Monday, October 10, 2016

#LiveOutLoud -- featuring Simple Stories :)

Hi everyone :)

I wanted to share a layout I made this past weekend with the "We Are Family" collection from Simple Stories :)

And funny story -- when I posted this photo on Instagram and Facebook yesterday, I had a couple of people comment that they thought this was ME(!) -- when it's actually Brookie! LOL! :)

And speaking of the Out Of Africa park we visited on Saturday,  I wanted to share some of the photos from our day there :)

Brookie got to feed a giraffe :)

Then another giraffe decided to help himself to the tour guides 'cookies' ... lol :)

And of course this guy was begging for some treats too :)

Our guide got out to give the ostrich's some treats too, and you can see they want her to FEED them instead of educating us ;)

This guy wanted to come on board with us ;)

This park employee stopped and gave this Jaguar a little treat or two :)

In the Jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight ;)

This guy reminds me of the swamp monsters in "The Princess Bride" :)

"I hate snakes" ;)

We went to the "Tiger Splash" show at the park -- completely unscripted -- just totally the park employees "playing" with "Chalet" the white tiger -- you can see her in the background behind Brookie :)

And look!! I was there too! :)

Here is Chalet playing with a garbage bag full of balloons :)

Tempting her with another toy :)

And another toy :)

And this was the funniest part -- Chalet had a 'toy' at the end of a rope in her teeth -- and 2 of the park employees in there were playing tug-of-war with her at one end, while another employee went to her backside and 'played' tug-of-war with her tail! LOL! :)

And another toy to tempt Chalet :)

And another toy :)

And another -- Chalet LOVES to play :)

Then we had gotten a ticket at admission for Brookie to feed Chalet after the show ....

But since the line for Chalet was SO long, they split the group in two and we headed over for her to feed this guy instead :)

And then we saw the Hyena show -- see how they are smiling?!?!? That was actually them LAUGHING like you have heard about Hyena's actually doing -- it was so CUTE!!! :)

All in all -- it was a great day -- and we can't wait to go back there :)

Thanks so much for stopping by! I appreciate it! :)


  1. What a beautiful, bright and happy lay-out! I love all the little details that you included. It looks like you had an amazing day trip at the safari/zoo!

  2. This is amazing! Love how bright and fun it is. Brookie is getting so tall! xoxo

  3. What a great park to visit! Out of Africa indeedy! LOVE the hyenas...they're bigger than I thought they were....& the white tiger is amazing:) Your LO is lovely; won't be long 'til you'll be joining me as the Shorty of the Family, methinks!!!

  4. wow so many photos!! I love your layout, love all the frames and the little word phrases, and of course the fun photo.. and what about all the animals you saw.. amazing day for you all.. I love zebras, and giraffes, and I couldn't believe the guys were in the pen with the white tiger, they must really know her.. A day of wonderful memories... thanks for sharing.. I love animals...

  5. Loving your use of the frames! Such a fun layout!

  6. Wow! This looks like an amazing trip! Thanks for sharing your pics! I absolutely love everything about your layout; the color palette, mix of patterned papers and fun frames are fantastic.

  7. I love all the photos you got at Out of Africa! It looks like such a neat place. Great layout, too. I recognized it as Brooke, but I could see people mistaking her for you. There's a strong resemblance, for sure.

  8. What a wonderful page! Loving what you did with all the frames! And thanks for sharing all of the pictures at the park. Looks like a fantastic time!

  9. Love your page! I really like how you incorporated the frames! And I love all of the pictures! That looked like a lot of fun!:)

  10. Such a sweet use of frames ever!
    Oooooh...I love giraffes! How awesome that she got to feed one!

  11. LOVELY page - Love those frames.... I think I "NEED" this collection!! Looks like a really fun place!!

  12. Fantastic layout! Love how you used the frames! Looks like you had a lot of fun! I went there with a friend last year and ended up sick... I'd like to go back because I know it should have been so much more fun!

  13. Y'all had such a FUN day!!! Great photos! I love your layout- especially all the frames! Awesome work!

  14. Oh my golly, loving all those frames on that layout - splendid. And I enjoyed the little safari in pictures too.

  15. I absolutely LOVE how you used the little frames on your layout, Julie! So super adorable, fun, and happy! And what a great day at the animal park! TFS all your awesome photos!!

  16. LOVE all of the frames and the Beautiful photo with that Fabulous sky! Rockin' zoo photos, too! Enjoyed this post!

  17. LOVE the layout and all the frames you used!! Thanks for sharing those amazing pictures!!


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