Monday, March 5, 2018

Revamp :)

Hi everyone! :)

Back in February, I made a decision to revamp my craft room :)

For YEARS I have had all my papers, embellishments etc. sorted by manufacturer and EVERY YEAR, I tell myself (and YOU!) that this is the year that I will work down my million piles of 'stuff' and de-stash, and every year I fail at that goal!! :)

So this year I have absolutely NO design team commitments and I decided to sort my papers and embellishments differently to help me achieve my goal of working down my stash :)

I decided to sort my 'stuff' by themes/colors. 

I started by sorting my papers :)

Once I had that completed, I also sorted my embellishments by theme (forgot to take a photo of that process! LOL!) 

While I was doing all this sorting, I was also filling 14x14 buckets with stuff I know I wasn't going to be keeping and donating to a local organization that helps adults with art therapy. :)  I ended up with 3 of these buckets filled to capacity to donate :)

Once that was all done, I revamped my room to accommodate my new process :)

Here is my room now -- (yes, I know it looks like a HOT MESS .. lol .. but, it works for me) :)

But, you will have to know that my craft room isn't just my craft room, it is my personality too ;)

Against one wall is my sewing table and my card making papers and cardstock for cards. When I sew on my layouts it is done here, when I am working on a 'fabric' sewing project, I bring my machine out into the family room and use it on one of our 6 foot tables that you saw in the photo above when I was sorting papers :)

And yes, I own a neon Peace light, because, why wouldn't I??!? :) 

Against the next wall is 3 IKEA shelving units that hold a mix of crafty supplies and my knick-knacks that make my heart happy :)

The first unit holds a bunch of things I have made, knick-knacks, a book that Paige Evans made, washi tape, twine, and my Spellbinders machine  :)

The second unit holds some of my stuffed animals, more knick-knacks, wood embellishments, paint brushes, tag makings, spools and adhesives :)

My work table :)

The third unit holds even MORE knick-knacks (yes, I know, I have an issue here! lol!), the photos I am working with right now, my stamps and markers, stamp pads and my stamp press :)

Stamps :)

Stamp helpers :)

And next to my table is my sorted (and purged!) embellishments -- they are now sorted by theme, instead of manufacturer. :)

Behind my desk -- giant wood scissors I found at an antique store, two metal signs that I LOVE, two wood signs made by Jenny & Aaron and the 'CREATE' I made :)

Now onto my papers.  I keep them in this IKEA dresser .... now back up to BEFORE I sorted (and purged!) them, ALL of these drawers were PACKED to the gills!! Like over filled drawers, that on a daily basis I worried that any of the drawers would have the bottom fall out from the weight of the papers that were filling them :)  And EVERY TIME I bought MORE paper, it wouldn't end up in these drawers, because they were SO FULL they wouldn't fit! HA! :)

And NOW!?!?!? Well, now there is extra room in every drawer, and the bottom two are just for storage only!! No paper in them!! :)

And here is how I have them sorted ... now, I know I said I was now doing themes, and NOT manufacturers, however, I have SO MANY girl themed papers (shocker, I know!!! lol!! And it isn't even because of Brookie... it is because I am a SUCKER for ALL papers that are pink and girly!! HA!!)  So .... back to the manufacturer issue -- lol -- I have A LOT of Pink Paislee collections, and they all happen to be girly, so that is why they stayed as a 'manufacturer set' :)

And in case you are the curious sort -- you might wonder what the "JULIE PAPERS" are??  Well, a few years ago when I was on the Nikki Sivlis design team, she created an entire collection named "Something For Everyone" ..... and each paper was named after one of her design team members!!!! So, I have a paper named after me ... it is called "For Julie" -- and it is my paper!!! I have used a couple of these papers over the years, and I have a couple of them left, and to be honest, I will probably NEVER use them!!! :)

I also sorted all my PL cards and placed them in my IKEA cart.  In here I also have little bags, extra markers, plain cardboard pieces I can use for this and that, and journal pockets and frames :)

On the last wall is a console table I found at an antique store that holds my TV (and I was watching the USA vs. Canada Olympic Women's Hockey game when I took these photos!! What a GAME!!!! So awesome to see the USA take the gold in this EPIC game!!!!!)  -- anyhoo -- and other goodies -- and I will tell story on the shelving unit below my console table in just a moment  :)

Paints, glues etc :)

A few (or a lot!) embellishments :)

Now for the story on my shelving unit ... these are all the mini's I have made over the years! :)  Well -- before this revamp, they were all stored in the closet in this room. And for some reason, this really bothered me. I wanted them on display!! :)  So I measured the height and width under the console table, and we went to IKEA in search of something that I could put under the console table, that could house all my mini's.  And WHAT a headache that was!!!! The console table only had a height of 26 inches under it, and only 52 inches width.  And the "normal" height and width of most of the IKEA storage units was 30 inches in height and 60 inches in width ... so those were ALL OUT!!! Brian and I passed a 'staged' living room in IKEA, and he said, "I wonder if this entertainment console would work?" ... and sure enough it did!!!!! It was just shy of 26 inches in height and about 48 inches in width!!!!! SCORE!! And it was even cheaper than most of their 'storage' solutions!!! :)

So now all the mini's I have made are all on display!! :)


And here is a shot of when the USA Women's team tied up the score!!!!! :)  Because that is important to this post of course!! :)

So how has this new method of NOT having my stuff sorted by manufacturer and instead of by theme going?!?!?!? 


