Wednesday, June 28, 2017

On a Mission - featuring Pink Paislee/Paige Evans :)

Hi everyone! :)

Back in March, I was determined to use of some of my collections I have 'collected' over the years! LOL!!! So in one weekend in late May/early June, I grabbed the Pink Paislee/Paige Evans "Take Me Away" collection, and started creating!! (this was also I great way to use of some of my piles and piles and piles of photos I have!! LOL!!) 

I wanted to share these layouts with you this week!

And yes, I know that "Arizona" and "Phoenix" are spelled wrong on this paper -- I realized it after I made my page, I did reach out to Paige Evans to let her know -- and she knew there were some spelling mistakes on some of the papers, and that Pink Paislee did make the changes with the 're-prints' -- so I must have the paper that was made before the re-prints! ... lol!! Bad thing is, I live in Phoenix, Arizona -- so it kinda stinks that it's spelled wrong on my papers! LOL!!! :)

Thanks so much for stopping by! I appreciate it! :)


  1. So many wonderful layouts and fabulous pages capturing your memories and fun times.. it took me a while to get through looking, so much to look at, and well done for getting these photos on pages!!

  2. wow! so colorful :) I love the double-pic book layout!!!

  3. Fabulous! I absolutely love the stitched letter border around the book layout.

  4. Love all of your LO's!! They are all so pretty! Ww you really have down a lot of scrap booking!! WTG!!
    Love each design on your Los and love the stitching on the alphas!!

  5. Awww...these are such sweet pages.

  6. So many wonderful photos and amazing layouts!

  7. That reading layout... so cool when you scrap the everyday and the journaling... just awesome... love all of these!


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