Friday, January 12, 2018

Ugly Christmas Sweater ornaments - made by Brookie :)

Hi everyone :)

I wanted to share the Christmas gifts that Brookie made :)

All year I save pins on Pinterest, and then let Brookie go through it and see what she wants to make for everyone for Christmas.  This year she chose Ugly Sweater ornaments, and we used this pattern :)

I helped her by cutting the 'sweaters' out and gluing them together, and then I gathered a TON of holiday embellishments and let her go crazy on them! :)

She made 70 total for friends/family and classmates :)

First we traced the pattern onto felt :)

Then we glued a front piece and a back piece together with a mini Tim Holtz hanger in between :)

Once they were dry ... 

We gathered a ton of holiday embellishments ... 

And she went to town on decorating them into beautiful UGLY Christmas sweater ornaments :)

And here is the finished product :)

They are like snowflakes -- no two are alike ;) 

Can you guess that this one is ours?!?!? :)

Thanks so much for stopping by! I appreciate it! :)


  1. Wow! These are amazing! I love all the details on each ornament! Awesome job Brookie!

  2. much fun and what a very clever idea!!! Just love each and everyone of them. Happy New Year!

  3. Oh goodness, these are sooo cute. what clever creating again.. you always get such great ideas and create such wonderful things.. well done Brookie.. they look marvellous!!

  4. Oh. My. These are quite awesome! Love love love. Definitely want to try these!

  5. The only issue is that they are adorable not ugly!!!! Chip off tge ole block Mom!

  6. WOW these are so cool...simply amazing and each one so detailed and adorable
    Dr Sonia

  7. So absolutely adorable! And the ornaments are cute too! Well done Brookie!

  8. Very cute, i think i would've actually worn 2 or 3 of them lol

  9. Not ugly at all ~ such a cute idea!!

  10. Oh my! These are adorable!!!!!

  11.!,,, uhhhhdorable! Brookie rocked these sweater ornaments! Love, love them......especially the one she made for the Tucker-Wolek crew! I am still laughing!

  12. LOVE each and every one! Julie, your daughter definitely has YOUR super crafty genes!

  13. OH WOW!!! Love these....great work and ideas Julie and Brookie. You are so thoughtful! x


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