Thursday, November 3, 2016

Halloween in Wonderland -- featuring Graphic 45 :)

Hi everyone! :)

As much as I am USUALLY on top of stuff -- I realized on Halloween day that I did NOT have a treat bag for Brookie! Yikes!

So I grabbed a Kraft bag that I had kept after a recent shopping trip ... and then I grabbed Graphic 45's "Halloween in Wonderland" collection -- and decided to make her an unique bag just for her!!

(and yes, in case you were wondering, this paper collection DOES match her costume!) :) 

Here is the bag I made for her :)

And I wanted to share some of our Halloween photos too today :)

So .... a little history here -- I have got my human babies (aka Adam and Brookie) completely TRAINED that when they see Mama's camera, I best get a smile *wink* .... HOWEVER, my fur covered baby (aka Dandy) .... does NOT follow my camera/smile rule ... at all!! Seriously ... my dog, if I have the camera out ... he will look down, away, turn his butt towards me -- it's hilarious and frustrating all at the same time.... lol! So here is Brookie (pre-costume) TRYING to get my Dandy to LOOK at me for a good photo ... Nope, ain't gonna happen Mama! LOL!! 

PS ... he was my little devil this Halloween -- perfect for his ANTI-photo self! LOL! :)

Ohhhhhhhh sure ... you'll look my way when your Sister forces your head towards me! LOL! :)

Nope ... still not looking at you Mama ;) 

Nope ... not now either Mama .. you can give up anytime now ;) 

Ok ... and NOW for the trained human baby ;)

She always puts on the smile for me! :)

Another history lesson about her costume .... 

For those that don't know ... Brookie just turned 10 on October 4th -- and she is already the size of an ADULT!  She is over 100 pounds, and is 5 feet 4 inches tall .... so that means she wears ADULT sized clothes -- including HALLOWEEN COSTUMES!! 

So with that being said -- if you have been to a place that sells COSTUMES -- you will know that women's costumes can be VERY inappropriate for a ten year old girl ... so we literally set aside almost a whole evening to have her look through costumes, us vetoing those that we feel are NOT right for her age -- trying them on testing the 'bend over' look (to make sure it's not too short etc!) -- and making sure that it will still look "cute" on her ;)

She chose what the store called "Dark Mad Hatter" ... but as I was looking at this costume - I am seeing the "White Rabbit" in the ears and the pocket watch .... so I made an executive decision and told Brookie we will call this the "When White Rabbit and Mad Hatter had a baby ... and look at the cutie they got!" ... lol! :)

And here she is carrying the bag I made for her :)

And just in case you were wondering 'who wore it better' ...  *wink* ... here is her costume as it was advertised in the store ---- and you know who I am picking as 'who wore it better' *wink* :) 

Soooo you can see why we have to have her try them on! LOL! :)

And one last try with my little devil ... Nope, still not a chance I am looking at you Mama! :) 

Thanks so much for stopping by! I appreciate it! :)


  1. That is one good-looking last-minute treat bag! ;) And Brookie looks fabulous in her outfit.:)
    As for your fur-baby, does he have a treat he cannot resist? I used to put chocolate on my head to get the doggies to look at the camera (they were looking at the chocolate of course!). My doggies are all in doggy heaven now but this trick worked really well. Give it a go! *LOL*

  2. Brookie looked great with her costume and her treat bag.

  3. Brookie looks so pretty in her Halloween custome! And your doggie is so cute. I totally recognize the being not so photographic thing from one of our cats. She also refuses to look at my camera all the time...
    Your Halloween bag is really awesome!

  4. LOL! Funny funny the doggy photos, love that for ONCE in your life, I reckon it would only be ONCE, you were not super organised ahead of time...... that's way funny. Cute bag you made, though. And LOVE Brooke in that 'costume'....great name for it, She looks WAY cuter than the original model, too:):)

  5. Awww, what a fabulous and fun post, Julie! I SO know what you mean about those adult costumes... but I think you guys did an amazing job finding something fun, cute, and appropriate for Brookie! Love the whole white rabbit/mad hatter character you guys came up with. She looks like she had a lot of fun! And the bag you made for her could not have been more perfect, too! LOL on Mr. Dandy and the camera. I swear the new puppy, Annie, knows the minute I touch my phone camera, and stops being all cute and turns her back on me!

  6. To funny...stubborn pooch but so cute! I love Brookies outfit! How fun and looks perfect on her:) I can't believe you made the bag....well, ya I can! You are so darn creative!!! It is super cute and matches perfectly! Fun post Julie !
    Hope you guys had a great Halloween!
    Sherrie K

  7. Human baby or fur baby, they are both so so cute in their costume!

  8. hope is was filled to the top!! Super cute and oh so clever!!!

  9. O wow the outfits are gorgeous!! And love the treatbag :)

  10. Just too darn sweet...just love your wonderful photos. Your sweet daughter should be on the advertising for this costume, simply adorable.

  11. GREAT costume, she DEFINITELY is the winner! AWESOME bag too--love it!

  12. haha had to laugh at your doggie, she aint co operate!!! Fantastic creating for the bag, a unique and very special bag, the papers were perfect for you.. and yes i know how hard it can be to buy great modest clothing for girls, even some of the smaller sizes I would not buy for my girls.. so not gunna happen, and of course Brookie gets my vote for best dressed.. and hey she is the prefect model for your photos, they all look great!

  13. Oh my! I love her costume! FABULOUS!!
    You've made a beautiful bag as well ;)

  14. oh my gosh... what a pretty bag and what an awesome costume... My vote goes to your human baby for who wore it better... very very cool!

  15. Love your very creative Halloween bag!! Love Brookie costume!!
    IKWYM us too she wears adult size too! I still haven't posted her picture on her costume I will do that next time! She was a pirate girl they had to choose a story book character. LOL about Dandy!

  16. What a great Halloween bag you made!!!! I love the paper and what you did with it! And the costume of your daughter. I love Alice in Wonderland and of course the rabbit!!!

  17. What a fun Halloween bag! And Brookie's outfit is PERFECT- it matches the inspiration photo 100%! And Dandy--- what a fun little guy! LOL!

  18. Brooke looks adorable in her costume - way better than the model, I think. The shoes give it such a fun touch and it's totally age-appropriate. I hate that girls'/women's costumes have become so short, tight, etc. over the years. Good for you for helping her find something that was just right! Of course, I'm somewhat surprised that you don't make her costumes each year, being the multi-talented crafter that you are. The bag looks cool!

  19. LOVE all the photos, girl! What a cutie patootie you've got there! She looks adorable in her costume and has the best mom ever to make her a Halloween bag to match.

  20. Brookie looked so cute in her costume.

  21. Awesome bag! And Very awesome costume! :)

  22. Awesome costume! Brooke sure wore it better!! oh and you little Dandy is a cutie too - so funny how they don't cooperate when you try to take their photo!!


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