Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Halloween!!!

Hi!! :):) Well.......I WOULD LOVE to say that today I am sharing pictures of Brooke and Adam in their costumes.....HOWEVER, Adam got in trouble at school (I guess bad planning on his teachers part, giving the parent/teacher conference the day before Halloween...LOL), and he has a class that he is failing, and not because he doesn't know the subject, because he is NOT trying in that subject!! :(:(:(:( So....his consequence for this failing grade, which he knew we would be monitoring, since we have him working with a tutor (the wonderful Grandma Sue, former educator herself!!), was to miss Halloween!!!! :(:(:(:( So, Brian and Brooke and some friends of ours went to both Grandparents homes and to a local church that has rides and candy for the kids, and Adam and I stayed home and worked on Math Flash Cards!!! :(

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  1. Wow.. Math?? That was my 2nd favorite class! (English/writing always #1) I guess (Adam's) Grandpa Reeves must have liked it too - as an accountant. A good chunk, like 75%+ of my job at work are Excel reports dealing with 1,000s of numbers, formulas, mathematical equations, etc. Hope Adam learned his lesson and get on the ball with Math :-) It's going to be a big portion of any job. Yes, even NASCAR.

    Hope Brooke enjoyed her 2nd Halloween. She looked cute as a little Bee from that Seinfeld movie. I was, alas, Clark Kent again, and could finally cut my long hair a couple of days later.

    Take care all.


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