Thursday, November 27, 2008

Our Thanksgiving day Family photos! :):):):)

Me, Adam, Brookie and Brian

Brookie and Adam taking a rest on Nana and Papa's bed

Adam in front of an old silo that was on the property

Nana Ruth, Me, Brian, Adam, Nana Sue, Steve, Brookie and Papa Mike

Adam, Nana Ruth, Brian, Brookie, Nana Sue, Steve, Papa Eli and Papa Mike



A beautiful DAY!

Hi all!!!!

I hope everyone had a safe and YUMMY Thanksgiving!!!!! I know the Tucker & Wolek Clan did! :):):):):):):):):):)

My folks have a timeshare condo and that is where we spent our day!!! This place was GORGEOUS!!!!!! Golf course right outside the back door and we couldn't have asked for a better day!!! :):):):):):):)

We had us there, my folks, Brian's folks and my brother Steve! :):):):):):):):):):)

LOVE to all!!!! :):):):):):):):):)


  1. Hey boo bear .. how is my friend doing? GIrl you will not believe it but I FORGOT MY CAMERA .. WHO DOES THAT?? I know I am so mad .. lol .. LOVE the pics and LOVE your hair really love it .. your family is so beautiful girl. I am thankful for friends like you Jewels.

    Love ya

  2. Love the photos Julie!!! Looks like you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!


  3. Great photo's!!!
    And what a beautiful day you had!

    Have a great weekend!!!


  4. What a great Thanksgiving you had. I love the family photos! Our was so busy, I hardly had anytime to take pics. I was the cook, server and cleaner upper! I am so exhausted today, there will be no Christmas tree going up! I need to take a day off! I could still use some help on decorating, I have not done a thing on the family roo, so I am sending a ticket your way!!!! Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Love all of your photos Julie! Your family is beautiful and so are you.

    Happy Holidays!!



  6. Happy Holidays :) The photos are great!!! Hope you had a good Thanks Giving :)

    Love Ya
    Jamie :)

  7. Julie... I LOVE that family photo! So cute... & you look fabulous! :-)

    Glad you had a GREAT Thanksgiving! :-)

  8. Hey Julie
    i love the photos.
    it looks like you guys had a wonderful time.

    i had a blast. i hadn't laughed so much in a while. i missed Burgandi, Mike and Harrison but they had fun with Mikes dad.

    hope you're having a great Sunday.

    LOvE you girl.

  9. did you change the way we can leave a msg or its it something i did on my blog?

    i'm having problems on my blog. email me if you need to.

  10. Hey found your blog!!! So glad your Thanksgiving was great! I noticed in your profile that you have a Brian who is a too! Has bowled lots of tournaments and is actually pretty good! Take care!

  11. hey! you are a friend of mine on sistv! i saw a comment you left on noel mignon challenge blog... such a small world:)
    mind if i take a look around?


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