Thursday, October 25, 2007

Oh...what a DAY!!!! I hear it was a Full Moon last night to boot!!!

Hi everyone!!

Well, good news first!! :) Brooke came out of her surgery fine, in fact her surgeon has stated that he thinks she is not going to need the full 10 treatments, he is thinking that she is responding so well, that she may only need 5 of them!! :) His office is also throwing a party for his "Laser Kids" on Saturday at a local park here, and he asked if she is going to attend. We said yes, that his assistant had all ready told us that it was okay for her to go! :) He said that was wonderful, because Brookie can be their proof is in the pudding poster child for the EVENT!! :) He said that about 200 people have RSVP'd to attend!! :) Brian and I can't wait to take her, because it will be nice to be around other families that will not judge or criticize how she looks, because they have been there too! :)

Now the bad news!! :( We came home to blood in our living room. We discovered that it was coming from our blind diabetic dog Buddy! :( So, the grandfolks stayed with Brookie and Adam, and Brian and I rushed him to the vet. Come to find out, his anal glands are infected and causing them to bleed. :( So, at this point, we have him outside (which with him being a beagle is not such a good thing, because they like to "escape" by digging), because we can't risk him getting blood on the floor with the kids around.... :(

Then when we were taking Buddy to the vet, we tried to take our second car, which is an older car granted....but still runs wouldn't start!!! :( Which is not good news at all, because we are trying to sell it to help pay for our wedding/family honeymoon!! But, ending on a happier note, Brian's Dad Mike and him got it running again for now. :)

Oh....and one last thing!! I usually am not a complainer....LOL....but today has just been QUITE an adventure! We replaced a VERY OLD and beaten chain link fence in our backyard this summer with a new and improved (we thought) block wall fence, and we recently had a wind storm that actually knocked some of the bricks out of the wall!! :( Well, Brian has been trying to work with the company that did the work, and TODAY of all days, they stopped by to inspect the problem!! They are trying to blame the faulty work on the man that installed our RV gate and side gate, and Brian is arguing with them that an RV gate and side gate can not cause bricks to fall out!!! So......needless to say, it sounds like we might have yet another battle in front of us! :(

But, to end this day on a GREAT note!! Brookie is AWESOME!!! Adam was AWESOME today being a helper at the hospital!!! All grandparents that came today are AWESOME in helping us out before, during and after the surgery...especially since we were running like crazy since we got home!!! Everyone have a wonderful night and a GREAT weekend!! :)

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  1. Wow... what an experience. Look at the brightside: the brick didnt land on Buddy (who, of course, wouldn't have seen it coming) causing more bleeding. And that the kids were no where near that, either.

    Hey where are Brooke's party pics?


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