Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Thanks so much! -- featuring Simple Stories and Paper Smooches :)

Hi everyone! :)

Brookie's birthday party this year was held at Our Creative Escape, a painting studio owned by Kim and Tom Mraz (Kim also owns Paper Smooches). 

Brookie and I have gone to three of their paint classes, and in October they started doing kid classes - so I suggested doing her party there, and she thought it was a great idea! :)

I wanted each girl to have a little gift from the party - so I decorated these boxes with some papers from Simple Stories, and the owl and the "thanks so much" are from Paper Smooches. :)

(in case you were wondering each girl got a make-up bag, a necklace, a notepad, and the canvases I made for them inside the boxes) 

Also, since the painting they were doing was a Halloween pumpkin, I added a little pumpkin to their boxes, and the little ice cream cones were given to me from a co-worker, and I added the little rubies to act as a cherry. :)

Ohhhhhh and I have to share this story -- lol -- only me, I swear! :)  So, I have seen a gazillion photos of my friends over the year sharing photos of hot glue gun burns they have gotten over the years ---- 

Here is the thing - I DO NOT use hot glue guns --- ever! In case you didn't know this about me, I was born with a nerve tumor in my right wrist -- I have had surgeries over the years to try and remove it (unsuccessfully, I might add! lol!)  Due to these surgeries, I have NO FEELING in some of my fingers -- hence, the reason I DO NOT use hot glue guns, cause I could burn myself and not even know it! So, no glue guns for me! :) 

Which brings us to our MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION -- 

How the heck did Julie get this blister, if she doesn't use a hot glue gun?!?!?!?!

Because I do not use a hot glue gun, I am a die hard Beacon Zip Dry glue user.  The downside to this is -- lots and lots and lots and lots of "glue boogers" (technical term of course! HA!) that I NORMALLY can just rub my finger(s) across it and it rubs off any excess glue  -- welllllllll ... the "thanks so much" on these boxes is a diecut from Paper Smooches, so naturally because of its size, I had LOTS of glue boogers to rub off --- and I waited too long for it to dry, and I had to rub it pretty hard to get it all off -- and you guessed it, I rubbed SO HARD on the paper, I gave myself a blister!!! LOL!! :)

Seriously -- who does that?!?!!? Rubs glue so hard on a piece of paper, that they give themselves a BLISTER?!!?!??! That would be me! HA!!! And the bad news to this story is, this is on the hand that has the tumor, and this is on the ONE finger that I have feeling in, which translates into me having to DO EVERYTHING with this ONE finger on this hand .... you know ... like typing (which is what I do ALL day long in my real job)!! So, this was not my best day! 

But hey -- the boxes look amazing and there are no glue boogers! HA!!! :)

And I also wanted to share some photos from her actual party at Our Creative Escape :)

The girls painting their backgrounds while Kim comes around to check on them :)

Painting the jack-o-lantern faces on :)

Brookie with her painting all finished :)

The girls all had fun and loved that they got to take their paintings home with them :)

Of course the cake had a volleyball on it :)

Thanks so much for stopping by! I appreciate it! :)


  1. What fun and gorgeous project and thanks for sharing your wonderful pictures!

  2. Awww..those are some lucky girls! I love what you made for them!
    Hope that blister heals soon. I totally understand what creatives have to "sacrifice" to get their art perfect. *winks*

  3. Looks like a fabulous party idea. And as for the blister...well, that's a FIRST, I bet - never heard of it before. Woops! Hope it went away FAST!!!

  4. Oh wow wow wow - I think I need to be one of Brookie's friends so I can come to one of her parties! Love the boxes - and the little pumpkins!! OOOOH to your blister - ouchies! AND thanks for the update on Mr Dandy! Sounds like he is doing as well as can be! you need to scrap him more! Bless his heart! xx

  5. Ouch, Julie VERY OUCH! And I wouldn't say only you, because if I tried the same thing, I would end up the same way so really... only US, LOL! BTW - next time Brookie has a party, I want to give the best party favors!::wink::

  6. Such a fun party! Sorry to hear about the blister. That sounds painful. BTW, I haven't had a glue gun burn since I started using the fingertip Glue Gun Helpers. They're the best!

  7. What a splendid idea for a party, something creative and fun.. and what great gift boxes too.. and I hope the blister heals quickly.. and yes glue guns are nasty for hot glue burns... stay away from them!!!!

  8. This party looks like so much fun! I love how thoughtful and personalized your gift are. The boxes are fantastic!

  9. What a perfect way to spend a birthday! I enjoyed all the photos. Thanks for sharing, and I hope your finger is better very soon!

  10. Your little treat boxes are adorable! Wow, I love all the pics you shared...those girls are so lucky to be able to share Brookies day with her and look at all the fun! Super cute idea for those kids to get all inky, messy and just hang out! Love it!
    Have a nice evening,
    Sherrie K

  11. Love your sweet treat boxes and that painting party looks like so much fun! sorry about your finger, ouch!

  12. Oh my gosh - Brookie has suddenly grown up since I last looked! Wow!
    Anyway your party ideas were simply amazing. You are so creative and you think big! The girls must have had a wonderful time. And sorry, but I had to laugh at your blister - that's a funny story! Hope it heals soon though.

  13. Lol, love the story! and I totally adore the treat boxes!
    The party looks great! Thanks for sharing all the photos, I loved seeing them!!

  14. She is so pretty and growing up. Love her painting!!! The treat boxes look super fun!!!

  15. Omgosh, the blister! I know that didn't feel good to type with, but those boxes turned out amazing..... So the gain is worth the pain! 😜
    Looks like such a fabulous time was had by all! What fun!

  16. O M G!! What an awesome party and awesomer gifties... well, they're probably all equally awesome.. party and gifties... anyway lots of fun I'm sure and the girls look like they are really enjoying painting! And the finger... ouch! While I've never gotten a blister from rubbing glue boogers... nope.. but I have injured myself in lots of ways in the craft room... there has been! Anything for our craft, right?


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