This has made it so much easier for me to create!! I want to do a girly page? Go into the 'girly' drawer and grab those papers and go to town!! :)

I have already created more this year than in the past years combined!! :)

I am not sharing a TON this year on here, rather I am focusing on my goal of de-stashing rather than sharing -- but trust me, they are getting done! :)

Thanks so much for stopping by! I appreciate it! :)


  1. Woooow Julie, I absolute loooove your craft haven. You are so organised and that pink chair is fit for Queen Julie.
    {Doing Life – my personal blog}

  2. Oh wow - you've been so busy! This looks amazing. What a fun room!

  3. Oh I loved your room it has so much personality and full of character and fun.. and I love the idea of putting papers and embellishments into themes, so much easier than manufacturer who has all kinds of themes.. your room looks wonderful.. thanks for sharing.. enjoy!!

  4. I sorted by theme and it’s helped me find things so much faster. Your room looks a lot like mine, way to go, it’s not easy trying to sort out hobby stuff.

  5. Thanks so much for sharing Julie! I'm moving in June and I'm dreading packing up my craft stash. I feel like I have an OK system now, but I know that will all change in a new space. You have some great ideas here! I absolutely love that you have your mini albums on display.

  6. Super cute crafty space and I'm glad you found s working system for you!!! All that matters!!!

  7. I LOVE your room and how you organized it and I LOVE that the women’s hockey was on! I stayed up until 2:30am watching it!

  8. Your room is so perfect! What a fun and happy place to create. I love your Juicy Fruit gum tins! Okay...truth? I love it all! Great job, Julie!

  9. Congrats Julie!
    That is a lot of sorting and reorganizing!

  10. Oh wow, what a post, I read every single details and stare the pictures, I admiring you, wonder when I can achieve that goal! Well done!!!!

  11. You have such a fun and amazing space!
    I have also been in the process of purging and reorganizing! It has been quite the job. But so worth it!

  12. Wait... you like pink?! I couldn’t tell! LOL I did a destash about 5 (!) years ago, and had a garage sale. A couple of independent thrift stores in our area take craft supplies (I may have picked up a few stamps and quilting fabric there from time to time) ;) The local children’s hospital needs them for art therapy, too. Your space looks great! Especially that “design throne” :D

  13. Looks awesome! Not being on design teams really frees up how you can sort your stuff. Makes more sense! Well done!

  14. OMGEEEE!!! I love it my friend!!! I MISS our crafty shenanigans SO much!!!

  15. What a perfect room! Love all your nicknacks and cute things on display! Great idea to sort by theme instead of manufacturer! Happy to hear you've been creating a lot too, isn't it funny how it's a relief sometimes not "having to make" something with specific products, no matter how much we love being on a design team. It takes a lot of stress out of the hobby I think!

  16. Wow!!! Your room is SO AMAZING, Julie! What a fun, bright, and happy space, and I am totally jealous of how organized you are. I literally have piles on my floor and pouring out of my closet, and boxes stacked against the wall. It is such a mess. All your personal touches and artwork make this just the most cozy space! Love it!

  17. Holy smokes...your room looks awesome! Love your bright and fun space! No wonder Brookie likes to room!! I could organize again to! It's been a year and there are things I should send on their way that I don't use! My papers are the only thing I could really stand to spend time on, hehe! Someday..when I have nothing to do, lol! I can't believe you are on no design teams?! What?! That won't last long, ha!
    Hope you are doing well my friend!
    Have a great evening!
    Sherrie K

  18. Wow...that an amazing craft room, so many wonderful and incredible goodies to play with. Just love what you did!!!

  19. WOW! Thanks for the tour! Your room is so you!

  20. Very very beautiful and cool! I love that your room is similar to mine.. in the realm of personality. I also love my knick knacks... although I am pretty sure my room is a little bit smaller so I can't fit quite as many. And I'm not as organized as you are "yet"! I'm working on anyway, I LOVE your room! It's beautiful! And thanks for some inspiration and ideas for my process!

  21. LOVE that you are mixing them up! And you are soooooo organized! LOVE all the displays!
    I'm still organizing my craft area and getting constantly distracted. Well, you know. Hahaha.
    Totally curious about the Julie

  22. Thanks for sharing your beautiful and organized room! You inspire me to get my "stuff" in better order!


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