Sunday, October 28, 2007

Day at the park for the "Laser Kids!"


Hi all!!
Just wanted to share the fun we had at the McCormick Stillman Ranch Park that was sponsored by Phoenix Children's Hospital. The event was held by the wonderful Dr. Hansen, who is completing all of Brookie's procedures. It was quite exhilarating and humbling to be around so many families that are going through the same thing we are!! :):) We heard stories and saw pictures of before & after procedures, and saw the children themselves that have been through this!! :) It was humbling because we heard some children had been through 20 plus procedures and have had to be seen by a Neurologist for their severe conditions. It was nice that everyone there saw Brookie for the beautiful child that she is, not the "bruised" child that she is after her surgery. We took the family on a train ride in the park, and Brookie LOVED it!!! She was actually MAD when it ended and threw a fit to stay on!!! :) I have posted some pictures of our fun day! :) One is of Brookie on the slide, one is of Brian helping Brookie on the slide with Adam in the background, and the other is of Dr. Hansen in the red shirt with the hat on, his assistant is standing in the yellow shirt and the woman in the blue shirt is one of his nurses. They are looking at a scrapbook that one of the families brought with them showing their childs progress through his procedures!! :)  Love to everyone, and we thank you again for keeping Brookie in your thoughts and prayers! :)


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  1. That's awesome... How wonderful of a place for people not to be judgemental and just see the inside. I am glad you found these people.

    And shucks, I want to go on a train ride. It has to be better than the train wreck my life's been! :-)


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