Thursday, March 13, 2008

ONE MORE DAY!!!!!!! :)

Hi all!!!!!! TOMORROW IS THE DAY!!!! Holy Cow!!! :)  It seems like a lifetime ago that Brian and I kept saying...."Oh, we have plenty of time before the BIG day.....we'll get everything done! .....Now I say to that Julie & Brian......HA!!! :) We both have today off from work, and we are going to be running around like crazy after taking the kids to school to try and get stuff done!

Thanks to everyone for their well wishes and kind words!!!! We truly appreciate them!!! :)  At work yesterday, my Team through us a surprise wedding shower!!! They had plastic champagne glasses with sparkling cider and a cake!!! :)  It was quite a surprise and quite SWEET!!!!

Ok....I am off to run around like a Banshee... LOL :)  Got a TON to do!!!

Love to all and thanks again for your prayers and well wishes!! :)

PS....To the Mary Ellen that left a comment on my last entry.....if that is the Mary Ellen I know...... :) Thank you so much for the comment.....that meant the WORLD TO ME!! I have gotten your letter, and once all this craziness settles down, I am going to respond! :)


  1. woohoooo! Today's your wedding!!!! I wish you the best! Don't forget to post wedding pictures!


    May this very special day be filled with joy and love that fills many years to come! My heart and thoughts are with you today and always! God bless you both, and your beautiful family!
    Aunt Pat


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