Saturday, March 1, 2008

HOLY COW!!! Only 13 MORE days till WE GET MARRIED!!!

WOW!!! How times flies!!! We are having LIKE the SMALLEST wedding EVER.....but still I NEVER realized HOW MUCH STUFF needed to BE DONE!!!! I am exhausted with all the things that are running through my head that need to be done!!! We bought an arch that we are going to stand in front of and all the decorations to decorate it with.....but then AFTER putting it together, I realized that it is TOO TALL for our, it is going over to Mike & Sue's to decorate it there and then we will take it to my parents the day we get married!!! :):)

Here is some recent photos of us....... we took Adam and Brian to the local amusement park, "Castles and Coasters" for their birthdays (Adam's is 02/20 and Brian's is 2/23) ....and WOW!! Miss Brooke is GROWING UP WAY TO FAST!!!! She went on a kiddie RIDE all by HERSELF!!! :):):):) We had a blast and we were all TIRED after a HARD day OF PLAYING on the rides!!! :):):)

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