Thursday, January 1, 2009

HAPPY NEW YEAR! :):):):):):):):)

Hi all!!!!!! :)

We all had a WONDERFUL evening!!!! :):):):) We went to dinner with both sets of folks and then we were invited to a family friendly New Years Eve party by our friends Mitch & Angela at Angela's parents home!!! I had soooooooooooooo MUCH fun taking photos of the kids having soooooooooooooooo much FUN! :):):):):):):):):):):) Here are a few of Adam, Brookie, Kaitlyn and Dakota! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):) The adults were there having their fun too....but hey....who can resist photos of kids having fun playing!?!?!?!? LOL :):):):):):):):)

Hope everyone had a WONDERFUL night and I hope EVERYONE has a WONDERFUL NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :):):):):):):):):):):)

And scrappy friends....only a few more days till I can share my EXCITING NEWS! :):):):):):):):):):):):):)


  1. Can't wait to hear your good news... I'm smiling with you just thinking about it! :-)

    Looks like you had a GREAT celebration last night. Could Brookie be any CUTER with those braids & hat??!!

    Happy 2009! Hope it's a REALLY GREAT year for you, Julie! You derserve it! :-)

    16 days! :-)

  2. yay!! you're blogging's been a while since i checked, but i love the way your blog looks!

    have a happy new year julie!!! xo

  3. And a very happy new year to you and yours too Julie!!

    Gorgeous pics!!!

  4. Looks like everyone had a blast!! My family did too....from what I can remember of it! LOL!!!

    Happy New Year!!

  5. A very Happy New Year to you and your family Julie!!!

  6. Happy New year my friend. May your year be filled with Love, joy and happiness. :)
    Big hug

  7. Happy New Year!!!
    Ok, now you have me curious about your good news!!! I guess I'll have to wait patiently!

  8. Love the pics of the children! You are driving me crazy with your news to share!!! Hurry up!!!! Love ya girlie, and have a great 2009!

  9. Happy New Years !!!! Love the pics, looks like you guys had a lot of fun :D Can't wait for the new year to start and see all of your beautiful work to come :)

  10. Can't wait to hear about the good news !!!

    Hope 2009 is your best year ever ! Hope all your dreams come true !

    I'm so happy to have virtually (haha) met you. You are a true inspiration.

    Hugs ! Marie-Eve

  11. What a great photo's!! It is good to hear you had such a great time!!! Can't wait to hear your exiting news!!!

  12. I guess I never realized how cute your kids are!! New Year blessings to you and your family Julie. P.S. Anything in the mail yet?!


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