Monday, February 3, 2020

Kids Heart Challenge :)

Hi everyone! It's Brookie here today, and I am again participating with my school to raise money for the American Heart Association!! :)

This year, they have new challenges for participants, and I chose Be Kind! :)

I am asking for donations here :)

Thank YOU!!!!!! :)

PS ... Mommy (Julie to you guys!) wants me to tell you, that she is still creating stuff like crazy, however, she is having issues with storage on her computer, so..... she will hopefully be back shortly to share stuff with you all! :)


  1. Tell Mommy to move her folders into her D drive. I was almost out of space and didn't realize that there is so much more room there. Pretty picture :)

  2. Julie, she's your Mini Me! You need to make that layout!!

  3. Brooke, you look so grown up and Beautiful - inside and out!

    We'll be donating!

  4. Wishing you the best Brookie!!! I keep all of my crafty stuff on an external HD. keeps everything off my main drive. :)

  5. Yay Brooke! Love your heart!

  6. Hi Brooke :) Will be donating!! Was wondering where your mom has been, tell her we miss seeing her creations :)

  7. You are beautiful inside and out! Congrats on making your goal!

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