Thursday, February 2, 2017

Hi everyone! It's me Brookie!!! :)

Hi everyone!

It's me Brookie!!! :)

February is Heart Health month, and for the 5th year in a row, I am joining the Jump Rope for Heart at my school! :)

I am reaching out today in hopes that you will support my cause! :)

My goal this year is to raise $500.00!!!

This year I am dedicating my Jumping to my good friend Garrison (Bubba!) who had heart surgery in January and is doing much better now! :)

Me and Garrison (my Bubba!) a LONG time ago ... I have known him since I was born and he is in college now! :)

Here is my personal page to make donations! :)

Thank you so much everyone! I really appreciate the donations! :)

Love, Brookie :)


  1. Awwwwww! God must have lead me to your blog today for a reason, Julie and Brookie! I am off to check out your site!

  2. Good on you Brooke! I'm sure you'll meet your goal & probably do even better!!! Best of luck :):)

  3. It's such a great thing you're doing, Brookie! <3

  4. Good luck! My son and cousins' kids are raising money for the same cause.

  5. That is awesome you are doing this :)

  6. You GO, Girl! What a GREAT cause and honorable thing you are doing!

  7. You are such an amazing young lady to do this, Brookie. I hope you reach your goal!! <3

  8. Well done beautiful Girl, I hope you get all the donations you can.. you are a treasure and a very caring person.. Bless you...

  9. Donation made Brookie - well done on your efforts!

  10. Awesome! You are one fantastic young lady!

  11. I was so excited to see you made it and then some! Keep up the good work, darling! Mwah!


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