Sunday, October 21, 2007

Brooke's First Birthday Party!

Hi everyone! Yesterday was Brooke's first Birthday party!! :) She was in good spirits all day, and then crashed and slept for 2 hours after the festivities were over!! LOL :) The dress she is wearing is a present from her Great Aunt Mary! :) There is a funny story that goes with the Elmo she got as a present, pictured here! :):) Grandma and Grandpa Wolek bought that for her, but they KNEW they were in for a fight!! :):) See, I collect ELMO and I LOVE pepperoni PIZZA!!! In fact, when Brian and I were at the toy store buying her birthday gifts, I pointed out this exact same toy to Brian, telling him I wanted it for Christmas!! :) So, Brooke and I have worked out an Elmo custody arrangment!! :) LOL ... We will share him every other week!!! :) I'm kidding of course, but Grandma and Grandpa should have KNOWN that I would snag that toy right from under Brookie's nose!!! LOL :)

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