Sunday, December 30, 2018

Reflecting back on 2018 :)

Hi everyone! :)

I wanted to create a post on 2018 -- as a family, we had some highs and lows -- as most people do in their lives.

Adam turned 21 this year, and we were able to take him to Las Vegas to celebrate.

Brian and I celebrated our 10th anniversary, and we renewed our wedding vows while in Las Vegas with the family.

We were able to visit my BFF when she went to Las Vegas in August, and then her and her family followed us back to Arizona for a few extra days of time together.

After a year of recreational volleyball, followed by a year of competitive volleyball, Brookie joined a Club Volleyball team this year! She also helped her school team win a High School Invitational tournament, the School District Championship and helped her competitive YMCA team take the championship! 

Our dog Mr. Dandy has slowly been declining health wise, the latest being diagnosed with an eye ulcer that can not be removed by surgery since he is 18 years old.

My Mom passed away on December 19th.  After a lifetime of pain and illnesses, I know she is finally pain free and at peace. 

Crafty wise, I created a ton this year! I didn't share EVERYTHING I made, as I was more focused on making VS. sharing, but I kept every paper strip from the bottom of every paper I used, and I almost filled a 4th coffee cup with the papers I used this year! Progress people, PROGRESS!!! :)

Here is all the papers I used up this year :)

I also wanted to share some of my fave projects I made this year :)

From January :)

From February :)

From March :)

From April :)

From May (a T-shirt quilt for my friend's husband) :)

From June :)

From July :)

From August (I made a denim quilt from Adam's old jeans -- I also entered this in the Arizona State Fair, and won a 1st place ribbon for it!) :)

From September  (I made a matching denim pillow from Adam's old jeans to match his quilt.  This was also entered into the Arizona State Fair, and won a 3rd place ribbon!) :)

From October :)

From November (a collaboration between myself and Brian's best friend -- he created the "fireplace" from wood for me, and I decorated it to create Santa coming down the chimney!) :)

From December :)

I hope you all have a safe and Happy New Year!!! xoxo :)

Thanks so much for stopping by! I appreciate it! :)


  1. Yes another year is nearly over, 365 days of all the things we do to fill our days... you certainly have had some ups and downs.. loved visiting your blog and sharing your posts and I do wish you all the best for a happy new year and a wonderful 2019...

  2. What a year! Always highs and lows/good and bad. Hoping 2019 is a fabulous year for you and your family. How many cups will you fill this year with paper strips? Five or six? Happy New Years!

  3. Definitely some ups and downs, but I love your positive attitude no matter what life throws at you. Your coffee cups of paper are very impressive! What a great visual to show how much you’ve created. I think that deserves a scrapbook layout!

  4. Such a delightful post to read, Julie! Yes, some sadness, but life does go on and a positive attitude is a must.
    That paper filled cups really got my attention, but the one I loved the most was the teddy bear tea party!

  5. Your use of paper strips has inspired me to get some of mine used up. I've been re-organizing and trying to de-clutter and I just can't seem to throw paper scraps away even though recently I have very rarely used designer papers. I'm going to be on a mission in 2019 to make some of my cards using up designer papers. (Hope I succeed!)

    You surely had an eventful year, some good some bad and I love your positive outlook on life.
    Wishing you and your family a wonderful New Year!

  6. wonderful look back at 2018! You are so inspiring. Happy New Year!!!

  7. BEAUTIFUL post! Fabulous memories!

  8. You had a great year of creativity!! Love that you saved the paper strips~I put those on the back of my project so I know what products i used. Beautiful Julie!! have a great 2019.

  9. What a year that you've had...thanks for sharing all your inspiring projects!

  10. I'm still so sorry for the loss of your mom.
    But so many beautiful moments and highs :)

  11. Hugs again.. even though this was from ... a month ago (embarassed!) ... I know you still need them. And these were some of my favorite projects also. Here's to life and let's hope it throws us some highs for a little bit...


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