Tuesday, May 30, 2017

It's Your Birthday, Go Bananas! -- featuring Sweet Pea Designs :)

Hi everyone! :)
I wanted to share a card I made for my Mom's birthday, which was a few days ago! :)

I used the latest Sweet Pea Designs challenge for my inspiration :)

I used the colors and the sketch as a guide for my card :)

And here is their challenge :)

Also - last week was Brookie's last day of the 4th grade - and I wanted to share a photo of her first and last days of the 4th grade! :)

Thanks so much for stopping by! I appreciate it! :)


  1. Such a cute card and loved your idea of taking the first and last day of a school year photos...I must do that too!!
    Dr Sonia

  2. Great card! She's going to love it!

  3. Love these monkeys and yours is super cute! So glad you joined us at SugarPea designs!

  4. Your card is super sweet! I am sure she loved it! Brookie is getting so big! Happy summer! Carri~Abusybee

  5. Your card is adorable - and your Brookie is even cuter - she is really growing up into a very beautiful young lady.

  6. Cute, both the card and that girl! : )

  7. Adorable card...love your sweet monky! Your photos of Brookie are so sweet!

  8. You nailed the card sketch~so cute :) and Brookie, cute too :)

  9. Cute card! Brooke looks so tall!

  10. Julie love the card for your mom's birthday, thank chunky monkey is one of my favourite sets! Love seeing the photos of Brookie, she is so lovely. Thank you for sharing with us at SugarPea Designs!

  11. CUTE card! I am loving that silly monkey, and love that you added all those extra bananas! How perfect for that sentiment!
    And yay for summer vacation! Love the first and last day photos!!

  12. Brooke is growing up so fast! I can't believe how old she looks. Beautiful girl, just like her mama.


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