Sunday, March 9, 2008

Aunt Mary Comes for a VISIT and its her Birthday!!! :):):)

Hi all!!!! Aunt Mary is here for a visit....and Sunday was her we all went out to celebrate her big DAY!!! :):):):):) Ohhhhhhhh......and its only 4 more days till the BIG WEDDING!! YEAH!!! :):):):):)


  1. aw, how sweet :) I hope you have a beautiful day for your wedding!

  2. Man, this is so exciting! All the best for the preparations!! Enjoy it all!

  3. Wow, only 4 days left! Try not to stress out too much. It looks like you're having a great time with the family!

  4. Congratulations to your family!! Your wedding is on my birthday so I can't forget! I enjoy the pictures you post and can't wait for wedding pix.
    Mary Ellen


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