Saturday, December 27, 2008

God's Promise shown on Christmas Day! :):):)

Hi all....

I know this is a couple days past Christmas Day....but it has been raining here all week in SUNNY Phoenix, AZ....LOL....and I wanted to share with U a shot I caught on the day was winding down!!!! This BEAUTIFUL rainbow appeared as the rains were dying down in my neighborhood and it showed me that God's promise lives on! :):):):):):):):):):)


  1. Dear Julie- I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful frame you made and sent to our family for Christmas. We love it! I already have found a very special spot for it in my living room. It looks like you had a lovely Christmas. I can relate to finding spots for all the new Christmas toys. I have one child and her toys seem to consume the house. As usual you do a tremendous job on your blog. I enjoy viewing it on a weekly basis.

    Lisa Hansen :)

  2. Oh wow girl! This is such a special picture. God is Good! ;]

    <3 Bekah

  3. Happy holidays ! Wish you everything you want in 2009 ! By the way, that rainbow pic is stunning !

  4. Fab PIC!!! Glad the weather finally cleared up for you.


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