Monday, January 7, 2008

Aunt Pat comes for a VISIT! :)

Wow! I blinked and it is Monday all ready!!! What a WEEKEND! Busy, busy, busy! Aunt Pat was in AZ for a seminar, and we went and visited her at Mike & Sue's last night for dinner!!! What FUN!! She hadn't met Brookie that was fun!! :):) She brought us some presents....and I couldn't believe it, but she bought me the Anne Geddes (love her work) and Celine Dion book, "Miracles".....she didn't even know it, but I have wanted that I own 2 Anne Geddes books.....My parents got me one for Christmas and now this one!!! I am so blessed!! :):):) The first picture posted is of the family sitting around...can't always get Brookie to look at the camera on cue!! LOL :) In the second picture, Brookie was looking at the camera, but then big brother wanted some he jumped in front of the camera!! Brookie of course was distracted by him, and looked at him like, "Hello??? You are in my spotlight here!" The third picture shows Brookie giving Aunt Pat a love!!! :):) In the last picture posted here......I just LOVE it!!! Brookie is showing Aunt Pat a scrapbook that I had made for Grandma Sue.....and the expression on her face is precious!! :) She looks like she is telling Aunt Pat a story about the page they are looking at! :)

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    ...and for sharing these memories on your wonderful web site! It was so great to see all of you and to meet Ms. Brooke! She's a beautiful angel,who along with Adam will bring you much joy and love(and lots of fun times, too!) Julie, you are a beautiful person, inside and out,and together with my favorite Godson,Brian,will share a wonderful life together...
    Love always,
    Aunt Pat


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