Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Teacher Appreciation Week :)

Hi everyone :)

It is Teacher Appreciation Week  here in the US - and I wanted to share some little notebooks I made for Brookie's teachers :)

You can see some of the other gifts I made for her teachers here and here :)

I used some older Simple Stories and Bella Blvd. on these little notepads (I found out about these notebooks from the fabulous Audrey - they are perfect for the teachers!) :)

 For one of her PE teachers :)

For the second PE teacher :)

For her science teacher :)

For her tech teacher :)

For her music teacher :)

For her homeroom teacher :)

For the librarian :) 

And for her art teacher :)

Thanks so much for stopping by! I appreciate it! :)


  1. Oh these are super cute and sooo appropriate for each teacher..

  2. Oh my, Julie, her teachers are so going to be thrilled to get these! Such a clever idea!

  3. Love these! You are every teacher's dream parent.

  4. These are all so personal! LOVE how specific they all are depending on the subject! super FAB!

  5. These are all so sweet!!

  6. These are just perfect! What a great idea!!

  7. oh these are awesome!!! love how the image matches each teacher :) locker for PE is perfect!!

  8. Hi Julie! I bet Brooke's teachers absolutely LOVED getting these amazing altered notebooks from her! And I really like how you personalized them for each subject! WOW! You are amazing, my friend. And the teachers definitely deserved being pampered a bit, too! HUGS!!!

  9. These are perfect! So thoughtful!

  10. OMWORD! They are all so fabulous! I love how you designed each notebook specifically for those teachers... AWESOME!!!


  11. Perfect! I remember seeing some of these being made! Great gifts!

  12. These are all so cute and definitely the perfect gift for teachers!


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