.

    On the bright side at least you guys had a great night.

  12. I feel for you all.. I dont even watch the news anymore.. so much sad things are happening!

  13. Just keep the faith, stay strong, protect your loved ones, share your kindness and PRAY!!! Thanks for sharing. It is sad....

  14. the world feels out of control that is for sure. But hold on tight to what you know is right and we'll be fine!!


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